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  2. Let me rephrase this, and I'd probably agree. The AI isn't as stupid as in older editions, in parts thanks to feedback. It won't leave its back doors uncovered on likey every other attacking corner (check my first post in this thread and the little Leicester story). It may not make stupid stuff like this anymore. Therefore, its performance has increased some (though players such as @Rashidi can still outperform it massively -- and do). That's not cheating though, that's coding more competitive AI, in parts based on the Feedback received throughout the years. I disagree with whoever said that if the AI could think like us, we'd never win. Football isn't merely about tactics -- it's also about players. Additionally, in particular in knock-out competitions, sometimes even leagues, not necessarily the best team always wins.
  3. Great thread you have going on here! Sorry if you have already mentioned (I can´t remember it), but do you use mentoring in the reserve or youth squads?
  4. I have a very early 1988ish version of the GCC Cup, but that would also mean adjusting the Iron Curtain file for that one (and that's quite a lot of work). Which setup do you have in mind? Setting up a basic version where you then move around dates and such, is doable for me.
  5. Save in 30 of May, minestone will be in 31 of May No title in profile. Only for 2th place of prev year Uploaded files Nathan.fm
  6. Earlier in this thread, you said to someone that he makes a lot of assumptions. This is what you do all the time with claims such as these. You have zero evidence of this and you just make this up to suit your story.
  7. FCSM have a great set of young players already. I'd love to see how they develop around 4-5 years in.
  8. Please let me replace PERFECT/BEST by MOST OPTIMAL. AI makes the MOST OPTIMAL choices with the MOST OPTIMAL effect. With the same pep talks, sometimes it works and sometimes it does not work for human, but AI changes the pep talks choice to the one which works. Yes, I saw AI's players are nervous complacent, that's why I wrote MOST OPTIMAL now. AI only needs its players nervous and complacent LESS often than human, then it is an edge for AI.
  9. @Kyle Brown Not sure if you've seen this but I included as much info as I could. If anythings missing, let me know
  10. Hi, i'm not sure if its a bug but it seems like I can't train "gets into opposition area" trait to my players. I can stop those who already have it, but cant train it to other players. I think it supposed to in in the "movement" category. Am I missing something? Thanks for reply.
  11. Hello.Can someone suggest me a very good 4-5-1 tactic for man city? Thanks.
  12. At the end of September we are still on the first place with the maximum points, and in UEL we are on the 2nd place, with 6 points out of 9 possible, after two victories in the score against Maccabi Beer Sheva and Besiktas and a defeat at the limit against AS Monaco.
  13. Does anyone know what effects (if any) the human manager personality has? And any idea on what shapes it the most? Thank you
  14. August - December 2021 Results It has been very close to another perfect season so for, as I have mentioned a couple of times in this save at this level you seem to get players way above the other teams ability so the rise is quite straightforward currently! League Table We are miles clear and promotion is a foregone conclusion. Domestic Cups We have made it into the 3rd round of the FA Cup thanks to some fairly kind draws! We are also into the quarter final of the local League Cup. Player Of The Season So Far Frost has been fantastic this season and has 15 goals and 32 assists in half a season which is ridiculous at the halfway point from right midfield.
  15. You seem to start at the conclusion and then create a story to fit that conclusion. The above is just terribly incorrect. If they made 'perfect' choices, their tactics would be perfect, which it isn't. That's apparent when you see some of the roles and duties used. You'd see players who are never nervous or complacent, which isn't the case. You'd never see "overwhelmed by the feedback", which isn't the case. All of these are easily seen when playing the game, so it's not even hidden knowledge or empty words.
  16. The board have agreed to allow me to gain another coaching badge.
  17. Cheers pal. Let's hope I'm not straight back down
  18. Today
  19. Let me put it like this, SI does not intentionally cheat, but your imperfect ME (the black box whose operations are only revealed in anecdotes to the public) creates the favor to the AI. AI makes all the PERFECT choices with the BEST effect: match preparation, TIs, pep talks, shouts,... While to human, for example, with the same pep talks, sometimes it works to full team, sometimes it does not work to anyone. There might be many more which I can't think of right now... But all the little details accumulate to an advantage for AI. What do you say?
  20. Can I hack this football game through any mod tool?
  21. So who benefits from cheating you in this way @DeanMon? What or where is the benefit?
  22. All formations are always how the team set up without the ball, ergo in defence. No team attacks in the same formation as they set up, its always different.
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