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    1. Why can I only use the pitch area of the tactics screen?

      This year, the list view and the pitch view are treated as two separate but linked entities on the screen – the pitch to create, analyse, and edit your tactics & formation; the list to select your line-up. In resolutions wider than 1360, expanding the pitch allows you to use both the list and expanded pitch views; in smaller ones you can use only one or the other. In both, clicking the ‘Reduce’ button will reduce the pitch and expand the list so you can include more columns and information t
    2. Can I still change formation if the pitch is reduced?

      Yes, when the pitch is reduced you can still do everything you can do when the pitch is expanded via the mini-pitch on the right hand side. From there you can change formation, change roles by right-clicking, and you can still drag players from the list onto this mini-pitch to swap them around. It just means you can see more columns than you would if you had to have both open at once, if that’s how you like to use the screen.
    3. What are the toggles next to my player’s names?

      The toggles shown above let you switch between whether the player is using instructions for everyone in the position, or instructions specifically designed for him. If you have created personalised instructions for a specific player, he will always default to those instructions if played in a position. If not, he will use the default. So if you have a striker who you always want to be a target man, you can give him personalised instructions and your tactic will automatically change tha
    4. What does the Analysis button do?

      The Analysis button on the tactics pitch lets you analyse your tactic! It takes data from your past matches and lets you know how well your players are playing together and forming partnerships – which also takes into account their relationships with each other than you can see through Dynamics. It highlights areas of your tactic that could be exploited in red, while the areas that look particularly strong are highlighted green.
    5. How do I change my tactics in-match?

      There are three different methods for changing your tactics this year. The first is the quick tactics bar, which is visible on the pitch at all times and can be moved around to wherever you want it. From here, you can make a quick sub, change formation, quickly change mentality or team shape, give team instructions, or give a touchline shout. The second method is by clicking on the tactics tab. This has two tabs itself, either pitch or list, and whichever one you used last will be the one i
    6. Is the tactical analysis available in-match?

      Unfortunately, the analysis tool available on the tactics pitch outside of matches is not currently available in matches themselves.
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