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    1. How many injuries should be expected over a season?

      In the real life English top division, there are 1,400+ injuries per season. In Football Manager 2018, the English top division sees an average of 1,120 injuries per season. That puts FM18 at 80% of reality. 10%-15% of these are considered ‘Major’ (28+ days). The training/match split is roughly 60/40. This is adjusted based on the league in which you choose to manage.
    2. How many injuries should I expect my team to suffer in a season?

      There is an introductory injury news item sent from your medical team that will highlight the “expected” number of injuries for your team that season. For an average English top division club in 2017/2018 this could be expected to be around 65. It is important to note that this is an expected average, clubs will certainly fall outside of this on occasion as they do in reality.
    3. How many injuries should I expect per match?

      On average there are 0.6-0.75 injuries per team per match. The proportion of these that will enforce a substitution varies depending on the injury type. All major injuries require a substitution.
    4. What can I do to reduce injuries?

      Injuries are influenced by: Player injury susceptibility Training workload Match workload Injury history/recurring injuries Condition Match Sharpness The Medical Centre will feedback to you on each player’s injury risk. The above factors all combine to give a player his Overall Risk, when this becomes High or Very High you should look to address the above in order to lessen this risk, especially in players particularly susceptible to injury. The main factor contributing to a player’s heightened risk will be referenced, for example “Team training focus”. Whilst in the short term a heightened injury risk can be acceptable and even preferable in order for optimum training development, over the longer term it is not recommended. Some players are simply more injury prone than others, or have a number of recurring injuries. See a player’s Injury Susceptibility for some insight into this. Pre-season is also a vital part of the season, especially when it comes to building up your players’ Condition and Match Sharpness in order to avoid an early season injury crisis.
    5. How many first team injuries are realistic to expect at once?

      English top division clubs in reality often have anywhere from 0 to 12 first team injuries at once. Anything in the 4-8 range would be considered normal.
    6. What impact do the Physio and Sports Scientist have?

      Physio – Key attribute: Physiotherapy. Treats injuries that are not treated by an outside specialist or the club doctor, a better physio may slightly reduce treatment time. Estimates time out for injured players, a better physio will be more accurate. Presents information on injuries within the club, for example current injuries and statistics on these. Responsible for taking over the Sports Scientist’s duties if none is employed (using the Sports Science attribute). Sports Scientist – Key attribute: Sports Science. Reduces the likelihood of certain injuries. Slows the rate at which players become jaded. Provides feedback on a player’s injury risk and injury susceptibility, a better Sports Scientist will be more accurate in his assessment.
    7. What are recurring injuries?

      A recurring injury is a specific injury that a player is susceptible to suffering from. Sending a player to a specialist when this injury flares up can on occasion cure it and remove its recurring status.
    8. What are injury relapses?

      An injury relapse is when a player suffers a recurrence of an injury that they have just recovered from. This can be brought about by overtraining or overplaying too soon following recovery. Players that are “orange injured”, i.e. in light training, have an increased risk of this occurring if selected to play in a match.
    9. What has changed from Football Manager 2017 to Football Manager 2018?

      In comparison to FM17, FM18 has: ·        Fewer major (28+ day) injuries, more minor (4-7 days) injuries ·        Introduced slight (1-3 day) injuries, for example the “tight” group of injures such as a tight hamstring ·        Better balanced training intensities, High and Very High will be less punishing ·        Added new injuries and rebalanced existing injuries and their lengths/chance of occurring All this means that FM18 will see a greater injury frequency than FM17 but fewer days lost to injury overall. In FM17, English top division players lost in total 15,000+ days to injury per season, in FM18 these same players now lose 13,500 days to injury per season. Meaning players spend less time injured in FM18 than in FM17.
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