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  • How to upload a file to our FTP to be checked

    From time to time, we will ask you to provide us with more information on a particular bug which we will ask you to upload to our public FTP site. We very much recommend using Filezilla to do this:

    Download the Filezilla FTP Client from HERE (Filezilla is Free Opensource)

    Filezilla FTP Instructions:

    When you install it and open it up, at the top you'll see the following:




    Enter the following:

    Host: ftp.sigames.com

    Username: ftp-public

    Password: public

    - It will then open up, your computer on the left-hand side, our FTP on the right.

    - On the right go to the relevant folder (if you’re uploading a save game you would go to fm -> game-save).

    - On the left find the file you wish to upload then simply when you've found it drag it across to the appropriate folder.

    - Then it'll start to upload. Be warned, depending on your upload speed this may take a while.

    Remember you cannot 'replace' a file on the FTP, so you'll have to name your file as someone original or rename if you’re reuploading a file. Do not use generic save game names such as ‘Untitled Game’ or ‘Arsenal’ where it can be helped.

    Uploading Screenshots

    Screenshots should be added to the ftp server in the fm/screenshots folder.

    Save Games

    Save Games should be added to the ftp server in the fm/game-save folder Especially with transfer and contract bugs we need a save before the deal goes through. Preferably you should run New File for Each Auto Save so you always have a backup and at worst rolling auto-save.


    Match engine PKMs should be added to the ftp server in the fm/game-pkm folder

    For match engine bugs we need pkm files, click Save at the end of a match and the file can be found in /Users/[Your Mac Username]/Documents/Sports Interactive/Football Manager 2016

    File naming conventions

    Ideal Save/PKM name format: your-forum-name_bug-description

    In your forum post please remember to include the name for the savegame or pkm when you've uploaded it else we won’t be able to look into your issue.

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