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  2. No wonder he looked tired against England...
  3. Thanks! I’m trying to give myself certain goals to achieve over different time periods. By the 5th season, I want to establish my philosophy both tactically and recruitment-wise. Once that’s sorted I want to win the league by the 10th season and go from there. It worked perfectly at Wexford, and we may reach it earlier at Luxembourg, but time will tell.
  4. Appreciate this is frustrating and good to hear you'd raised these in League Specific. You're right that in some instances it'll fall into other areas. Legends/Icons is really across the entire game - ideally we'd need a save game just before a milestone happens for a player (so just before the end of the season, or before winning an award etc) for us to investigate. Likewise any saves just prior to a nonsensical press conference question would also be really useful. Details on how to upload a save game can be found here - https://community.sigames.com/forums/topic/538431-how-
  5. Everyone needs to calm the **** down (for another 24 hours). One group means nothing when 4 of the 6 will go through. Not to mention that reaching for the bottle because of Switzerland's position is going to look pretty silly if we can't get our own job done. A win for us will most likely be enough, and we could have that confirmed tonight. Not much point worrying about it.
  6. @SKRelieved for you. Well, relieved for the whole thread, as I'm not sure your love of the challenge would have retained its level had you not won the ACL.
  7. Honestly, thank God this is a Journeyman save because it really is ridiculous. I've had some dodgy deals done on stadiums in the past, but this is by far the most silly. We've gone from a 3,000 capacity, (that we're not even close to selling out), to a 1,500 stadium and we've paid £1M for the privilege. The only positive news is that the season hasn't even ticked over to the new season yet and the board are already digging deep. I'm honestly not sure how the finances are going to work moving forward. £14,250 per month is "only" £171,000 per year which really is
  8. I will do an season update later, when the season is finished. But I wanted to share this: we qualified for the Group Stage of the Conference League! Totally unexpected, because I never thought we could win against Osijek and/or Elfsborg. But somehow we managed to win against them! And the money we earned is VERY welcome, because for most of my time at this club we didn't have any money. We were always in the red numbers. So for the first time in years, we are are in 'black' again! I directly invested the money ofcourse... I'm very happy with this!
  9. Thanks for following! So what I used for X is the value the player would be if all the attributes required for the role were 17. Based on my experimentation no one really got close to that total and so I used that as the benchmark as the “perfect” player. For example, the current Ballon D’or player in my save is rated a 93 at striker as an advanced forward. I’ve also kinda based those perceptions on FIFA ratings, which would put that guy among one of the best in the game, especially at 32. Hope this makes sense! And I will definitely end up in San Marino at some point
  10. Season 2030 So after the last season where I was feeling very deflated I decided to give it one last crack to win the elusive champions league. I was drawn a pretty straight forward group with Melbourne city, Gwanglu and Okayama FC. After beating Melbourne City in the first game I was pretty confident I’d go through as they were the strongest team in the group. Winning my next two games away from home put me in the box seat. I drew with Melbourne City put me on 10 pts after 4 games with 2 home games to come. To be honest I didn’t chase the game, i was happy with a
  11. Looks pretty good - do you know his hidden stats?
  12. Thanks for providing the info, our QA team are now investigating and if they need anything further will reply here.
  13. an absolutely huge thing for the club at this point - given the pretty poor standing & financing of Romanian League & Cup competitions we will have to rely on match day income a lot for our financial stability over the next few seasons so having a 30k capacity stadium already is out of this world
  14. This is because in real life the federation made the decision not to enter AFCoN due to players defecting. Here's a slightly older article describing it, but the reasoning is still the same as things stand - https://supersport.com/football/africa-cup-of-nations/news/140330/Eritrea_withdraw_from_Afcon_qualification Hope that clears it up a bit.
  15. It's something the team are investigating - do you happen to have a save game just prior to the fixtures being generated for a new season?
  16. Posted this in the funny screenshots thread a while ago, not my player but he was on my shortlist and was on £350k a week.
  17. Thanks! On Positive mentality both IW/a and IF/a have 'very attacking' mentality but I still think with DLF/a up front, IW/a will be better. Adding Take More Risk and Roam from Position should replicate Berardi well. Insigne in a IF/s role with PPMs like cutting inside from the left, getting into opponent area, one-twos, killer balls, should be enough to replicate him. I'd also add roam from position. About Tis. Using Positive mentality, I think all out of possession settings are fine enough. Only work ball into box, play out of the back (to further emphasis the need for the ba
  18. It may be that you've recently made a change to your budgets - if you do so, it can often be 'frozen' for a short period of time. You may find say in a few weeks or a month of game time you can make a change. Or it could be a problem with the custom skin - so it'd be worth trying with a default one and seeing if it does allow you to make changes.
  19. There should be any progress indicated via the 'Club Vision' -> 'Board Requests' panel. Does anything show there for you? You can also try uploading your save game to us so we can take a look. Details on how to do so here - https://community.sigames.com/forums/topic/538431-how-to-upload-files-to-us/ If you've got backup saves, say just before you make the request and just after, it'll allow us to better pinpoint what's happened. Remember if you upload a save to let us know the file name. Thanks.
  20. This is what a true marriage should be, Verdi and his wife as a potential assistant manager! On a real note though, I get why you can be attached to your players so much. I had that with my Kaiserslautern save with Theodor Bergmann. We were in the Bundesliga and my boy Bergmann was still starting Europa League games and Bundesliga games to keep him happy even though he wasn't exactly of the German top flight standard.
  21. 2020-2021 Mid Season a pretty decent run in the first half of the season, especially in the cup, where we've made it to the 6th round only to be defeated by the bitter local rivals Dinamo Bucharest in what was the first official derby for the club since its' founding a 3-1 loss is actually a decent result given how bloody far we are from Liga I quality this leaves us second in the table for now - the main challenge in this league is definitely the NO2 teams of the big boys Dinamo & FCSB since they feature some excellent youngsters and at th
  22. Loving what i'm seeing Knap, makes me so excited to start a new save! Which tactic would you say would be my best bet as a middle-high Ligue 2 team? Ideally 4231. I know you have a few, but just trying to figure out which one I should try first, ideally one with DLP and BBM roles.
  23. Looking at something like this; https://www.currys.ie/ieen/computing/laptops/laptops/hp-envy-x360-13-3-2-in-1-laptop-amd-ryzen-7-512-gb-ssd-black-10206964-pdt.html# Will be using it mainly for college work (computer science) and football manager in my downtime. Want something that will allow me to play fm at a decent speed, will this be good enough? Open to other suggestions, budget is around 1000
  24. Monday 21 June Group C: North Macedonia 1-3 Netherlands (17:00, Amsterdam) Group C: Ukraine 0-1 Austria (17:00, Bucharest) Group B: Russia 0-1 Denmark (20:00, Copenhagen)****** Group B: Finland 0-3 Belgium (20:00, St Petersburg) Tuesday 22 June Group D: Czech Republic 1-1 England (20:00, London) Group D: Croatia 2-1 Scotland (20:00, Glasgow) Wednesday 23 June Group E: Slovakia 1-2 Spain (17:00, Seville) Group E: Sweden 1-2 Poland (17:00, St Petersburg) Group F: Germany 2-1 Hungary (20:00, Munich) Group F: Portugal 1-2 France (20:00, Budapest)
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