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  • Getting Started with Network Games/Fantasy Draft Mode

    Setting up an online game between 2+ players is relatively easy. One of the players will act as the ‘host’ of the game – in charge of the setup of the game and where the save game will be kept locally. The rest of the players will be the ‘clients’ who connect to the hosts game.

    Internet download and upload speeds will affect the performance of your online game, so choose the player with the best internet setup to host.

    To start the game (Host)

    - From the main game menu, the host player selects the game mode they wish to play, either ‘New Online Game’ in FM or FMC mode, ‘Versus Game’ or ‘Fantasy Draft’

    - Make sure ‘Allow friends to join your game is checked (it is by default) and give your server a unique name

    - At this point you can also set a server password if you don’t want strangers to join your game

    - Now your game is set up other players (the ‘clients’) can now join the game

    To join a game (Clients)

    - From the start screen select ‘Join Online Game’

    - Via the search box, enter the unique server name created by the host and press ‘Search’

    - Once the host’s game appears in the list, select it and press ‘Join Game’ - If a password has been set up, enter the password to join the game

    From here you can add your manager and play. Whenever the host re-loads the save in future and the same client joins, they will automatically resume control of their selected team.

    If your experience isn’t as easy as it should be, please read on for troubleshooting help and FAQs.

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