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  • Help - I'm getting a message saying the game is from an unofficial source?!

    If you have purchased the game from Google Play and you are receiving a message that the game is from an unofficial source, firstly try opening the Google Play app to check that there are no connectivity issues with this and the Store is showing as connected to the account you used to purchase the game.

    Next go to Settings > Accounts > Google and make sure the only account shown here is the one you used to purchase the game. Multiple accounts here can sometimes interfere. To remove any accounts not used to purchase the game, select the account, tap the menu dots in the top right corner of the screen and select ‘Remove Account’

    Next ensure you are connected to WiFi and the connection is as strong and stable as possible.

    Once you have made sure all of those things are in order, please try the following steps, moving onto the next one if the error still occurs:

    ·         Force close the FMT17 app, then relaunch it using the shortcut in your device’s Apps menu (not the ‘Open’ button on the game’s Play Store page).

    ·         Force close the app again, turn your WiFi off and on again in your device’s Settings menu, then relaunch the app using the shortcut in the Apps menu.

    ·         If this does not work, try rebooting your device and then try to run the game once again using the shortcut in the apps menu.

    ·         Lastly, go to Settings > Apps > FMT17 and clear data, then uninstall the app, reinstall from the Play Store but open the game using the shortcut in the apps menu.

    If you are still receiving this message after trying the above, please post in our Android Bugs Forum - we'll probably need to ask for some technical details from your device to help us work out what is happening.

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