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Creating Effective Tactics - One possible approach

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does that then mean the lower the defensive line the lower the cd or would it be advisable to have aml/r still on high closing down?my central midfielders have a staggered closin down with the dm on 8/9and the other 2 one click higher up the slider.would that be right as they are(at the moment )breaking up the opponents play.

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If I'm playing a low defensive line formation, it would mean that the AI will enter my half before my players start closing down. The general idea is that it needs to pass around my players. If my players hold their shape it gets harder for the AI.

To make things really difficult you could use tightmarking or specific manmarking instructions on the AIs wingers for example.

This removes the wingers as easy targets, especially useful against a 424 or a 433. Whenever I play a low defensive line I tend to have my players close down in own area, generally around 10 is a decent closing down number. Since the AML/AMR what matters more is their mentality and the instructions they've been given. Do you want them to pick up the ball and run or do you want them to get behind the dline and then cut in?

Deciding what the AML/AMR needs to do is important, cos its better to set it up right without having to use counterattacking as an option. These players should be given direct passing and told to make FWR often if they are supposed to get behind the line; if you want them to cut in then RWB mixed, so that they use their noodles to decide whether to carry the ball or do a give and go.

Defensively, I would stick them to a normal closing down, since they are playing as AML/AMR the will close down the fullbacks once they get in your half. Staggered closing down instructions work, one is high and one is normal would mean that at some point both of them will go for the same player, and this would happen near somewhere in front of your defensive line. Adjust the closing down and make sure at least one of your Mcd holds his line.

To break up the opponents play look to shutting down their flanks first. Thats easily done by tightmarking their wingers and closing down their fullbacks.

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this is the bit that confuses me,if i have closing down own area but then have specific instructions as close down always is that not a contradiction?the aml/r for example if i have them closing down own area in a low defensive line but then oi instructions are close down always on full backs what is likely to happen?

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