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[FM09] From Unwanted to Reading


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The year is 2030, and I had just won the 2030 World cup and I was hoping clubs would be queing up for my services, but alas they weren't. no 1 single cracker came my way. I applied for anything decent but didn't want to head back to Spain.

I applied for jobs at Celtic, Jobs in Italy, France, Holland & England. It's 15th December 2030 and finally I get a job, but at 19th placed Reading of all clubs. Now since there is only 6 months left of the season, I wont bother with staff, I will just leave the staff I have already been given upon my arrival.

I let my assistant manager pick what he thinks is the best side available at our disposal. Now with my history in this saved game which has clamed 1 European Championship, 2 World Cups, 1 Spanish Premier League title & 10 Premier League Titles with Liverpool. So I thought hey Reading would be a huge challenge.

If I could perform my usual master tricks on & off the field and get some decent talent in the January transfer window, Maybe a top 6 spot would not be out of the question. I'd love a top 4 spot but we'll see how we go.

3 league matches later and after a 4-0 win at home to Tottenham followed by a 1-0 away win at Fulham and capped off with a 3-0 amazing away win to Manchester City. It's now January 1st and the transfer window is open, we are now sitting 10th in the league, 5 points from a top 6 spot. I think it's time to strengthen my 1st team with a decent forward, midfielder, defender & goalkeeper. Now the sugar daddy at my club has just increased the Transfer kitty to 148m and with plenty of wage budget left, I shold be able to get the 4 decent players I am after.

This story will continue till end of season and depending where we finish, I might just stay at Reading for 1 more season, who knows ...

** UPDATE **

Just had another home win 4-0 to 3rd place Portsmouth and in the process, we just received a gate receipts high of $1.4m so I am stoked about that. We now sit in 8th spot, still 5 pts off 6th. But in 9th spot is Newcastle, equal points with my Reading side but has 3 games in hand.

Time to dip into the trasnfer window I think

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Ok, i'm not feeling the best, I'm tired & have a headache so a little update before I head to bed for some rest.

I spent $97m in the January 2031 transfer window on 6 players. Still couldn't manage to secure a star Central Midfielder. I guess that'll come at seasons end.

Have just had 3 wins in the first half of January. 2 away wins and a home win. 1 away win was in the fa cup. I've had 7 games since I started the Reading job and haven't conceded a goal yet which is absolutely fantastic. I think whenthe offseason comes, I may just hap to top up a coupe more players. Bring in absolute stars with the big transfer kitty I hope to get. But probably just a legendary Midfielder.

I'm currently 5th, 7 points from 4th, but when all clubs play their matchup games, I'll most likely be down to 7th. But hey, least it's a huge step in the right direction.


got the Central Midfielder I was after and all for a low fee of $1.6m. I bought out his minimum release fee :)

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Did u sign any black players in the last window?

I signed players with nationalities English, Scottish, Spanish, Italian & South Korean.

Last game before a rest in bed brought me a good 4-0 home win against Charlton Athletic to keep me in 5th spot. Chelsea stumbled and when games are made up, I will be 6th. If I continue this way, I feel I can get 3rd if I am indeed lucky.

If I make top 4, I will stay 1 more season, in an effort to win the Premier League ! Will then look to maybe leave. Hopeing the Liverpool managerial position is free. If not. I will stay at reading until it is. Either that or Melbourne Victory

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The year is 2030, and I had just won the 2030 World cup and I was hoping clubs would be queing up for my services, but alas they weren't. no 1 single cracker came my way. I applied for anything decent but didn't want to head back to Spain.

Is Sir John still the chairman? I think he'd be 205 years old by now .... :D

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Is Sir John still the chairman? I think he'd be 205 years old by now .... :D

Chairman is Danny McCann


Don't know if it's him but lets hope not ha ha

This Danny McCann in my game would be 42 in real life now. So no, it isnt the lad above in the photo. Thankgod for that

Just another update, just picked up 4 more players to go in my 1st team as backup. The usual suspect, to give my 1st team squad alot more depth in the positions.

Midfielder Left/Right x2

Defender Left/Right x2

I always look for these players who can play on both wings, it limits the amount of players you need to buy when moving to a new club and also it limits the wages you have to pay players ! Of course also on my bench I have 3 backup Strikers, 2 Backup Central Defenders & 2 backup Central Midfielders.

I will attempt to train each player in multiple positions. EG - MC to train as AMC & DC

DC to be trained as DMC

ST to be trained as AMC

MLR to be trained as Attacking LR & WB LR

DLR as WB LR then as MLR

and so on. Hope you all understand what I am trying to say there

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Ok sorry for the delay in the updates, but today is my Birthday so i've been spending my money and doing other things BUT i've finally completed the 1st season with Reading, 2031/2032. I am sad, it was an absolute magnificent effort from the lads but we just fell a tiny bit short ... we finished 2nd, 3 points off League Champions :( :(

1st Liverpool 82 points +43

2nd Reading 79 points +102

3rd Wigan 71 points +56

4th Portsmouth 70 points +6

14th Chelsea 44 points

15th Man Utd 42 points

38 points was enough to remain in the Premier League. When I took over we were lowly 19th. Then in all competitions I went on a 26 game winning streak by using my usual tactic I have all saved game. Bought 12 players which included both starting players & bench players for my 1st team. Pretty much sent all players 30+ to the reserves.

Peter Ansell was simply amazing for me, ending with 33 league goals & 42 in all competitions. Now for goal assists, My reading outfit had 3 in the top 4 in the league so i'm extremly pleased with that also.

Now Peter Ansell also lead the league easily in average match rating with 7.81 which also consisted of 10 man of matches & 19 assists. Really amazed how this lad turned the screws since I took over. 1 mistake I did make was change captain & vice captain twice in 2 months !, the 1st team squad was rather unimpressed with me doing that.

So I finished second, Austomatic Champions League Spot. But means much more competitive games next season. May have to invest in a few more players just to make sure I can rotate my 1st team so not to tire them out early in the season

I think during the offseason I'm going to goto the Board and ask for moer seats in the stadium and also a Feeder club or 2.

Now for my 2 star players who helped me rise up above the doldrums from 19th in Mid December to an amzing 2nd at Mid may



At one point I was 15 off the lead with 7 matches to go and I kind of new I was too far away, even though deep down I wish I would win it. Then when I was 7 off with 3 to go I thought I really had a big show at winning the league, maybe just maybe next season after I bring in 2 superstars.

I have no idea about the dead wood in regards to staff, I may not bother because I'm hopefully only going to be there for 1 final season. I cant see myself at Reading for the long run as ideally i'd love to go back to Liverpool or a few seasons in charge of Melbourne Victory

More updates as the next season kicks off ...

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Forgot 1 final update and important it is ! The FA Cup Final !!! Liverpool vs Reading. 1st Vs 2nd in the Premier League. Myself against my old side where I won 10 league title & 10 Champions League titles with.

However my boys turned it on on teh big stage and came away victors 3-0 ! Thanks to a brace from Herrera & a very early 2nd minute strike from my star striker Ansell. Extremely proud of the boys since I joined the club. I think we may go on a holiday in a couple days for a week to Las Vegas !

We're not famous yet throughout the world, if we were, we'd go to the usual sporting games to get seen by our fans, but alas, we only won the FA Cup & finished runners up in the Premier League. We're just going to Vegas for the bright lights, casinos and the night life ! Just the boys, no family members either !

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ok just some photos of the guys having a wild time in Las Vegas on the end of season holiday




we're having a fantastic time in Vegas, and suprisingly, we are known in these parts, so kind of hard to keep quiet in these parts of America if you all get my drift. Well we're off now, got some more partying to do !

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