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  • How do I create a split view using widgets?

    Firstly, use the widget menu to select a widget you wish to use:


    Once you’ve picked a widget, drag it and you will see four icons appear – at the top, left, bottom, and right of the pitch. If you drag the widget onto one of these four icons you will create what we’re calling a widget ‘dock’. This is handy tool that you can drag multiple widgets into, and it can be hidden/shown with the click of one button: 


    Now your widget is in a dock, you can press the ‘Pin’ button in the centre of the controls at the top of the dock.


    This creates a split view – the pitch takes up the space not occupied by the dock. You can then add more widgets, as many as you like. You are able to resize the dock by dragging from the edge of it, so you can include as much as you like and have it replace the entire pitch if you wish.

    Edited by Neil Brock

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