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  • How do I access my Save files?

    There are a number of reasons you might want to access your save game - maybe you need to move it between devices or maybe we've asked you to send it to us to assist in reviewing a possible bug.

    ·        Plug your device into your computer

    ·        Start iTunes

    ·        Select your device within iTunes

    ·        View the 'Apps' tab

    ·        Scroll down the screen to the 'File Sharing' area

    ·        Highlight 'FMM 2017'

    The .dat files are your save games, and there can be up to 6 of them. The Manual Saves are named fm_save1.dat through to fm_save4.dat with the name reflecting the save slot used (1 = top slot, 4 = bottom slot). hidden.dat and hidden2.dat are the current rolling Automatic Save files on the device (saving alternates between the two). Please see the screenshots below for more information.

    File sharing can also be used to transfer saves, shortlists and team selections to another device which has the game.

    Any file can be deleted here, by pressing [Delete] on your PC keyboard or [Backspace] on your Mac. Be careful not to delete game.cfg, which is your Preferences file.



    Edited by Neil Brock

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