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    1. How has Scouting changed in FM18?

      The whole area of scouting and talent ID has evolved in recent years, with clubs now incorporating technology and modern techniques such as data analysis and data awareness, including many clubs using the FM database, into their player recruitment programs. To reflect this, Football Manager 2018’s scouting system has been overhauled to make it the most authentic in the series’ history with the team here at the studio working closely with real clubs to mirror the journey of signing a player.
    2. What is my Scouting Budget for?

      The scouting budget is an annual budget that will go towards certain scouting costs. The scouting budget will go towards paying the club’s scouting packages and any scouting trips outside of your club’s scouting range. The scouting Budget will be reset at the end of each season along with transfer and wage budgets.
    3. I have a large transfer budget but low scouting budget. Can I adjust these?

      You’re able to move money from transfer budget into scouting budget and vice versa. This can be done by navigating to the Scouting Centre and selecting the Scouting Budget option. Using the slider provided, you can move money in and out of the scouting budget.
    4. What do Scouting Packages do and how will I be charged for them?

      Scouting Packages will increase or decrease the amount of players shown on the Player Search, and the information you see about their best roles. The higher the package, the more players will be displayed on the Player Search and the more they will unveil about the players best roles; helping you to decide whether a player fits into your tactical system and whether or not to scout them further. Packages can be bought for both senior and youth players. The cost of the packages is broken
    5. How do I choose my Scouting Package?

      Navigate to the Players page on the scouting section. From here there will be a Senior Package dropdown where you will be able to choose either the senior or youth scouting packages you wish to have for the club. You will be charged for the most expensive senior and youth package that you have used for the current month. 
    6. Does having the World Scouting Packages mean I can scout anywhere in the world?

      Having the World Scouting Packages does not mean that you have unrestricted scouting. The packages will only increase the amount of players within the Player Search. The club’s scouting range is what enables you to send scouts to certain nations and regions of the world. If you have World Scouting Packages, but a scouting range of Europe the board will restrict the user to trips within Europe.
    7. How do I create my own Scouting Assignments for players, nations and competitions?

      You can create your own scout assignments if you have the Scouting Responsibility assigned to yourself. You can assign this responsibility via the Scouting Centre by using the Scouting Responsibility panel or via the Staff Responsibilities screen under the ‘Set assignments for scouting team’ option. Once you have the responsibility, you’ll need to navigate to the Assignments page from where you can select the ‘Create New Assignment’ option. This will bring up the ‘Create New Assignment
    8. How do I create an assignment to scout the next opposition?

      You will again need to have the Scouting Responsibility assigned to themselves. You will need to navigate to the Assignments page and select the ‘Create New Assignment’ option. Once on the dialog there will be three tabs: Players, Team and Match. If you select ‘Team’ this will bring up the ‘Ongoing reports on next opposition’ option.
    9. How can I see my clubs Scouting Range?

      This can be seen on the club’s Board page within the Scouting panel.
    10. There is a player outside of my club’s scouting range that I want to scout. Can I get a report on him?

      You’re still able to scout individual players outside of your club’s scouting range. You can do this for a maximum of 1 week. There will be a cost to this assignment though and this cost will come out of the club’s Scouting Budget once the assignment has been completed. The cost of the assignment will be shown to you when you create the assignment.
    11. Why aren’t scouting reports coming into my inbox?

      The way scout reports are delivered to the user in FM18 has changed compared to previous versions. Reports will go into the Scouting Centre – accessed via the Sidebar -- where a specific Scouting Inbox can be found. Regular scouting meetings will then take place, which collate all of the recent scout reports and present them to you for consideration. This meeting is presented in your regular inbox, and you can set the schedule to determine how often this is delivered.
    12. Can I choose how often scouting meetings take place?

      You can choose how regularly these scouting meetings are generated into your inbox. You can choose criteria for when both in and outside of a transfer window. The criteria can be set by period of time (day, weeks, month) or by the amount of entries into the inbox (10 -100). This can be set when on the Scouting Inbox page and by selecting the ‘Preferences’ dropdown.
    13. What do these options do on the report cards within the Scouting Inbox?

      On each entry into the Scouting Inbox, you will have a number of options to choose in order to progress on to the next report. A tooltip is provided for each option that you can select which will give you an explanation of what each option does.
    14. I have a large amount of reports in my scouting inbox can I filter these at all?

      Once in the scouting inbox, you can filter the reports by the type of the assignment that have been generated. There will be seven filters. ‘All’ will show every type of assignment that has been generated. ‘Requested’ will show only the players you have specifically asked to be scouted or analysed. ‘Assignments‘ will show the reports on players whom have been found on competition, nation, region, position assignments created by you. ‘Analysts’ will only show the reports that
    15. I’m getting a lot of reports from players with low recommendation scores.

      If you wish to only have a player with a certain recommendation score, then you can also set this via the ‘Minimum Recommendation Level’ option. This can also be found in the Preferences drop down within the scouting inbox. If you select a Minimum Recommendation Level of 80 then no players that you haven’t specifically requested a report for should be generated into the Scouting Inbox. Players who have been found with a Minimum Recommendation Level below 80 will still be able to be dis
    16. What is an analyst report and how is it different to a scout report?

      Analyst reports are new to FM18 and can be requested for specific players, or generated by the analyst team for a player who they feel might interest you. An analyst report will give relevant statistical information on the player’s season. The analyst may point out that the player has the best interceptions stat in the league and then will compare that to the player at your club who has the best interceptions stat. Scout reports will still work as they have done previously giving pros
    17. I want to have some control over scouting assignments but don’t want to have to create all of the assignments myself. Is this possible?

      If you assign the scouting responsibility to another member of staff, then that staff member will be in charge of the club’s assignments. However, you can still have an input on these assignments and specifically which type of player the scouts will be looking out for. This can be done via General and Short Term Focuses which can only be set when you do not have the scouting responsibility. These focuses can be set on the Scouting Centre screen or the Assignments screen. General F
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