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  • How to Delete my Cache Folder

    In Football Manager 2016 there are two ways of deleting your cache files.

    The first can be done in game by going to:

    FM -> Preferences -> Interface

    Under 'Skin' click the 'Clear Cache' button. When prompted select ‘Yes’. You will now need to restart Football Manager 2016 for these changes to take effect.

    To delete your cache outside of the game, please follow the instructions as stated for your Operating System:

    To delete your cache, first make sure the game is closed then please do the following:

    - Go to home

    - Go to local

    - Go to share

    - Go to Sports Interactive

    - Delete the ‘Cache’ folder

    When launching the game for the first time after completing this, you may notice the game takes a little extra time to load up (especially if you’re using custom files). This is where the game is re-caching the files in game and will only take place the first time you click on screens. From that point on, the game will be cached and should run at optimal speed.

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