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  2. March 2031 ***** We lost the game against Antigua (although the opponents are in a poor run of form) ... but we won that one played against the leader, CSD Sacachispas (who are in a good run of form ). ***** 5 points out of 9. Not bad at all although we stupidly lost two points (in the 88th minute) in a game, the one against CD Iztapa, in which we were the better team for at least 80 minutes. ***** We lost the qualification for Champions League semifinals. Our opponents, Atletico Ottawa, did not play well ... but in the end they prevailed, as expected.
  3. How to change this colour boxes prefences
  4. Müller likely out for next game and possibly longer! Damn shame that, he was showing exactly why he should never have been excluded.
  5. So Ukraine-Austria drawing, then Russia and Finland getting a result tonight would start making the other groups sweat as well
  6. February 2043 A good away draw against Progres, and we're now a win clear of Fola. We're also into the last 4 of the cup for the first time in the club's history.
  7. Great to see you back mate! This is a save I've considered recently, along with Red Star or Partizan, Altinordu and Santos. i went with Santos... Looking forward to seeing how you do!
  8. I just noticed Wales will be playing the Group B runner up in the next round, what a freaking cushy draw that is and we're over here stuck with playing Germany/France/Portugal, etc if we manage to beat the Czechs - sheesh
  9. It was better in January-February but I guess people got bored and moved to warmer pastures
  10. Imo, This player -besides Neymar- represents everything that is wrong with todays football.
  11. Yeah, it could be that. It's just a bit random if he is the only one.
  12. Quite a few teams will be depending on Sweden not losing to Poland. So long as Poland don't win, the third place team in that group won't have more than 3 points and, at best, they'll have a 0 GD. Could be a negative GD if Spain or Slovakia win
  13. Once isolation is done he’ll be available for the semi and the final
  14. Unfortunately, I don't have the time to analyze all these player profiles at the moment, so I can only tell you what in my very personal opinion could be potentially problematic in your setup of roles and duties (since you failed to provide the rest of the tactic): - the left flank looks too risky defensively with both the FB and CM on attack duties, especially considering that you manage a LL team, so I would switch the FB to support (FBsu - CMat - Wsu) - on the right flank, FB on support may prove a bit too conservative to consistently offer attacking support to his inside-oriented
  15. I am in the year 2027 in my save and am wanting to add other leagues in as I only have the top 4 divisions in england on my save. Is there any way that I can add other leagues mid save on the xbox version of the game?
  16. What about the staff of where they are staying?
  17. I'm currently managing EINTRACHT BRAUNSCHWEIG in the second division of Germany, after finishing in mid table my fist year I have sign a 16yo ST that I really think can play at the top in future. He's already good enough to start in my first team (scored 4 in his first 6 games) but I recently heard that playing youth players in the first team is not very beneficial for development until they turn 18. I don't have an under 18's squad and I don't want to move him to my 2nd team as I lose control of his training (same with loaning him out). Will he still develop well in my first te
  18. Correct me if I'm wrong but if Portugal lose to France they pretty much out aren't they? Can't see them going through with 3 points and Neg GD
  19. You have to wonder how he has caught it. They don't leave the camp do they?
  20. Thats why the Rous Cup should be bought back in.
  21. Wonder if this might scupper any attempt from Barcelona to sell him. Because sell him they must if they wish to get their finances under control.
  22. I reckon they should be allowed to agree to that before hand if they want and not bother turning up. Either that and just kick off but ignore the ball and play bulldog or something.
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