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    1. Help! - The game won't run!

      Firstly, please ensure that the device's memory card is not mounted as an external drive on the computer. Mounting your device as an external disk will leave the game (and probably most of your other apps) unable to run.  Secondly, please try fully rebooting your device and running the game again.  If neither of the above have met with any success, it's possible that some of the game's data may be corrupt - this is especially likely if you have only just installed the game and have nev
    2. What should I do if I find a bug in the game?

      Please report it in the correct section of the Bugs Forum providing as much information as possible including the device you are using, the version of the game you are running (visible on Credits page) and the Android version you are using. Screenshots are always very helpful. We may ask you for save games, so do keep one if you can.
    3. Help - I'm getting a message saying the game is from an unofficial source!?

      If you have purchased the game from Google Play and you are receiving a message that the game is from an unofficial source, firstly try opening the Google Play app to check that there are no connectivity issues with this. If this does not work, try rebooting your device, ensuring you are logged into the Google Play account used to purchase the game, and then try to run the game once again. You should only need to do this once. If this does not work, please try to uninstall and reinstall th
    4. What do I do if I find a bug in the match?

      If you find a bug in the match, please if possible use the ‘Save Match’ button at the left hand side of the Action Bar. You will then be able to review the match from the ‘View Match’ button on the start screen. Please do report any such bugs on our forums. It would be especially useful if you could send us the match that contains the bug, these can be accessed via iTunes on iOS and using a file manager app on Android devices.
    5. Help – the match is too slow!

      Football Manager Mobile 2018 contains two match engines, one of which – the ‘Enhanced’ engine - requires significantly greater processing power. The ‘Original’ match engine is also included for those with less powerful devices.  On first run, the game will detect which match engine your device is best suited to using and select this for you. If you would like to change which Match Engine your device uses, you can do this when setting up a new career, or from the Starting Configuration view
    6. Why are there black borders around my game? Why doesn't it fill the screen?

      If the game hasn’t correctly detected your device size, the option ‘Stretch Screen’ can be set manually via the Preferences -> User Interface menu.
    7. Help – My game is missing images/everything is white/I can’t select a club!

      The most common cause of this issue is the use of overly aggressive cleaning apps that delete necessary skin data required by FM Mobile 2018. If this occurs, please try to reinstall the game from Play Store: Uninstall: Launch the Google Play Store app from your home screen or app drawer. Tap the search bar at the top of the screen. Type Football Manager Mobile 2018. Tap on the installed app. Tap Uninstall. Tap OK to confirm uninstall. Reins
    8. My tweets won't post!

      There's a number of reasons why tweets from within the game may fail to post but here are some of the most common: ·        Intermittent internet connection causing the connection to fail. ·        Incorrect date/time on device causing Twitter to reject the connection. ·        Attempting to post the same tweet multiple times within a certain time limit (i.e. multiple manager of the month awards) – Twitter refuses duplicate tweets. If none of the above are valid, please feel
    9. The ‘Buy Now’ button in the Store is not doing anything!

      This occurs when the Google Play Billing Service has crashed. Simply reboot your device and it should work correctly again.
    10. I haven't received my purchased item!

      This is usually due to a connection issue. Please wait a few minutes for your item to appear. If the item still does not appear, please check that you have received a receipt for it and that it has not been subsequently cancelled. If you haven't received a receipt or you have received a cancellation, the payment will not be taken (though this sometimes takes a couple of days to become evident when paying by card). If you have received a receipt and no cancellation, please do feel free
    11. Why can't I play the Saviour Cometh Challenge in some nations/leagues?

      Since it’s not possible to be relegated from the Australian A-League, the K-League Challenge, the MLS or the Dutch Jupiler League, these leagues aren’t available to manage in when choosing the Saviour Cometh Challenge.
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