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    1. The Game Appears with a Red/Green Hue on the screen

      If you find your game appears like this: Please do the following to resolve it. - Right-Click on your desktop and click to enter the 'Nvidia Control Panel' - Go into the 3D settings and turn off Stereoscopic 3D - This should resolve your issue  
    2. My Graphics Quality Stars are low or my game struggles with Lagging

      Sometimes, especially on laptops, the game can give an incorrect reading of your system's graphics quality as shown via the in-game preferences. We have provided some steps below to try and help you with this. First of all, it's worth making sure you are running optimum settings for Football Manager 2017. Details on how to do this can be found below: Once you've done all the steps above, we recommend making sure the game is closed, then completing the following in the order listed bel
    3. Mouse Cursor Doesn't Appear In Game

      If you find your mouse cursor isn't appearing when you are in game, please try the following: First of all complete the following three steps below in the order listed. Delete CacheDelete Preference Reverify Cache  If this does not resolve your issue, please try launching the game in Windowed mode, details on how to do this below: - Open Steam and access your Games Library- Right-click on Football Manager 2017 -> Properties -> General -> Set Launch Options- Type this
    4. Check any programs which are known to cause issues with FM and Steam

      The following programs can sometimes have issues when FM is running, so we would suggest disabling them: - Raptr Desktop App (Sometimes referred to as 'AMD Gaming Evolved') - MSI Afterburner - Riva Statistics Tuner - EVGA Precision - Toshiba DisplayLink - openhardwaremonitor - playstv client - xsplit
    5. I've Encountered a crash during or entering a match

      If you’ve encountered a crash dump during a match whilst playing Football Manager 2017 please bear in mind a crash dump is the generic response for any type of crash – deleting the crash dump file will not help. Instead please try the following troubleshooting techniques in order to try and resolve the issue. Please run through the steps listed below. After each step try the game again to make sure the issue is resolved: If you're running any kind of custom graphics such as pitch textu
    6. User receives Football Manager is running Dangerously low on Memory error message

      If you receive an out of memory/running dangerously low on memory message at any point, please follow the instructions below: Often this error message can be related to custom graphics, so we would suggest for the time-being removing all custom additions to the game and seeing if you encounter the same issue. If you no longer have the issue with the graphics removed, try adding them back slowly bit by bit to try and determine which exact graphics pack has caused the issue for you.   If
    7. User receives Content File Locked Steam Error Message

      In this circumstance, if the user receives a message which states 'An error occurred while updating Football Manager 2017 (content file locked)' then we would suggest uninstalling and reinstalling Steam. Details on how to do this here - https://support.steampowered.com/kb_article.php?ref=9609-OBMP-2526 If you have a large number of other games installed via Steam, we'd suggesting backing up before completing the install. We'd suggest uninstalling Football Manager, but bear in mind save
    8. Game crashing or becoming stuck when Alt-Tabbing out of game

      If you find your game either becomes stuck or crashes when attempting to Alt-Tab/Minimising to Desktop out of the game, please try the following: Reinstall your graphics card drivers: If this still doesn't resolve your issue, we'd recommend going into your in-game preferences and changing your display from 'Full Screen' to either 'Windowed' or 'Maximised Borderless Windowed' mode.  If this still doesn't work, we'd suggest making sure Steam overlay is disabled. Details below:
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