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    1. Has split view been removed?

      No, it hasn’t been removed, but it has been replaced with a newer system that incorporates widgets, rather than the old style that limited you to what we had as a full panel.
    2. What are widgets?

      Widgets are small, floating windows that display match stats and information. They can be placed anywhere around the pitch view during a match, and enable you to customise the interface so that it always shows the information you decide is most important.
    3. How do I create a split view using widgets?

      Firstly, use the widget menu to select a widget you wish to use: Once you’ve picked a widget, drag it and you will see four icons appear – at the top, left, bottom, and right of the pitch. If you drag the widget onto one of these four icons you will create what we’re calling a widget ‘dock’. This is handy tool that you can drag multiple widgets into, and it can be hidden/shown with the click of one button:  Now your widget is in a dock, you can press the ‘Pin’ button in the
    4. How do I remove a pinned dock?

      Just press the pin button again to unpin and it will return to normal, with the dock overlaying the pitch rather than splitting it.
    5. How do I remove a widget from a dock?

      If you drag the widget out of a dock, it will display as they did last year – just on top of the pitch, and can be dragged and placed anywhere.
    6. Can I have more than one dock?

      Unfortunately, having more than one dock open at a time is not supported.
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