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  • How can I find and post a Crash Report?

    If you get the error message "The application Football Manager has quit unexpectedly" we may ask you to post the full crash report in an attempt of diagnosing the problem further. Please follow the steps below to do so.

    - On the dialog that says FM quit unexpectedly there will be a button that says either ‘Report…’ or ‘Show Details’ (it depends on which version of OS X you are running). Click this button.
    - This should show the full crash information (a lot of text).
    - Select all this text by clicking the mouse and dragging it to select all the text all the way to the bottom of the edit box in the dialog, or clicking the mouse once and using the keyboard to press Cmd+A (Command/Apple key and 'A') to select all the text.
    - Copy this to the clipboard by using the keyboard to press Cmd+C (Command/Apple key and 'C').
    - Go to your web browser and to the 
    Mac Crashes/Technical Issues forum
    - Create a new thread explaining your issue, or reply to your thread where you were asked to post the crash report.
    - Within the thread in the area you wish to post the report, type in the following in the new reply: [ code ] (with no spaces between the [ and the code)
    - Now use the keyboard to press the keys Cmd+V (Command/Apple key and 'V') (or, alternatively, click the Edit item in the menubar followed by Paste).
    - Then type the following on a new line (after the crash report information that was just pasted into the reply) in your reply: [ /code ] (again with no spaces between the [ and the code)
    - Finally, post your reply by clicking the 'post' button in your web browser. 
    - The crash information details have now been posted in a reply to the thread.


      Report FAQ

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