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    1. How do I connect my tablet to the Steam Cloud?

      Simply tap ‘Cross-Save’ from the Start Screen. If you haven’t logged in already, a web popup will open to take you through the log in.
    2. How do I use the Cross-Save panel?

      The Cross-Save panel lists all save games on your tablet and on the Steam Cloud you are logged into. A date in the ‘Device’ column indicates the date and time the save was last modified on the tablet. A date in the ‘Cloud’ column indicates the date and time the save was last modified on the cloud. A hyphen indicates that the save does not exist there.
    3. How do I move a save from my tablet to my computer?

      Open the ‘Cross-Save’ panel from the Start Screen. Tap the save game you want to upload, then tap “Upload Save Game”. Once this has finished, start Football Manager 2016/Football Manager Touch 2016 on your computer. If it was already running, quit and restart. Click “Load Game” and then click the “Cloud” button. Your save game from tablet should be listed here and can be loaded as normal.
    4. How do I move a save from my computer to my tablet?

      With your save game loaded on the computer, click the “FM” button, then “Save Game As”. On the popup that appears, click the “Cloud” button and save your game. Afterwards, quit Football Manager and Steam will synchronise the save game with the Steam Cloud. Once this has done, go to the Football Manager Touch 2016 Start Screen on your tablet and tap “Cross-Save”. The panel should now display the new save. Tap it, then tap “Download Save Game” to download it to your tablet. When the download
    5. Help! - I cross-saved my game from tablet but it’s not showing up on my computer?

      First, check on tablet that the save game has a date listed on the Cross-Save panel in the ‘Cloud’ column. If so, the file has successfully been uploaded to the cloud. Next, quit FM on your computer, wait a minute or so and then start it and try again. Ensure you click the ‘Cloud’ button on the Load Game panel. If you’re still having difficulty, create a new thread on our bugs forum - http://community.sigames.com/forumdisplay.php/529
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