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Yep as expected the Owls won the first division title but not quite as easily as everyone thought. They went through Hepburn's worst run as manager as they lost and drew a few games but in the end came smiling. icon_cool.gif

In the FA Cup Hepburn's Owls were shot down in the semi finals due to a superb Torquay performance. It ws ashame they won as I would have done better in the final icon_wink.gif.

Overall it was another fantastic season for the Owls who seem to be going from strength to strength. The performers of the season were in fact the whole team. There really was no real stand outs although Jaap Aydin, John Brown, Scott Francis and Fredrikson deserve special praise for their contribution.

Onto the new season and during pre season Hepburn brought in a couple of players in the form of Maik Zegler (spelling) and Dean Hallam to strenghten the midfield. In defence Hepburn brought in young french starlet Stephane Muller to add more competition to the defence. What Hepburn is really looking for is a new striker as the strikers available have already proved uncapable of scoring in the premiership.

It has been a tough start to the season for Sheffield Wednesday with three games away from home. The first one was at Man City and a superb 4-2 win gave Hepburn a great start to the campaign. This was followed up with another good 1-0 victory away to Rushden. It really should have been more but in the end it was another 3 points. Then for the third game in a row they were away at resurgent Grimsby and could only draw 1-1 in a closely contested game. Finally they got to play at home for the first time this season, but it was against Mark's mighty Newcastle team who proved too strong for the developing Sheffield Wednesday.

Expectations for the season are to stay in the Premiership and hopefully get a couple of cup runs going and sneak into Europe through the backdoor as they say.


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When Torquay went up, to lift the FA Cup, It was gone, It was gone... icon_frown.gif

Well it was never likely to happen, was it? After a magnificent cup run, in which teams like Yeovil and Sheffield Weds were defeated, Torquay made their first ever FA Cup final appearance. They would face Coventry, mid table in the Premiership, and fancied their chances. Unfortunately though, injury struck the wrong players at the wrong time, so we were left with a makeshift (i.e. shíte) team. We lost 4-0. Things were not helped by our normally good keeper and defence choosing this game to be collectively awful.

We had a very successful season in the league though, exceeding all expectations. We eventually managed to sneak up in 2nd place, despite looking like stealing the title off Andy with only a few games to go. The expected collapse meant that the race for promotion went right to the last day, and in the end we pipped Crystal Palace by 2 points.

So a stadium expansion later (13500 seats now, well done board icon_rolleyes.gif ) we are now in the Premiership. The aim is obviously survival, and the first few performances have been encouraging, we were quite unlucky to take just 3 points from Palace, Chelsea, Arsenal, Man U and Coventry. We played well in all of those games, especially against Palace, Chelsea and Man U, and if we can repeat those performances against the smaller teams, we might just achieve the impossible and stay up. icon_cool.gif

Dave - sorry to see you leaving, although I did see it coming. All the best, I probably won't see you in CM4 but you never know... icon_smile.gif

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Anyway, EFB Zeitung will be coming this weekend hopefully,early in the week. Been very busy with work.

Also Dave's leaving profile will be posted too icon_smile.gif

But just a quick note to what i just mentioned, It was a pleasure having you Dave, a fantastic sub-host. Dedication post coming for you icon_smile.gif

Well with CM4 coming out as I've said to you chaps and other people who are not in EFB, I dont no yet if im going to continue into CM4 yet, i havnt thought about it too much.

First thing i'll do though is have a good break cos we've been playing for over a whole year icon_smile.gif

See you chaps tonite in #EFB, should be another cracking session.

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So, after an absolutely dire first season in the Premiership, it went down to the last day. Who goes down in 18th place, Leicester or Torquay? Torquay had a 1 point advantage over Leicester, and also a seemingly easier match - at home to Derby. Leicester had Liverpool away. With Leicester having drawn 1-1, a draw would keep me in the Premiership. All was going well until Derby took the lead on 86 minutes. If things stayed the same, Torquay would go down on goal difference, thanks to the 6-1 defeat to Leicester earlier. However, up popped Eibar Hadzi...ic ( icon_confused.gif ) in the 93rd minute to equalise, sending the Torquay supporters (yes, both of them) wild. Until the referee disallowed it, and relegating Torquay.

One highlight of our time in the Premiership though was this: Torquay 3-0 Newcastle icon_biggrin.gif

So its back to Division 1, as perhaps was expected. This might be the end for me at Torquay, as Middlesborough and Everton are both rumoured to be interested in acquiring my services. Watch this space. icon_smile.gif

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Another successful season for the Owls as they finished 4th in the league and were in with a chance of the title right up and till the last day almost. Throughout the season the owls played well with an outstanding 2-0 victory at stamford bridge against the league champions chelsea. Other highlights included a home win against Man Utd (before they were sabotaged by Gold icon_mad.gificon_wink.gif) and wins against Arsenal. Another fine win was against Newcastle at St James park. Having been 2-0 the owls did extremely well to pull it back to 2-2 and then nicked a winner to grab all three points. Too many draws put paid to any realistic title hopes and the squad just did not have enough depth to withstand a season in the big boys league. With it 4th position brings about Champions League football and at least one half of Sheffield will be willing their team on to do well.

In the Fa Cup the Owls went one better than last season and managed to get to the final after beating Torquay in another closely contested cup tie. The Owls nabbed yet another last minute winner to book their place in the final. In the final they faced Newcastle and were beaten 4-2 in a pretty one sided final with the Owls never really asserting themselves in it. Well done to Mark's assistant. icon_wink.gif

Expectations for the new season - Hoping to get a few new players into the team to add depth for my assault on the quadruple icon_eek.gif I am hoping for another decent finish in the league and winning the cups is a possibility for the Owls. In europe I am hoping to win a game and I will be happy.


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From Yeovil To The Theatre Of Dreams.....Old Trafford Welcomes New Manager

You heard it, Man Utd have appointed yours truly, Mr Gold. It will be a nice challenge, the club has plenty of money, which is needed as there is lots and lots of dead wood and useless overpaid players at the club.

We'll start off with a good clear out, bring in the youths and then we can take it from there, lets get the good days back to old trafford.

We finished in Euro quals in my 12games in charge of last season, from 14th to 6th, a good rise losing only 2 games on the way.

So the board wanted Euro quals, we're in the uefa cup, done well for the club so far. Plenty of time now to bring in new blood over the summer months.

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Due to work commitments I've not had anytime to post the EFB Zeitung.

So im just going to give a quick update what has happened over the past couple of seasons. Its been very good stuff.

Well, Kris's Chelsea won the league,twice in a row. They also won the charity shield....which they lost last season on pens. In the league cup they've only managed runners up twice but made up for it by winning the Champs league last season.

Marks Newcastle finished runners up twice with also getting runner up twice in the champs league, although they have ended up winners by getting the FA Cup last season. Another runners up for them was in the charity shield.

Andy's side Sheff Wed have done pretty well too, they won the first division and had a good debut season in the prem by finishing fourth not too far off the top. Also they got runners up in the FA Cup to add to their good season last year.

Steve's Torquay side managed to get the 2nd automatic spot in Division 1 and also enjoyed getting to the FA Cup final only to get hammered and finish runners up. Last season wasnt good at all, with lack of talent it cost Steve's side and unfortunately they got relegated.

Yeovil walked division 3 and took the championship with complete ease also adding the vans trophy to their trophy cabinet. In Division 2 we were going strong, top of the table and easily going on to win Div2 aswell, when with 12 games left of the prem, I took up the offer on managing man utd. Started in 14th and I took the team to 6th place earning a Uefa Cup place which the Board wanted.

Thats whats happened over the past couple of seasons, so sorry for no Zeitung but I didnt have time, it shall return of course icon_smile.gif

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Well, I have some very important news regarding our wonderful game EFB.

In last nights session it was decided we would call it a day at the end of our current season, once completed we'll have done 20seasons in our current game and gone to Season 2020. It is an incredible achievement to have reached so far in CM a game I very much love.

We also enjoyed around 10 seasons in the former game UCMIG which was also a very entertaining and enjoyable game, so in total, Englisher Fussball Bund has done 30 seasons, thats an achievement for sure.

An achievment which could not have been done without the wonderful players who are in this game. Their commitment, dedication and reliability ensured that EFB just continued to be played every weekend since last year January 2002. So we've been playing for over a year and i've certainly enjoyed every moment of the game.

I would like to thank Andy, Steve, Mark, Dave and Kris for turning up every weekend and playing and keeping the game going. We played for fun and that certainly kept the game going, with the friendly banter and good discussions we've had I've certainly made some good friends who I enjoy playing EFB with.

I'd also like to thank Vince, although with us since the start, he was very quiet when with us and unfortunately was busy a lot of the time and so didnt make a lot of sessions.

Additional thanks goes to Silverfox and Dogs, both who joined our game for a brief spell and hopefully enjoyed their experience in EFB.

Other thanks goes to Texan aka Andrew_K, although not around in CMO he can be found in OTF, he was very dedicated and due to work reasons had to leave, also another player who had to leave due to work reasons was Paul aka Moonraker, it was fun having you in our game, a very dedicated player.

Of course there have been other players in our game, but for one reason or another they were not with us for long, so thanks to them players too, eg Joe_7 aka Joe Markland (think that was your surname)

EFB is an incredible game with incredible players from all over world, from Slovenia to Scotland to America and to Coventry icon_biggrin.gif

Football is a game that unites all kinds of people who all enjoy it and like to be involved, the people i've met so far in EFB and also on CMO and its good to see that we all have something in common which brings us all together.

Now with everyone getting excited with the release of CM4 i'm sure a lot of you are wondering wether there will also be a EFB for CM4, well I have not made my mind up yet, CM4 is very different which of course is good and should be fun online, if a EFB is made then the current EFB players will certainly get an invitation as they deserve it, if there are still places left then yes new players will be recruited.

Lots of people have plans for CM4 and a lot of them sound like very good idea's and good luck to them.

Once EFB Officially closes, which will be next weekend I will for one take a break from playing CM and concentrate more on other things as playing every weekend for over a year certainly deserves a rest icon_smile.gif

So, thank you all for reading our thread, there is still some updates to come of the final season, plenty of screenshots will be taken of course for your viewing pleasure aswell once the season has completed.

I hope you have all enjoyed EFB as much as I have, you guys have been a fantastic group of lads to play this very addictive game with.

The end is near for CM3 and EFB, will we return for CM4? We shall see icon_smile.gif

All the best with your CM ventures

EFB Host Steve Gold

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The Last Season....Old Trafford Want Euro Place

So the board said they want european qualification, a task that is possible of course, over the summer a lot of the useless talent went out the window for new young hot talent to come into the club, so it can build for the future and be a force to be reckoned with in years to come.

So the fixture list is made, we're away to the champions....not a good start to my debut season at old Trafford.

So Kris's champions gave us the worse start of the season, a 3-0 defeat icon_frown.gif Although we created plenty of chances, they just wernt going into back of the net.

We went to Leeds next, despite total domination and a number of shots that went of the board we only managed a 1-1 draw which he snapped up at the 90th minute.

2 games gone and not a good start at all, next up was Liverpool, another one of the good teams, this fixture list aint suiting us, we could of done with an easier start.

But a small change saw Utd cruise to a 3-0 win over Pool, a fantastic victory, next up is Newcastle, Mark's team is very strong and are last seasons runners up.

But a close game saw us come out on top after Mark's keeper decided to get sent off and give us a pen for the winner....and we rarely get pens under my management.

A great turn around, we've won 2 in a row, next up is Grimsby, a very good team now getting stronger every season, despite lots of resistance, we go away 3-1 winners. WBA were next, we managed to beat them 2-0 ready to play Coventry who had an excellent season last year, a 1-1 draw didnt do us justice as we completely dominated the game and it was a repeat of the Leeds match.

High flying and my former team Barnet up next, they hadnt conceded and won 5 out of 5, they lost to Sheff Wed 3-0 and then we came along, As you know, penalties are rare for me, so when we got 4 in 1 game i really knew my luck must be changing, Barnet had both keepers sent off and we came out winners 4-0..my young right back scored 3 of the 4 pens he took, not bad at all, a nice hattrick.

The third human manager now, Andy's Sheff Wed side come to Old trafford, so we've been doing quite well lately, but so have Andy's team, they beat Barnet, drew with Chelsea, this one was gonna be a tough game, Wednesday havnt conceded in 3 league games either. Did I say it was gonna be a tough game? well to a massive shock it wasnt close at all as Utd give Andy's side one hell of a kicking, 6-0 the final score.

So a good end to the session for the Red Devils, lets hope the next sessions also starts so well.

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<BLOCKQUOTE class="ip-ubbcode-quote"><font size="-1">quote:</font><HR>Originally posted by Andy H:

I don't know what is worse now. My Watford shenianigans or getting pumped 6-0 off Steve G. This result may haunt me for the rest of my CM playing life. icon_frown.gificon_frown.gificon_frown.gif

Damn you Gold icon_mad.gif!!!!!<HR></BLOCKQUOTE>

I guess I'll just put it with the rest of the beatings i've given you :p hehehe icon_biggrin.gificon_biggrin.gif

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<BLOCKQUOTE class="ip-ubbcode-quote"><font size="-1">quote:</font><HR>Originally posted by Moonraker:

icon_frown.gif Sad to see you guys packing it. I enjoyed being a part of EFB very much.Hopefully 1 day if you decide to get another game going I will put my name forward again.Anyway it was a pleasure and I wish all of you well.

Paul "Moonraker"<HR></BLOCKQUOTE>

We're calling it a day official.....although a small group of us are still playing until the full release of CM4 and maybe a little after, we'll see.

EFB Part 2 may just be round the corner...so just keep your eyes open icon_smile.gif

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So much was expected of the team after a fabulous first season back in the big time but this season the Owls are failing to live up to the expectations being put upon them. In the league they have suffreed a numbers of defeats against opposition in which they should be beating quite easily. There was also the humiliation of a 6-0 humping at the hands of Man Utd in the league as they have really stuttered. In the league cup they went out to first division West Ham when Hepburn was away on a scouting mission in Europe. In the Fa Cup saw them yet again lose to Man Utd after a replay. The only plus point of this season for the owls is there impressive performances in the CL against opposition of the highest quality. In phase 2 they have been drawn against three giants of world soccer in the shape of Inter Milan, Bayern Munich and Real Madrid (I think). So far they have beaten Inter Milan 3-1 at Hillsbrough and drew with Bayern in the Olympic Stadium when they really should have won by three or four goals such was the pressure being put on Bayern. So not much to look forward to as we head into the final furlong of EFB for Hepburn and his Sheffield Wednesday team. icon_frown.gif

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Torquay are good again!

In the end I decided to stay at Torquay for one last season. The decision seems to have paid off, as we're top of the league and doing rather well. The promising young players that struggled in the premiership are coming of age, and I am on course to achieve my 5th promotion from Division 1 in EFB (I want no crap from you, Mr Koprivnik icon_biggrin.gif ). Mark's big spending Newcastle come to fortress Plainmoor in the next round of the FA Cup, and I am hoping for a repeat of last season's 3-0 mauling. icon_biggrin.gif

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Well done lads. This clan has been one of the best if not the best. A great example of how to run and manage a long term game. The credit goes to all of you.

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