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    1. What should I do if I find a bug in the game?

      Please check whether the issue has already been reported and if not, report it in the Switch bugs forum: https://community.sigames.com/forum/673-bugs-found-on-switch/. Please provide as much information as possible, including: ·        The firmware version you are running ·        The team you are managing ·        Nations and leagues loaded ·        The in-game date ·        Steps to reproduce the issue if known ·        Whether the game is installed on internal storage or a microSD card.
    2. How do I access my save files?

      When issues on other platforms are reported, we sometimes ask for a save file to assist in reviewing and reproducing the issue. Unfortunately, there is no facility to extract individual save files on Nintendo Switch™, so it’s even more important when reporting issues to provide as much information as possible on how the issue happened and what may have caused it to occur so that we can attempt to reproduce the issue ourselves.
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