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  • How do I get started?

    The first time the game is run, it will need to connect to the internet to download skin data. You will have the choice of either downloading the basic data appropriate for your device or downloading the full skin data for your device, which also includes player pictures (licensed players only).

    The size of the basic data download is about 150MB depending on your device. The size of the full data download is about 925 MB in total.

    We recommend downloading these files over WiFi and not over a mobile network. Please ensure you have a functioning WiFi connection before downloading these files.

    After downloading the skin data, the game will then take a few minutes to unpack itself and detect the appropriate Match Engine for your device - this should only happen the first time it is run - and then the Main Menu will load. Please note that if you are downloading the full data on an older/lower spec device it may take some time to fully unpack and install.

    Edited by Neil Brock

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