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  2. Hi, as the title suggests, I can change with a string in the .lnc file as i do for the short and long name of the teams, competitions etc. ("CLUB_LONG_NAME_CHANGE" xxxxxxx "xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx" "" "CLUB_SHORT_NAME_CHANGE" xxxxxxx "xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx" "" for example), also the abbreviated names? or is this done only with the editor, and therefore not even with the game in progress? I attach screen Thanks
  3. Hi there, I'm sure many it happened to many of you? I have a really good player in the last year of his contract, but he is unhappy and wants to move and doesn't want a new contract. What do you do, you try to sell him before January or if he is really important to you, you just let him go for free in the end of the season ? I hate when this happen Thank you.
  4. Crashing is better but game is still really jerky and laggy - are you still working on performance?
  5. Player roles: Wb (A) - CB (D) - CB (D) - WB (S) DM (D) - BWM (D) IF (A) - AP (S) - IF (A) TM (S) My idea is a team that scores goals on the counter-attack. The wing backs would be my main assist providers. I will play with slightly higher line and pressing since I don’t want my team to be passive. I use an AP because not every attack can be a counter one. I want him to dictate the play when the opponents are defending at lower blocks. He will also pick up the balls that the TM wins so he can help him distribute the balls to the inside forwards or wing backs. My TI: Balanced Underlap L/R More direct passing Higher tempo Counter Counterpress Higher line of engagement Higher defensive line Get stuck in More urgent
  6. Give them reputable players instead. Players do take in account the quality of players present in a squad in their decision process. Obviously reputable competitions also is a factor. I'd say in FM that reputation is far more valuable than money, even though money does help.
  7. Loving this tactic, thanks. Been trying to build something like this for a while. Its doing very well. I do believe this is built around the WP, so I think its key to have someone who can player their well and naturally. Its going amazing in Sweden save with Forsberg playing the WP. About to start a new save in England with this as the base!
  8. Old fogey here, what exactly is Discord? I could google it but i'd like to know what it is/does in terms of FM
  9. It depends which continent you're on, and perhaps even which team you are. A European national team, for example, generally plays around 10 games a year (excluding major tournaments).
  10. Long time reader of this thread. Was wondering if you could upload the save? Fancy a tycoon with Charlton would be a fun game for a while
  11. That Quadruple season was quite the turnaround! Surely Russia is next?
  12. I'm thinking about taking over a national team but I'm very unfamiliar with how many games are in a calendar year. Would someone be able to fill me in?
  13. Not really. I am really happy with the match engine this year, after the first patch to fix the poor striker movement. Plenty of variation in the goals. Creates realistic football. It is far from perfect, but the ME is very good at the moment. Problems like the ones you describe are usually coming from the way you set up. Particularly playing as a top side against a defensive opponent. Having to create your own space by pulling teams out of position is not the easiest thing to do. It leads to the frustration of not being able to exploit the center of the pitch, and to cross fests since defensive sides are likely to cede the wide areas to you.
  14. First season using p109 I won the championship with 101p and won Champions League 4-0 against Real Madrid, used p103 and p106 in the early of the season till October where I switched to p109. Very solid tactic Knap. No OI, pre match briefing for my assistant, individual training set for the very same role the players plays in match (eg: Salah is the Pressing Forward and Firmino the Poacher and I never switch them so I set the individual training accordingly). Everything else is just about plug and play. I also use the tip given by matiz96 wich is change mentality to positive / standard in match when i'm dominated or very exposed to counter attacks and it works like a charm to hold the score or push the other team to leave more space to score. Now I'll try to win the PL and C1 again with the FA Cup where I lost against MU this year.
  15. Today
  16. It works perfectly well using the Proton system and you can definitely use all your save games, graphic files and custom leagues on a Linux machine. This was the location of my FM2019 files on my Linux Mint installation /.local/share/Steam/steamapps/compatdata/872790/pfx/drive_c/users/steamuser/My Documents/Sports Interactive/Football Manager 2019/ Location of FM2019 database files re realname fix /.local/share/Steam/steamapps/common/Football Manager 2019/data/database/db Location of Preference and Cache Folders /.local/share/Steam/steamapps/compatdata/872790/pfx/drive_c/users/steamuser/Local Settings/application Data/Sports Interactive/Football Manager 2019/
  17. 1 - Downside is that you will have 2 players doing the same thing and you probably don't need that most of the time. You could have some other role there that is focused more on defensive tasks or some runner to help you with transitioning. The way I see it, this way they both come deep to get the ball, they compete for it and take away from each other. 2 - I see you keep mentioning AP but there is no AP in your tactic. I'm assuming you mean IF. But it doesn't matter, because I never said that your right side can not wor, thou it looks crowded there for my taste. I said that your left side is weak wich makes your overall tactic weak. I'm just making a assumption because I didn't see how it works, but I would look to put someone on the wing there or to give the LB more attacking role. Ofcourse if you did that, you would have to make other changes.
  18. Yeah, Edit your first post you can change title.
  19. Not a full update, but wanted to share what my team have just done to Olympiacos in the Champions League: I'm personally offended that my half time team talk clearly demotivated them
  20. It would be nice if you could at least tell the DOF which position you need to buy in, or what kind of player etc. That would be much closer to real life.
  21. Now that Uncle Sam did his update is it still different as far as using his Canada or ur Canada file? Or the same now
  22. The nature of FM is that as soon as you get the data, it's already a question of us looking forward as researchers. It's why I often try to encourage people to present information about how players are in the game, because its an ever shifting process behind the scenes. Of course attributes don't get updated weekly/monthly etc because that would just be a bit of a joke to impose on a voluntary research team but our thoughts on players do evolve as the season passes. So a researcher can say a player won't be like X or Y the next time there is an update, but you will have to respect the fact we cannot disclose what the player will be like. Partially due to perhaps not having fully decided yet, and then partially due to the fact we all have non-disclosure agreements in place covering specifics. When you get to see this information is of course at SI's discretion. Based on previous years though, most likely it would be the next edition of FM now.
  23. Just caught up to this thread, I am doing a Cardiff save too. Good work so far. Those youngsters look excellent!
  24. Guys is there any way to edit the topic of the thread?
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