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<BLOCKQUOTE class="ip-ubbcode-quote"><font size="-1">quote:</font><HR>Originally posted by Goldy:

<BLOCKQUOTE class="ip-ubbcode-quote"><font size="-1">quote:</font><HR>Originally posted by Silverfox:

running scarded eh Goldy, you could see we were catching you and you couldn't handle the pressure icon_wink.gificon_biggrin.gif<HR></BLOCKQUOTE>

hahaha lol, im giving you a chance to win something after beating you twice to the league, with the competition gone it gives you the chance to actually win something icon_wink.gificon_biggrin.gif<HR></BLOCKQUOTE>

Perhaps you should of looked at our total performance against each other, I do believe I win on our head to heads icon_wink.gificon_biggrin.gif

(Sings to self) **Run rabit run rabit run run run**

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<BLOCKQUOTE class="ip-ubbcode-quote"><font size="-1">quote:</font><HR>Originally posted by Silverfox:

<BLOCKQUOTE class="ip-ubbcode-quote"><font size="-1">quote:</font><HR>Originally posted by Goldy:

<BLOCKQUOTE class="ip-ubbcode-quote"><font size="-1">quote:</font><HR>Originally posted by Silverfox:

running scarded eh Goldy, you could see we were catching you and you couldn't handle the pressure icon_wink.gificon_biggrin.gif<HR></BLOCKQUOTE>

hahaha lol, im giving you a chance to win something after beating you twice to the league, with the competition gone it gives you the chance to actually win something icon_wink.gificon_biggrin.gif<HR></BLOCKQUOTE>

Perhaps you should of looked at our total performance against each other, I do believe I win on our head to heads icon_wink.gificon_biggrin.gif

(Sings to self) **Run rabit run rabit run run run**<HR></BLOCKQUOTE>

*Sings* Oh what a dreamer icon_biggrin.gif

I just checked actually just to see the record, you'll find its exactly even. We've beaten one anoter 3 times each and drew the rest.

But you'll find that, in the "important" games ive won. eg Champions league icon_smile.gif ...thats "Champions" "League" icon_biggrin.gif

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<BLOCKQUOTE class="ip-ubbcode-quote"><font size="-1">quote:</font><HR>Originally posted by Silverfox:

check total cup game wins and I think your a loser ...thats L O S E R<HR></BLOCKQUOTE>

What? Liverpool 1 Cup Win.

Barnet "Reserves" 1 win.

Loser? Nope. Or do you mean Cup as in Champions league in which you lost? icon_smile.gif

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EFB Zeitung Special Edition

It was a massive shock that happened tonite, truly out of the bottom of the gun barrel.

The breaking news headlines that hit us were :

Gunners Crack Down On Holligan

Gunners Shoot Down Holligan

From Firing Blanks, Gunners Find Bullet To Take Down Holligan

Yes, the headlines were truly amazing, Mr Alex Holligan has official been sacked by London Arsenal FC.

It was the quickest sacking ever in EFB, it took only 4months for the Arsenal faith full to give Holligan the Boot.

After enjoying a very good spell at Stoke, Alex went to London and took over Arsenal, over the summer he spent a massive 75million on players and was taunted as one of the title contenders.

It looked like the good times were rolling back to Arsenal after 2 poor seasons compared to their usual standards.

Holligan was in charge for a total amount of 5 league games, he didnt concede, but also didnt score a single goal.

Arsenal's Fixtures/Results

So, the league cup came rolling and after going into extra time, the Tractor boys score, this then of course came with the shocking news of the sacking of Holligan, despite them scoring.

Holligan Shown The Door

It hasnt stopped his determination though, as he was appointed manager of Cardiff and is relishing his new challenge and wants to get the welsh club back into the premiership.

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Its a conspiracy I tell you icon_mad.gif, 5 games then sacked, how does he expect a new team to gel. Not even one loss in league either.

Wipes a tear from his eye.

Anyway I was only using Arsenal as a stepping stone to a truely massive club, yep you guessed it Cardiff, the Arsenal board were annoyed that I had applied, erm thats what happened , yeah icon_wink.gif.

So beware Cardiff beware the soul crew, we are coming to destroy all in our way as me trample the 1st div manor.

cya in the EPl next season, icon_razz.gif

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<BLOCKQUOTE class="ip-ubbcode-quote"><font size="-1">quote:</font><HR>Originally posted by dogs:

Anyway I was only using Arsenal as a stepping stone to a truely massive club, yep you guessed it Cardiff, the Arsenal board were annoyed that I had applied, erm thats what happened , yeah icon_wink.gif.


Of course we all know Cardiff wouldnt have been a massive club without the guidance of former manager Hepburn, who by chance, also got the sack from Arsenal, just a little over 4months ago icon_biggrin.gif

Since Holligan left Arsenal, they've gone on to a 3 game winning run icon_biggrin.gif Amazing what a change can do icon_smile.gif

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Season 2015/16

A Season full of thrills and spills has ended yet again.

Charity Shield

It was probably one of the most entertaining Charity Shield matches ever witnessed, it was a goal feast and sure treated

the neutral spectator.

A Thrilling Charity Final

Vans Trophy

This years Vans Trophy final was to see Fulham play Boston Utd.

It Went All The Way To Penalties

Boston's First Trophy Since Gold Left Them 9 Years Ago

FA Trophy

This years epic Trophy final was to see Margate play Hampton & Richmond

An Exciting Game Which Morgan Settled

The History Of The Not So Famous Cup

League Cup

This years final saw two teams that have not been here for quite some time, Stoke take on Man City

Stoke's Road to the Final :

2nd Round vs Peterborough 2:0

3rd Round vs Portsmouth 4:1

4th Round vs Bradford 4:1

Quarter Final vs Ipswich 1:0

Semi Final vs Barnet (Agg) 2:2 (Stoke go through on away goals rule)

City's road to the Final :

2nd Round vs Mansfield 4:0

3rd Round vs Totttenham 1:0

4th Round vs West Ham 2:1

Quarter Final vs Leicester 1:1 (City win on penalties)

Semi Final vs Arsenal (Agg) 5:2

The final was very close and City really were unlucky to lose this being the dominating team

Late Strike Brings Cup Home

Stoke Added To The Winners List

FA Cup

Well the magic is still in the cup despite the amount of foreigners in the english teams these days.

This years final was a Manchester derby, its Man City vs Man Utd in the final of course.

City's Road to the Final :

3rd Round vs Millwall 4:0

4th Round vs Peterborough 1:0

5th Round vs Barnet 2:1

Quarter Final vs Wigan 2:2 (City win on penalties)

Semi Final vs Chelsea 1:0

Man Utd's Road to the Final :

3rd Round vs Oxford 2:0

4th Round vs Ipswich 2:1

5th Round vs Darlington 4:0

Quarter Final vs Liverpool 1:0

Semi Final vs Aston Villa 4:0

As Manchester derby's goes, this was another very close game.

City Win The Derby

Vermeer Finally Manages To Get Some Silverware

Super Cup

This seasons Super Cup final Dortmund take on CSKA. It was a close game.

CSKA Enjoy More European Success

CSKA Write Themselfs Onto The Trophy

Uefa Cup

This season saw England get represented by a strong line up, Arsenal, Man Utd and Newcastle

1st Round : Newcastle 3 vs 1 Brasov (Agg)

1st Round : Man Utd 6 vs 1 Camarthan Town (Agg)

1st Round : Arsenal 3 vs 0 DAC Dunajska Streda (Agg)

2nd Round : Newcastle 4 vs 1 Antalyaspor (Agg)

2nd Round : Man Utd 5 vs 0 Vitesse (Agg)

2nd Round : Arsenal 3 vs 0 M.Tel-Aviv (Agg)

3rd Round : Arsenal 2 vs 0 Hertha (Agg)

3rd Round : Man Utd 3 vs 3 Leeds (Agg) (Utd go through on Away goals rule)

3rd Round : Newcastle 5 vs 0 HSV (Agg)

4th Round : Newcastle 3 vs 3 Celtic (Agg) (Newcastle win on Away goals rule)

4th Round : Man Utd 2 vs 1 Boavista (Agg)

4th Round : Arsenal 2 vs 1 Rapid Vienna (Agg)

Quarter Final : Man Utd 4 vs 4 Arsenal (Agg) (Utd go through on away goals rule)

Quarter Final : Newcastle 2 vs 0 Deportivo (Agg)

Semi Final : Newcastle 3 vs 2 Lyon (Agg)

Semi Final : Man Utd 3 vs 4 Lazio (Agg)

So its Newcastle against Lazio in the final, both under achievers in europe, Newcastle came out on top.

Haddad Settled It

Brown Brings Silverware Home For Magpies

The Premiership

This Years Premiership Winners Are.......

Returning Back To Div 1 Are......

Player Of The Year Goes To.....

Young Player Of The Year Has Been Won By.........

This Seasons Dream Team

Barnet On Gold-en Hill

They've done it again, Champions Barnet have successfully defended their premiership crown. It was close but Barnet eventually managed to break away from the chasing pack and then win it by 9 points.

Chairman Kleanthous said " Its been another fantastic season for us and it would not have been possible if it wasnt for Gold. We've successfully defended our premiership crown and to add to it we also conquered Europe ".

Gold said " Im very delighted with the success we've had this season, the team has been playing well in all areas and it has reflected in our league position, although there were times which we really didnt play as good as we should ".

Barnet fans were singing Gold's name in the streets after they had defended the Premiership Crown and also won the Champions league.

Moscardini No Magician, Silver-less Pool

It was a repeat of last season for Liverpool, another trophy-less season and once again they have finished runners up in the premiership. Although it didnt look like Liverpool would get runners up but with Man Utd's poor form at the end it gifted them that 2nd place.

Chairman Moores said " Its dissappointing not to win anything but David set a 4 year plan for the club to win the premiership, it was a very ambitous plan and one we certainly liked, although he didnt succeed, he was very close and Im sure it will be our turn to win next season to be successfull "

Moscardini said " We at pool now have to look at what are next step is. My four year plan is up and coming second in the Prem and finishing in the semi’s in the Champs League how ever you look at it falls short of my goals. Its time to move forward and start rebuilding ".

Red Devils Not As Hot As Before

Well it looked like Man Utd were going to have a really successfull season, with an explosive start in the Charity shield things looked set, their league performances were brilliant until the last 10 games of the season, when it just seemed to fall apart for them.

Chairman Kenyon said " Although we didnt win any silverware this season we were very close and probably unlucky not to have walked away with something. "

We managed to interview Johnston who told us " Im very dissappointed with how the season ended, the team was very inconsistent this season and some changes will have to be made for next season to make sure the same doesnt happen again"

Brown In Magpie Heaven

It was an exciting battle for that fourth champions league spot but Newcastle managed to edge out and grab it, unlike like last season were they just missed out. Both Chelsea and Newcastle at one point were break even but Chelsea's incosistency cost them in the end.

Chairman Shepherd said " Its a wonderful day for the club, Brown is getting more and more successfull and we're enjoying every minute of it, We're champions of the Uefa cup and next season we're going to be playing in the champions league, the club fully deserves it"

Brown said " It looks like my confidents got through to the team, I knew they could do it and we did, we've played some excellent football this season and I've certainly enjoyed our European success ".

Blues Heading For Europe

Well they were very close of snatching a champions league spot but in the end, the inconsistency cost them, but they're still in europe as they go into the Uefa Cup.

Chairman Crowe said " We're very pleased with Koprivnik, he's brought us back into the premiership and has also got us straight back into europe"

Koprivnik said "It could of ended a lot better for us but unfortunately some bad results cost us that fourth champions league spot, however, im still very happy with what we have achieved so far".

Hepburn Gunned Down

It wasnt as bad as last season for the Gunners, the side improved their performances but competition was tough, Arsenal finished 6th and secured european football.

However, it wasnt good enough for the Board who decided to terminate Hepburns contract.

Hepburn told us " The board have made a very poor decision, unfortunately I have been absent from the team due to personal reasons which the club dont seem to understand. Im sure in time they'll regret this decision".

Holligan Gunned Into Premiership

Well Arsenal have appointed a new manager after the sacking of Hepburn, Arsenal present Alex Holligan as new manager. Holligan enjoyed his spell

with Stoke in which he won the League cup and also won the first division title before moving onto this high profile job.

Chairman Gislason said to us " Its very dissappointing for Alex to leave our club like that, we were expecting great things to come to the club but unfortunately they may not happen now"

Holligan said to us " I couldnt turn down the Gunners job, I feel the prospects of succeeding are much bigger at Arsenal than they were at Stoke ".

Division 1

Up up up and away were Stoke who steamed rolled through the league, they were followed by Darlington who managed to sneak that second automatic promotion spot. They were followed by Preston through the play offs.

Moving further away from the premiership this season are Carlisle, Wimbledon and Rochdale.

Division 2

Exeter have managed to come through and be crowned Division 2 champions, followed by Northampton who will join them in Division 1 next season. The play off winners were Peterborough.

Going down this season are some former Division 1 teams in Portsmouth and Millwall, joining them is Notts County and also former conference side Nuneaton Borough.

Division 3

Riddell's Keep Coming

Back in the football and steam rolling through the lower leagues already, Riddell's Torquay side have won their second championship in as many years. Although it didnt come so easy as the squad has been plagued with injuries.

Chairman Bateson said " Absolutely brilliant, he's brought in some very talented individuals and he's brought us more success, another league title and now we're into Division 2, something we didnt think would happen for a few years"

Riddell told us "I am enjoying this new challenge I have and it will get a lot harder the further we progress, next season will see us compete against some very strong sides but im sure we can have a 3rd successive promotion".


Southend are welcomed back into the Football League after numerous years of going close.

Some more ex-league teams say their good bye's and join the non league footballing world, Leyton Orient and Luton are the two former league teams who are followed by Hitchin who enjoyed 9years in the conference.

(To view Screenshots it may require you to copy & paste the URL into your browser)

Report by Stephen Gold aka Goldy

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Ye(ovil) Must Be Joking

In a complete shock Premiership and Champions League winning manager Gold has once again returned to the conference, it was a shock move and not expected by anyone.

A team just promoted into the conference, with lack of players, money and resources, Gold will yet again try and work his magic and try and get another team from the conference to work their way up to the premiership.

New Yeovil manager Gold said "I needed a new challenge and this will certainly be the hardest so far, the club is not as good as the other two teams Ive managed before in the conference but im hoping to make it a hattrick for myself and bring some glorious days to this club"

We'll certainly see a lot of changes happening to the conference club now that Gold has taken charge.

Chairman Fry said " Its unbelievable, I cannot believe he applied, as soon as he contacted us we wanted him, the other applicants went out the window, he has a fantastic record in this league, if anyone is going take us place then it will certainly be Gold"

The Yeovil Signings

So who has come into this pathetic squad of useless <insert appropriate word here>.

Well i released about 6 players from the team cos they really were that crap i had no choice but to release them, of course 2 of the players were arse licking and so the board was unhappy to see them go. Stuff them i said, quality is coming in icon_biggrin.gif

Well, with thanks to Steve, i managed to pick up some bargain ex Torquay players who helped him get promoted, their experience should help.

In Goal, Berry Stam, fantastic goalie so far, even saved a pen, playing well. He's 32.

The rest of the squad are all under 21, our strike force consists of 3 brilliant youngsters, Newton 17, who has already seen interest from Newcastle and Chelsea. Rowland, Wuck, 2 other youngsters who are going to do well.

Anyway, the season aint going too bad, we're 2nd with only 1pt behind first place who we thrashed 4-1. We have lost 2 games somehow god knows how.

But its probably cos of our defence, its been hard to get defenders,my favourite young gun Murphy has been injured but has been playing well, so we were leaking goals. 2 defensive loans from Sheff Wed has certainly eased the defensive problems as both Teixi and Danny Murphy are playing blinders for the club and seem to be the solution to our problem.

If we can continue with them 2 loans in defence i think that the young'ens up front will start to bang them in as they build up their experience.

Are we going to get promoted first time? Its going to be tough but im sure i can achieve it. A couple of more adjustments and we'll be romping the conference im sure of it. icon_smile.gif

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Championship Challengers ?

Well its a bit to early in the season to be making rash predictions , but with no goals conceded and winning 4 and drawing 1 its been a better then expected start to the season. Liverpool are shortly expected to visit St James and these are the vital games in my eyes, With a better record against human managers I should be in the chasing pack , However on a down note my Cl form has not been any good with 2 defeats and a draw looking like sending me out of the competetion in the early rounds. Its surprizing nice though to be at a club where I feel at home, thats not because the geordie fans have been great , its purly because I do not have the biggest beer gut in the ground and unlike the fat ba**ard in the crowd behind me I can actually manage to get my shirt round my gut and tuck it in. More pies and cups hopefully on the way to St james

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Sheffield Wednesday have made an impressive start to the season ending the night in 2nd place just behind Wycombe. They started off well and it has continued in this way apart from slip ups at Torquay and another team. We made good progress in the League Cup putting out first division Wolves 4-0 at Hillsbrough. In the next round we were promptly thrashed 4-1 to West Ham although we had two players sent off which really didn't help the cause. I was away on important transfer business and left my assistant to take charge but he buggered it up. icon_mad.gif

I am slowly but surely starting to get rid of the duds that were in my team and now looking at bringing in players to strengthen the squad to challenge for the league. Notable transfers who have done very well so far have been free transfers Cherubini and John Brown who has played extremely well in the centre of midfield for me. Cherubini started off slowly but has started banging the goals in. Australian midfielder Scott Francis could the next big signing for the Owls. (cheers for the tip off Steve G icon_wink.gif) So things looking good at Hillsbrough for the moment and the session finished with a 3-0 thrashing of Hull City to send me to sleep happy. Look may it continue boys!! icon_biggrin.gif

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Amazing unbeaten run sees Gulls fly to the top of Division 2

Having left my assistant in charge for the first few months of the season, I returned to see my Torquay side struggling in mid - table. After sorting out the squad that Eamonn Bannon had decimated, Torquay embarked on an amazing 16 game (and counting...it was 20 but the game crashed icon_frown.gif ) unbeaten run in the league, notably beating , Wycombe 2-1 and Dave's new side Swansea 4-1, albeit a bit less easily than expected. icon_razz.gif We're neck and neck with Andy's lot at the top, just 3 points between us. Looking good for a 3rd successive promotion... icon_cool.gif

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What an unbelieveable season the Owls are having this season. They are riding high at the top of the league and totally dominating the rest of the division. Unbeaten in 28 games in division 2 and with that a new record for the division. Win after win has seen them well ahead of the chasing pack with only Torquay being able to sustain a challenge and everyone at Sheffield Wednesday hopes they go up with them as they have been the only team to put up a fight against the Owls.

The lowest point of the season so far has been the unfortunate exit from the Vans trophy where they were knocked out by conference team Chester icon_eek.gif on penalties!!!!!!!! The game should have been won easily but a superb performance by the Chester keeper. As manager Hepburn said,

" We were unlucky tonight. We dominated the game, they got a lucky goal and then onto penalties which is a lottery. Just was not to be but we are moving onto better things with our form in the league".

Then a defeat in the FA Cup at home to Leicster put paid to any European hopes they had. two quick goals in the first half were enough to win the game for Leicster. Injuries and suspensions really put paid to any hopes they had of winning the tie. Stand in goalkeeper Andy Segers had a howler and the strikers did not have their shooting boots on.

It has been a good season so far and the Owls are looking good.


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<BLOCKQUOTE class="ip-ubbcode-quote"><font size="-1">quote:</font><HR>Originally posted by Andy H:

Steve G man you gotta edit or delete that post of Steve R's as it is a load of rubbish!! icon_wink.gif

Torquay unbeaten. Don't be silly. There is only one team in Division 2 and that is Sheffield Wenesday.


It would've been all true if the game hadn't crashed and we hadn't had to replay about 5 games icon_frown.gif

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Amazing losing run sees 'Gulls fly off the top of Division 2 - Another Torquay update... (ignore the first one icon_mad.gif )

After a poor run of results (1 win in 6 at one point), there is now more chance of Goldy accepting that its not always the referee's fault when Yeovil lose than there is of Torquay winning the championship. icon_wink.gif That, and Wednesday's long unbeaten run has left us 12pts adrift in 2nd place, and with a fight on our hands just to get automatic promotion - Wycombe (please god don't let them finish above me icon_redface.gif ) and Sunderland are not far behind. This can be blamed on the complete ineffectiveness of my strikers, in particularly Rossetti who seems incapable of scoring. (cheers for the reccomendation Dave icon_rolleyes.gificon_smile.gif )

Hopefully we can get our act together and have a good run-in to the season to secure 2nd place. We need it, we can't afford a second season in Division 2.

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<BLOCKQUOTE class="ip-ubbcode-quote"><font size="-1">quote:</font><HR>Originally posted by Robbo:

This can be blamed on the complete ineffectiveness of my strikers, in particularly Rossetti who seems incapable of scoring. (cheers for the reccomendation Dave icon_rolleyes.gificon_smile.gif )


icon_razz.gif I would be more than willing to take him off your hands, and i'm sure the goals will start flying in icon_wink.gif

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Yelling Yeovil

Team who have been in Non-league football for over a decade managed to get back into the conference.....and who better to improve the club than the manager who has already took two teams to the top.

So we've been doing quite well this season and exceeding the expectations that were being asked for by the board, (avoid relegation).

We are CHAMPIONS CHAMPIONS CHAMPIONS. Yes the Golden one has done it again and made it a hattrick, 3 Conference titles with 3 different teams. It's been harder this time round than the past 2 times Ive been in it. As we had no money, i decided to just scout for hot young talent and no olden goldies. I've managed to find some magnificent youngsters in Newton, Wuck and Rowland, all of them under 18 and scoring plenty of goals for us.

So, we won the league, which is fantastic and we can now build on this and I'll be bringing more youth next season.

So our league form is going great, this has also shown the FA Trophy in which we've managed to beat some good teams and booked ourself's a place in the semi's. It would be a nice addition to the very small, empty, dusty, Yeovil trophy cabinet icon_smile.gif

Talking of Semi Final's.....yes you guess it. FA CUP time, the cup aint lost the magic at all. 16 seasons ago a little conference team called Boston made it into the final. Well Gold could once again bring a conference team to the final. Its not going to be easy as he meets the team who he faced 16years ago in this seasons Semi Final.....its high flying, spending Arsenal, its gonna be tough but I reckon we can nick it and if we meet Newcastle in the final.......then we're in europe which would just make my day. We've been making a lot of money through the FA Cup and getting to the final would certainly help.

We've been giant killing some quite good teams, Spurs and Middlesborough to name 2. Hopefully we can gun down Arsenal too icon_smile.gif

Come on Yeovil icon_smile.gif

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3 in a Row, 2 to Go icon_smile.gif

So, a 3rd straight promotion for Torquay then. Ok, we didn't win the title, which t was never likely with the financial power of Andy's side, but to achieve automatic promotion was still an excellent achievement.

Having had a bit of money to spend (at last), we have assembled a squad which should be good enough to finish in a playoff spot in Division 1, and maybe get automatic promotion. With the start to the season we've made (10pts from 15), things are looking good. However, my teams in EFB have been known to blow it big style so I'm not predicting anything. icon_smile.gif

A cup run would be nice, and the 4-0 win over Sunderland in the Mickey Mouse cup gives me hope that we might manage to avoid being knocked out by conference sides this year.

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What season Sheffield Wednesday had. League champions of division 2 by a mile. a 29 game unbeaten run only to be beaten by bloody Boston Utd. (the league was won already. was playing my fringe players icon_wink.gif)

Onto the new season and there has not been all that much transfer activity at Hillsbrough having spent the little money that I had last season I am gonna try and see if I can make a profit for my team for a change. A new striker on loan from Newcastle has came in on loan and has made a terrific start to his career in division 1 by scoring a couple of goals. There is another deal in the pipeline to bring a top class midfielder to strengthen the midfield as I want to be challenging for division 1 come May. I have started off well sitting at the top end of the table unbeaten but not top just yet.

I am hopefully going to get a run in both cups, hopefully avoiding good premiership teams till the latter stages of both cups. Started off well in the league cup with a good 2-0 win over Dave's transformed Swansea team so hopefully this run will continue.

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Season 2016/17

We've finished yet again another fantastic and fun season that had plenty of thrills and spills

Charity Shield

This seasons charity shield saw Vince's City side take on managerless Barnet, it was a good game with Barnet actually having more shots but still lost out on the trophy.

A Close Game But There Had To Be A Winner

Vermeer Enjoyes The Silverware

Vans Trophy

Last Seasons Finalists managed to do it again, Fulham managed to get to this stage again, this time they will be playing Mansfield.

It Was Close, But Fulham Made Their Chance Count

Fulham Go One Better

FA Trophy

After having been thirteen years away from the conference, Yeovil invited themselves into the final with a bang, their opponents in the final will be Sutton United who have won the competition twice before.

Yeovil Demolish Sutton

Yeovil Celebrate First Cup Win

League Cup

Koprivnik managed to get his Chelsea side into the final to face another team with plenty of cup experience, Man Utd

Chelsea's Road to the Final :

3rd Round vs Coventry 2:1

4th Round vs Rushden 2:0

Quarter Final vs Leeds 4:0

Semi Final vs Derby (Agg) 3:2

Utd's road to the Final :

3rd Round vs Fulham 1:0

4th Round vs Wycombe 3:1

Quarter Final vs Grimsby 2:1

Semi Final vs Man City (Agg) 3:1

Nothing more than a walk over can describe this game, Man Utd were very blue

Blues Demolish Red Devils

It Was 8 Years Ago The Last Time He Won It

FA Cup

Well the magic is still in the cup despite the amount of foreigners in the english teams these days.

This years final saw Mark's Newcastle side take on high spending Arsenal.

Newcastle's Road to the Final :

3rd Round vs Swansea 3:0

4th Round vs Blackburn 2:0

5th Round vs Mansfield 1:0

Quarter Final vs Birmingham 1:0

Semi Final vs Leicester 3:0

Arsenal's Road to the Final :

3rd Round vs Cardiff 4:0

4th Round vs Liverpool 1:0

5th Round vs Plymouth 2:0

Quarter Final vs Preston 0:0 (Replay 2:1)

Semi Final vs Yeovil 3:1

Newcastle havnt conceded at all during their FA Cup campaign, Arsenal did very well too, but class showed in the final

and Newcastle kept the gunners out.

Magpies With Easy Win

Brown Enjoys The Silverware

Super Cup

Once again it was Super Cup time, it was an all english tie as Newcastle were up against Barnet

Newcastle Didnt Give Them A Chance

More Silverware Into The Cabinet

Uefa Cup

It was a tough Uefa cup this season and the final was between Monaco and Hadjuk. Of course neither

of them had any easy rounds, especially Monaco who beat Chelsea in the Semi Final 3-2 (Agg) and then went on to become Uefa cup champions.

New Champions Monaco

The French Enjoy Their Success

Champions League

Europe's biggest competition was here again and it was yet another exciting cup, representing England were :

Liverpool, Newcastle, Barnet and Man Utd

The Groups Were :

The groups for our teams were :

Group C : Newcastle, Real Madrid, Tirol Innsbruck, Kobenhavn

Group H : Liverpool, Barcelona, PAO, Bordeaux

Both clubs managed to squeeze through the first stage and take themselves into the second phase

The 2nd phase brought some very interesting and challenging groups

Group C : Liverpool, Milan, Silkerborg, Besiktas

Group D : Newcastle, Dortmund, Barcelona, Lazio

It all got a bit too much for Newcastle who unfortunately crashed out of the competition, however, Liverpool managed to

get through.

Quarters : Liverpool 2 vs 1 Man Utd (Agg)

Semi F : Liverpool 4 vs 2 Besiktas (Agg)

Well, with not much trouble, Liverpool got into the final against a very good Dortmund side.

Silverfox Finally Wins Some Silverware Again

Its Been A Very Long Time Since Pool Were Crowned Kings

The Premiership

This Years Premiership Winners Are.......

Player Of The Year Goes To.....

Young Player Of The Year Has Been Won By.........

This Seasons Dream Team

Koprivnik's Blue Army

Chelsea enjoyed a very successfull premiership season by gaining top spot and earning themselves the premiership crown, it couldnt have been done without the help of Koprivnik who now takes his 5th premiership title. It was pretty easy for chelsea this season as they banged in plenty of goals to edge out the competitors.

In our exclusive interview with Koprivnik he said "Although i've won the premiership before, this one has been just as good as the others if not better, this is my favourite club in england and being their manager and the champions has made me very happy, credit to an excellent team and board of directors".

Chairman Luke Crowe said "He is a fantastic manager and i was delighted when he came as he was very eager to start here, we have enjoyed a very successfull season and im sure we can get used to winning".

Magpies Still Flying High

There is just no stoping Brown, his Newcastle get better and better every season, will they be our next champions? the way its going its certainly looking good for Brown, this seasons runners up and fully deserved, Newcastle only lost 2 games last season and only conceded 14 goals, a fantastic record and if a couple of draws could of turned into wins then they would of been possible champions.

Brown told us "The team gets better and better as the seasons continue, this season saw some silverware come to us and hopefully we can go one better next season and bring the title home, we got the team capable to do it".

Chairman Gordon Milne saild "Brown has shown us that he is an exceptional manager and has got what it takes, the side gets better and better and he's secured another season in the champions league, the big trophy's are just around the corner and we're sure that he is the man to take us there".

No Silver For Pool

As the season continues the scousers just seem to slowly start slipping, after getting runners up last season it was predicted for liverpool to become champions, but somewhere along the line it failed, although a clear out by Silverfox it did not help matters much as they could only finish in third place, although their patchy form could be due to the reason of manager David Moscardini being away from the dugout. Rumours of Moscardini leaving the club were squashed by the board who told us "David has had to take a small break, he will be back shortly".

Unfortunately we couldnt get a comment from Silverfox as he was unavailable for comment, however assistant Clayton Blackmore said "David's break has given me a chance to try a few things out, its not an easy job and we cant wait for him to return".

Chairman David Moores said to us "With David having to have a break from the beautiful game we have still very much enjoyed success, unfortunately that success wasnt domesticly, but to be crowned european champions is just as good if not better especially after the last couple of seasons we've had".

Holligan Tackles Rams

After blowing a massive and staggering 75million quid at Arsenal, he lasted a total of 5 premiership games in which his massive potential side didnt even score a single goal, this resulted in Alex getting the sack from the Gunners. So it was time to move on, Welsh side Cardiff

were interested in having the services of Mr Holligan and appointed him as their new manager, things were going pretty well, but Alex's spending continued as Cardiff went into a massive 50million in debt, still in the job, still in the red Holligan decided before the last game of the season, in which, if Cardiff lost they would end up in the play offs, if they won they would join the premiership, but of course Alex decided to take over his third club and get back into the top flight by accepting the Derby County job.

So far 15million has been spent which is pretty low considering to Holligans previous spending spree's, but there is plenty of time for him to get Derby into a strap cashed club.

Holligan said to us "It wasnt a hard decision to make, Derby County were a much better club than Cardiff, I couldnt turn this job down, I got a very good feeling about this job and im sure this club is going places".

Cardiff Chairmen Sam Hammam said "I am very dissappointed with Alex leaving us at such an importan part of the season, it was an important game and he brought a lot of players into the club, but if he cant take the pressure then good riddance, we'll be hoping to bring in a manager who not just brings in success but spends wisely too".

Division 1

Crowned This Seasons Division 1 Winners

It took them 17 years to get into the premiership, welcomed to the top flight are Birmingham City, joining them in a return to the top flight are Cardiff who spent 2 seasons in division 1. Joining them via the play offs is another former premiership in Bolton.

Moving even further away from the premiership are Crewe, Exeter and Wolves.

Division 2

The Teams To Be Promoted From Division 2 Are.....

Hepburn's Owls Flying High

With a new appointed manager, Sheff Wed went from boring barn owls to high flying ealges. Although not having an awful lot of cash at his new club he managed to bring in some players and go on a massive 20 game unbeaten run, which helped a lot to make this side the champions of the second division.

Hepburn said to us "The players have managed to gel together really well and it showed as we went over 20 games unbeaten in the league including a massive win over Swansea, scoreline 6-1,this helped us a lot and brings us even closer to the premiership".

Chairman Dominic Perry said "I was very suprised a manager of this quality wanted to manage us, we couldnt refuse such a talent, since appointing him we've been enjoying some wonderful football and its the start of the good years for this club, a tremedous manager who has plenty of experience at all levels".

Gulls Charge Continues

Riddell keeps the promotions coming as he makes it a hattrick, although this time not finishing as champions, runners up spot was good enough for Riddell, we got rid of the old and in with a lot of new, it took some time for them to gel together but the end result has been superb, there has been some good football played by the Gulls and there is probably a lot more to come.

Riddell said "With not a lot of money to work with it makes the job a little harder, we managed to bring in some real quality players for bargain prices, its helped us a lot and once again, we're promoted, bring on division 1.

Chairman Mike Bateson said "Fantastic, i wouldnt be able to praise this chap enough, 5minutes ago we were in the conference, now were almost in the premiership, Steve is doing a brilliant job here and we hope he stays with us for some time and brings us to the highest level".

Swansea Giving New Life By Johnston

So the team is bottom of Division 2 and look destined to go down, but then the welsh dragons get something to roar about when Man United manager Dave Johnston decides to tackle a new challenge and take over the welsh side. It took a little while for some talent to start rolling in, when it came the swansea train started rolling, from bottom of the league, Johnston's side climbed

to vision of the play offs, which they unfortunately missed out on.

Johnston said to us "The side was very poor, this half season in charge has brought many changes and there are gonna be many to come, this side is going to improve a lot more and we're going to be pushing for promotion".

Swansea fans are said to be delighted to have Johnston as manager, one fan said "The club just couldnt turn down this manager, he has a fantastic record and if anyone can improve this team, he can".

Division 3

The Teams Promoted From Division Three Are.....

Getting top spot last season in this league was Hartlepool, they were closely followed by former division 1 team Millwall, joining them are Walsall and play off winners Nuneaton Borough.

The team to say good bye to the nationwide this season is former division 1 side Burnley.


Another One Team Show In The Conference

Yeovil Celebrate Start Of Gold-en Era

It was a shock appointment indeed as new promoted conference side Yeovil appointed the manager who just won the premiership and the champions league, yes Stephen Gold for the third time went from the premiership back to the conference, It was the same old story, plenty of scouting, no money,

plenty of signings, many many wins, this time however Gold brought a lot of youngsters into the team to give them a chance.

The wins started rolling in like the old times and yeovil were unstoppable, of course, Gold got his hattrick and secured the championship for a third time, this time again he did the double as they won the FA Trophy too. Its been a successfull season for Yeovil with a completely demolishing the conference.

Gold told us "Its wonderful to do the double again and get a hattrick of conference titles, next season will see a lot of changes and hopefully will see you avoid the drop and maybe, just maybe see another promotion, anything can happen".

Chairman John Fy said "Unbelievable, he comes in, changes the team completely and the success starts rolling in, what a manager, he was easily the man for the job, of course I was very suprised he was interested but I just had to give him the job, with his track record nothing could go wrong and its certainly looking good for this club, lets hope this fantastic football continues".

Report by Stephen Gold aka Goldy

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Yeovil With Steady Start

Well the new season has begun and the Yeovil team is looking pretty good.

With Derby having a massive summer clear out, we managed to get a lot of decent freebies from them, all players of quality we needed and better than we had at the club. It helps both clubs a lot indeed.

So the season got underway, we got a good start although in the past 2 games cheated by CM again, you guessed it, 20+ shots for me, 2 for the opposition, what happens, they win, god al mighty,the cm bug, you gotta love it icon_smile.gif

Well its not been all too bad as we also beat Southport (div2 side) in the League cup 1st round, hopefully we can beat Chesterfield (div1 team) in the 2nd round and enjoy a good run in the the league cup...aswell as have another good run in the FA Cup like last year.

With the squad assembled we should easily avoid the drop that the board what, however, im aiming high again and going for top spot in the league, everything is possible, hopefully a nice Vans trophy run to go with a good league run would suit the club finances very nice.

The season continues.......

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When i Joined Cardiff they were 20m in the red and lying in mid table obscurity.

A couple of inspired cheap signings and good managerial decisions turned Cardiff into a force to be reckoned with. However on the last weekend of the season Derby knocked on the cardiff door and took away the FA's most promising young manager away. It was an easy decision to make said Alex Holligan. Derby had security and a chance to progress with a half decent squad whilst cardiff had -35m pounds and a 1st div squad icon_wink.gif. Also deep down Alex Holligan said that he had always been a secret avid Derby supporter icon_wink.gif

Relegatation was staved off and Derby went into the preseason refreshed and full of new inspired hope for the new season. In a private chat with the press the Derby chairman said that the capture of Alex Holligan could only bring much success to the Rams.

The first task on hand was to take the famous Dogmeister broom and sweep out all the deadwoods sitting in the derby playing staff. The chairman had already stated that it was his fault that he let the previous donkey's in charge icon_wink.gif too much of a free hand, and this was proven with the shocking state of the squad. So the clear out began. All Alex Holligan needed was some gullible manager to take away all his duds saving him a free transfer fee, at this point the phone rang, talk about timing icon_razz.gif

Stephen Gold was on the phone doing his usual whining and begging. 2 weeks later the squad was neater and more compact, RESULT icon_wink.gif.

So derby are now 3 games into the new season and sit with a improved 7 points. One of the wins coming over last seasons all conquering champions Chelsea who never got a shot away on target.

So things look promising for Derby, if i can continue to persuade goldy to take my duds off me and can get results off the bigger teams, it could be a good year for the Rams.

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Silver Set Priority's

Silverfox has decided to call it a day and retire from Englisher Fussball Bund as his main priority is to test CM4 which falls in the same time as this brilliant game.

Silver joined us in season 2012/13 and took over first division side Liverpool.

Silver set out a very ambitous plan which he was very determined to pull off, 4years to win the premiership. So he went on and spent 48 million to give the squad a complete new look, the signins showed their quality as liverpool steamed rolled through the league and took top spot and booked themselves a place back in the premiership.

It got even better as David went on and did the double by winning the FA Cup in his first season that saw them promoted, Silver was very delighted with the success and everything was going as planned.

So it was time for top flight football, this season only 13million was spent as he felt the side was good enough to get a decent position, which it did, they finished 8th in the league, a good start which they could build on.

Although their league position doesnt show too much, Silver managed to bag a lot of Silverware as he won the Charity shield and then went on to do a cup double by winning both the league cup and also the FA Cup, a brilliant achievement which set them up for the future years with his plan going so far, so good.

The next season saw them come runners up in the premiership in a very close battle for top spot, with their league form greatly improved their now good cup form started to dissappear, although they got to the league cup final, they only managed to become runners up this season. It wernt all bad they Silver did win the Charity shield earlier on in the year.

So as last seasons runners up looked very good odds on becoming champions this new season, with 50million spent throughout pre-season they looked like contenders again, but this time they just couldnt challenge top spot and had to once more settle for runners up spot.

This form continued, no trophy's were coming into Anfield after some quite successfull seasons in charge, their form just started to get worse even after a summer clear out by Moscardini did not help improve the team and they finally settled for 3rd place.

It was not all dead and buried there though as Silverfox got his battling side to win one more trophy before his departure and he took home the Champions League trophy, although the 4year plan did no succeed, he did a good job at Pool, one he can be proud off.

I'd like to thank David for accepting to join our great game, He was the creator of this original game back in the UCMIG days, with the unfortunate collapse, EFB emerged from the pack along with Silver's own group with sadly closed down a while a later.

I hope you had a good time in EFB, it was a pleasure having you in our game, good luck with testing CM4 and with any online plans you have for the future game. I hope you enjoyed the EFB experience. icon_smile.gif

All the best pal.

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Too Much For Holligan?

Was the competition too good? Too much pressure to succeed? Too much grief from the wife? Who knows.

Anyway, the "Dogmeister" has announced his retirement from this great game tha is Englisher Fussball Bund, just after Silverfox did actually, great timing icon_wink.gif

Alex joined us in season 2014/15 and decided to take over first division side Stoke City, a club with plenty in the coffers and a nice big stadium too.

After some scouting trips across europe plenty of talent started rolling into the Britannia stadium and saw the side improve a lot.

The Stoke side looked a very good team now and started to challenge the top clubs in the league, a rise from 12th place in the league ended in the play offs with 5th spot.

They faced fellow Midlands side Birmingham in the Semi final of the play offs, they managed a draw at home but then lost away 3-2, it was no fairy tale start for Holligan in his first season.

So season 2015/16 came along, after some more signings the side certainly looked even stronger than at the end of last season, it showed too as Stoke went on to win the league with ease, the season got even better when Alex secured the double by winning the league cup aswell as getting promotion to the top flight.

So Stoke go into the premiership after Alex spent around 62.5 million improving the squad when....He decided to walk out on the club, he headed for London where he took over a high profile job, manager of Arsenal.

Throughout the summer the scouting trips continued for his new club as he looked for some hot new talent, they started rolling in and within a matter of weeks, the Gunners side had a facelift, for a massive 80million quid.

So the Gunners are taunted potential premiership champions, the side looked good, very good infact. Pre-Season went well, a win over Celtic and a draw with Bologna set the start of a very, very short stay in London. Alex went on and drew the next 5league games, conceding none but also scoring none, then came the league cup 2nd round vs Ipswich, it looked promising as the tractor boys are reduced to ten men within the first 2 minutes and the Gunners get their first goal by a penalty, it then just took 16 minutes for an equaliser, the chances went begging and full time came, just as the extra time kicks off, the tractor boys score, 2-1 the score, the Gunners out the cup.

Although they got their first goal of the campaign, the board of directors had seen enough, after only 4months in charge, Alex is shown the exit door.

Not long after, welsh side Cardiff announce Holligan as their new manager, although 20mill in debt they still let Alex spent a small amount of money, a massive improvement was needed for the side and they certainly got that as Holligan scouted once more to bring some talented players to the welsh side. Although he was hoping for a new board, he brought the clubs finances to 50million in the red, the side however, improved a lot and the good results saw them fight it out for promotion, with 1 game left of the season, it was win to get automatic, lose you'll get play offs...it was to be a big game, but once more Holligan had different idea's, he decided to return to the midlands once more and take on the challenge of Derby County.

Having secured Derby's premiership status in the last 2 games of the seasons he went on to spend 15million on new players to improve his Derby side, he went on to manage 4 games for the Rams all without defeat, 3wins and a draw. He then managed to also win his 2nd round tie vs Southampton in the league cup.

It was then that Alex decided to call it a day.

I hope you enjoyed your EFB experience Alex, it was nice having you in our game and i hope your future plans for CM4 go well. All the best to you and your family.

take care mate.

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Yeovil Strong & Determined

It was a shaky start last session, we won 3, lost 1 and drew 1, concede 3 and score 12. We were in 4th/5th place. Not a perfect start altough we did enjoy a league cup win over 2nd division side Southport.

So i knew something was wrong, I had to do something, a tactical change was introduced to improve the current situation we had after just 5games.

What a change it turned out to be.

In the league we have gone on an amazing winning streak, 11 games to be exact, we got some very good results in that too, a 5-1 win over Watford and also a 5-0 win against Oxford in which they didnt stand a chance at all.

In our 11 game winning streak.....which is also a new record for the club, we have only conceded 3 goals and kept 8 clean sheets. We scored 32 goals in that spell of 11 games which has certainly helped us a lot.

The league cup is kind to us too, we got drawn to first division side Chesterfield in the 2nd round, we managed to win 1-0 which set us up against premiership side Preston, it was all the way to penalties in which our keeper kept them out to save the day.

So we moved onto another first division side in Wigan for the fourth round, After scoring a 89th min goal it looked set to go through, but they got 1 after 96minutes (jammy). So once again, our favourite goalkeeper did the buisness as he saved the pens he needed to and take us through to the quarter final were we await for the draw in which only contains 5premiership teams.

Second division side Hartlepool are our FA Cup 1st round opponnents with fellow 2nd division side Dorchester being the opponents in the Vans Trophy first leg.

If the good form continues, then we can enjoy some good cup runs and again get promoted. There's a long way to go but if we keep goig strong then anything is possible.

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Geordies going strong on all fronts

As I left the session last night Newcastle were sitting top of the table 3 points ahead of chelsea , my only fear is the same as last season that I my draw too many matches, I only lost 2 matches all last season yet still failed too win the league by a fair bit due to the amount of draws. On a more postitive note my boys made me pround by going a whole year unbeaten in the league spanning 39 games. This season could yet be another with more silverware after winning the super cup and F.A cup last year my team are going strong on all fronts , still in CL , Semis of worthington cup , 5th Round of F.A cup and top of the league lets hope my goals scorers do the buisness and turn these draws into wins , new addition Arce has already started doing that and turn a couple of potential draws into wins with fine individual pieces of skill. Whatever happens I should definately be pusheing last year champions alot harder to retain there crown then in recent years. COME ON THE MAGPIES icon_smile.gif

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You missed the Super cup win in my last season in charge icon_biggrin.gif

It's been a pleasure playing with all. You a top quality clan but sadly my time is limited and the testing of CM4 just had to take first priority.

Good luck to you all.

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Yovil Still Going Strong

Well its going quite well for the new comers to division 3. We're about 10points ahead in the league, maybe a few more actually.

We've enjoyed a good run in the cups too, we managed to get to the quarters of the league cup which we should of won if it wernt for the ref.

In the FA Cup we managed to squeeze past some pretty good teams and we're in the 5th round. Liverpool were one of the teams we beat. aswell as spurs so things looking good.

We're in the semi's of the Vans trophy facing fellow div3 side Woking who we should easily beat to get to the final.

So some good cup runs earning us some good amount of prize money, which will help next season.

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Yes that is right. Sheffield Wednesday are having yet another fantastic season with Hepburn at the helm. He has taken them to the top of Division 1 and keeping them there for most of the season. They have lost only once all season in the league to West Ham at Upton Park with a jammy goal in a game that the Owls dominated. Stand out players for the Owls this season have been the club captain and goalkeeping sensation Ben Elliot. He has been awesome throughout the season for the Owls. In defence the stand outs have been Jens Baur and Frank Reuter who has overcame injury this season and put in some fine performances. Rob Saunders at left back has been superb throughout the season, weighing in with a couple of important goals along the way. Carlo Rossini also has been very consistent throughout the whole season. In midfield Jaap Aydin has been sensational along with John Brown in the centre of the park. The only part of the team that needs improving has been up front where the strikers have not been putting the ball in the back of the net on a regualr basis. Fredrikson has been the exception and is a fantastic season playing just off the strikers. To improve the striking department Chelsea reserve striker Calvarho has been brought in and is doing the business with three goals so far in only a few games at the club.

In the FA cup sheffield Wednesday have found themselves in the fifth round of the cup after a superb 3-0 replay defeat against Preston who in the end proved no match for the high flying Owls. So the countdown till the end of the season begins with the Owls in a great position to win the first division title and back into the big time. In the FA cup Hepburn is hoping to go as far as they can in a very ambitious bid to get into europe.


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4 in a row?...

So far it's been quite a good debut season in Division 1 for Torquay. We're 2nd in the league and still in the FA Cup. Unfortunately we're quite far behind Sheffield Weds at the top, but that was probably to be expected. The record sale of French DMC Franck Norbert raised £5m from Man Utd, making it only the 3rd sale in my time at Torquay. This much needed cash cleared the growing debts and enabled me to sign a few players, so several cheap, young players have been brought in to strengthen the squad for the Premiership next season. This was quite an unexpected bonus as due to the inevitable stadium expansion I won't be able to pay transfer fees in the summer.

For the first time in recent history we are in Round 5 of the cup, where we play Darlington (I think... icon_confused.gif ), so there's an outside chance of our first ever major trophy and a spot in Europe.


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<BLOCKQUOTE class="ip-ubbcode-quote"><font size="-1">quote:</font><HR> Originally posted by Robbo:

This much needed cash cleared the growing debts and enabled me to sign a few players, so several cheap, young players have been brought in to strengthen the squad for the Premiership next season. <HR></BLOCKQUOTE>

Good positive thinking Steve but you are miles behind in division 1 due to my super owls. icon_razz.gif

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Andy - I may not win the league but I'll still make 2nd no bother icon_cool.gif

Kris - Didn't you say you'd thrash me the last few times we played? Just remember how you were totally incapable of beating me when I was West Ham and Villa icon_razz.gif

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Most of you already know now anyway, but just to confirm it, i'm leaving efb. Its been a pleasure to play against you all, and has definetely been the best game i've played in, but the times just dont really suit me atm, plus the fact that boredom has also set in.

Thanks to Goldy for being and excellent host, and to the rest of the lads for staying commited and making it a top game

Gl to the rest of you in the game, and hopefully we'll meet up again when cm4 comes out

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All the best Dave I am sure you will be back if and when EFB comes out to play for CM4.

I promise in CM4 I will let you win occasionally when you play me. It was the 6-1 thrashing I gave you that made you lose interest wasn't it!!! icon_razz.gificon_biggrin.gif

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We'll meet again , don't where don't when but we'll meet again (terrible singing voice)

Good luck to you dave and we all have no doubt yo be back when CM4 is out , but hopefully by then you wont bankrupt too many clubs icon_wink.gif

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<BLOCKQUOTE class="ip-ubbcode-quote"><font size="-1">quote:</font><HR> Originally posted by kjohnston1511:

Yeah Andy it was that one win of yours that finished me off icon_frown.gif I wont mention all the hammerings i've given you tho icon_razz.gif <HR></BLOCKQUOTE>

LOL I would call your wins tactical trial and errors on my part. But you never humped me 6-1. icon_razz.gif

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<BLOCKQUOTE class="ip-ubbcode-quote"><font size="-1">quote:</font><HR>Originally posted by Andy H:

<BLOCKQUOTE class="ip-ubbcode-quote"><font size="-1">quote:</font><HR> Originally posted by kjohnston1511:

Yeah Andy it was that one win of yours that finished me off icon_frown.gif I wont mention all the hammerings i've given you tho icon_razz.gif <HR></BLOCKQUOTE>

LOL I would call your _wins_ tactical trial and errors on my part. But you never humped me 6-1. icon_razz.gif<HR></BLOCKQUOTE>

... but I did icon_biggrin.gificon_wink.gif

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