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  2. After almost 4 months of work, I will post this announced database in a few days!
  3. Starting my 22/23 season. Got a 11th place, 4th place and 2nd place for the league so far and last season we won the Champions League! Got a pretty good team atm: GK: Oblak/regen DD: regen/Sam Byran DCs: Rivaldo Coetzee and Lisandro Martinez/Gonçalo Cardoso and regens DL: Firpo/Bennett MCs: Tonali and Kevin Philips/Shackleton and regens AMR: Jack Clarke/Doku AMC: Morilla/Thiago Almada AML: regen/Woo-yeong PL: Jovic/regens The league is sooo hard, but I really want to win it soon! I don't really expect to win the UCL soon again, but hope to do well again.
  4. I am happy to upload my save game if I knew how to do it. Some advice please...
  5. If the counter press fails then it's down to your players to get back into shape before the opposition can capitalize. Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't. That is the risk of doing it. Every tactical decision we make has risks associated with it. Every style of play has a weakness. To say it doesn't work or doesn't make sense is simply not true.
  6. But then that's not a mentality issue with directness , that's a potential AI issue with instructions, whether it's within the TC choices or manager preferences. That's something that would need further investigation
  7. Transfer Dealings Out Transfers this summer have taken a different step - I have offloaded two players and then spent a lot of time curating loan moves that will be hopefully allow these players to develop with each other. Firstly - youth graduate Francisco Bolas left for Lyon for £9m. It's always sad to sell on a player who has been within the first team for such a long time (he came in the same intake as Folha) but, to be fair, he was stagnating and not getting the game time he deserved. Plus, it coincided with Diogo Vargas returning from a three year loan stint away and now being ready for the first team. Secondly, Gabriel Mendonca moved to China for £6m. He cost me £30k as a 16 year old and was clearly my last choice defender, again not getting first team football. The rest of my dealings look like this: I have utilised my three feeder clubs (Benfica Castelo Branco, Real and Uniao de Leiria) to move on groups of players who will play well. Benfica are a third tier side and, like Real (second tier), have no limit to the amount of players I can send. I have tried to send players for positions that will compliment each other but also allow my own players to form the spine of the team. Leiria are in the top flight and are restricted to three of my players so have a starting centre back, centre mid and striker. Moreirnense are not affiliated but their manager has a good WWY attribute and, as soon as there was interest for Jaime, I offered them Bocanegra as I would like them to develop together. I will watch their progress look to continue this. In It is rare that I start a season in a stronger place than last year, but I might do this time. Firstly - Soares and Menendez are youth players who may come good at some point but the signings of Riverola and old face Ramirez are quite fantastic for me. Firstly, the Spaniard: At 33, he's in the twilight of his career but his physical attributes tell me that he can continue playing for some time yet. The man has had a glittering career, playing in two of Europe's top clubs and he still retains his tag as an elite centre back. His 106 caps for Spain come at a time whereby they are not the dominant force that they used to be, but he's spent over a decade playing the biggest games available to a professional footballer. He also carries a good level of Determination and a fantastic personality - which will allow this to happen: For some reason, M.Citizen Median only has an average influence (also is highly influential but not as old nor experienced) so this will hopefully have a good impact on my younger players without passing on any unnecessary traits as he has none. Secondly, an old face: And a face that has improved into an absolute beast since he left me. A short spell at Benfica saw PSG splash out on him but he's not done a lot there, on the pitch at least. Gone are his days at right back and, according to the training page (which shows the last role he was trained in) they are attempting to turn him into a Libero. He's a little on the short side but this does give me a fantastic excuse to have a look at the 3-4-3 again - which would look like this (some fiddling with roles necessary): That XI is verging on the best side I have ever put together and is scarily good! I will have a tinker during pre-season.
  8. A player on support duty, especially midfielder, will naturally tend to move into positions where he will be available for a pass and more directly involved in the build-up of play. But that's not a bad thing by any means. Because that not only helps your team better control possession and retain the ball, but can also be useful for creating overloads. Bear also in mind that you play on a narrower width, which also contributes to some degree to this kind of behavior (albeit not decisively).
  9. Little info about me and my goals: - I'm authoritarian so I want and I will have control of everything except training (but I'll praise/criticize players). My word is the last one, every movement against me, blackmail, press leaks will result sending to the reserve team for as long as it's necessary. If you obey me, I'll give you everything. - I'm not a fan of wide play, simple 4-3-3 will be used, maybe in variations with DM or AMC - My goal is to be in Ekstraklasa within 6-7 years, developing players from club or buying youth from other clubs. - Finance aspect is well controlled, no player is worth enormous wages so I'll raise my limits only when promoted to higher division.
  10. Cheers lads, not forgotten this, been a bit busy but getting back to playing it now
  11. Depends, have some develop in the u23/18 and loan some that hardly get game time or those that you think could do with experience out on the field. The way to know is where the level of the player is in terms of ability and what league they are adapted to. So a 2 star can be at a championship level and if he's doing well or over performing or even struggling loaning him could do wonders given that the experience can help their team and your players development. Happy to help through normal message with screenshots and some data that could be useful.
  12. Are you sure you didn't make lots of monthly installments on previous seasons? they come out of your future budget
  13. Match engine from the beginning was stopping me from starting my long-term career. But I think now it's the time to introduce myself to community by sharing my journey. I tend to simulate the season (while being on holiday) and 'start from the bottom' and this time I did the same. I took over my team in 20th October 2020 so I'll catch up because now it's April Welcome to Rekord Bielsko-Biała
  14. I'm just days away from kicking off season 2 at Colchester, so it's nearly time to see what League 1 holds in store Pre-season has gone quite well, but that can be misleading sometimes I'm hoping to sell Frank Nouble for £100k (moaning all summer). If that goes through, I can blow my transfer budget on a replacement Deals for Marquis and Okenabirhie had already fallen through once due to lack of funds, but new offers have been made Assuming Nouble leaves, I can bring one of these three in, but which one should it be? James Collins has been transfer listed by Luton, and can be signed for an initial £300k (wages of £3.8k per week) Marquis will cost a touch more and wants a higher wage, whilst Okenabirhie is a much cheaper buy and the wage will be 50% less The rest of the squad is pretty much set, with hopes of re-signing George Moncur (loan) & adding Kazenga LuaLua (free) looking beyond me Should other options come up in those roles, perhaps I will act (if affordable) but otherwise the youngsters will support the 22-man squad Any more thoughts on the striker choice?
  15. I started a save in the Northern Ireland third division and I've been pretty successful but the thing that surprised me the most is that my reputation is still regional but I've turned down more than 10 job offers from teams in the Scottish league and even league one teams in England an my nationality is Italian
  16. I hate it when they block it, my earlier story was close to the transfer window so I had to do business all in one day and put one day deadlines to close it in lol. Is the 70m inves even that big??
  17. Club Update Season 2032/33 I dont think it would be exaggerating when I say this has been the clubs worst season for some time. We imploded after the January break, and ended up finishing 5th, missing out on the Champions League. We also lost in every competition but the Club World Cup. I really dont know what went wrong, we never had any long term injuries, or anything like that, it was just poor performances from some usually excellent players. Admittedly we haven't signed anyone for 2 seasons now, and that showed this season. The only positives I can think that can come from such a poor season are Lower expectations next season meaning I can play some more youngsters without having to win the league and we never managed to win the Europa League so next season gives us a chance to add that maybe. I still don't want to revert to signing anyone, but if too many players want to leave due to the lack of Champions League next season then I may have to, just to avoid getting the sack. EOS Awards In what was a poor season Righi 26a won player of the season after hitting a career high 37 goals with 25 coming in the league. He has 87 goals in 145 games, sadly hes been capped for Italy and is lost to the national side. Overall Best Eleven Interestingly thats basically our first 11 now with the exception of N. Zanellatto in the CM position. You can see Goal scoring GK Paolo Ceravolo 25c has scored 36 career goals. Aged 24, I should get another 10 years out of him, I would love him to get 100 career goals. He still isnt a lost cause as far as the national side goes, hes won 4 caps for Italy, but all have been in friendlies, he still refuses to switch nationality though so I kinda expect to never be able to play him. Aims For Next Season I am stuck in between two philosophy's for next season. Depending on the boards expectations, I may go as low as possible, maybe something like qualify for Europa League or something, get rid of a few big earners and promote the most promising Sammarinese youngsters into the first 11 and really focus on the development of players who can push the national side on. This is the one I am most tempted to go with, we have completed all the club side goals in the challenge after all. Or do I aim big and try to wrestle back the league, this will probably involve signing some new stars as we could do with them based on the way we flopped this season. We could do with a CB and with no real talent in the youth ranks, it wont exactly be stifling the development of any youngsters.
  18. Check the eligibility criteria on the League rules page.
  19. Match-day loan limits can be added in the same place; fixture rules.
  20. Season 2018/19 - Tshakhuma Took me a good 5/6 months to get a first job, had some interviews but never got any until Tshakhmua from the South African 1st Division came calling. Around half way through the season they were 3rd bottom (media prediction of 5th) so they were underachieving somewhat. The team quickly adapted to my system and after the break (I took over on December 28th) we had 16 games to play. We won 11 of those (drawing and losing 2 apiece) and we snuck into 3rd spot on the final day of the season and grabbed the final playoff place. In them we faced an uphill struggle with 4 players missing on international duty (the other 2 sides had 1 player missing between them ) and then injuries and suspensions meant we never found our best form and ended bottom of the mini table. Frustrating but more than we could have hoped for when I took over. Plan for next season is to find a striker (our top scorer had 6) and go again. Career Progress Ultimate Season Team Country League Position Notes 2018/19 Tshakhuma South Africa 1st Division 3rd Lost in playoffs Challenge Progress Club 0/10 top domestic leagues (Insert nations) 0/10 domestic cups () 0/5 club continental championships () 0/1 club world championship International 0/5 continental tournaments () 0/2 world tournaments ()
  21. Currently the circle that displays when you place a player in a position/role is an indicator of familiarity, i.e. how comfortable the player is in that position/role based on previous training/experience. While this is helpful; I believe that it's misleading, especially to players unused to the inner workings of the FM engine, because it indicates "this player will be absolutely useless if you play them there" whereas it's actually entirely possible for that player to put in good performances if they're being asked to do something that that plays into the strengths of their attributes/PPMs. My suggestion here is to split the circle so that the left half would indicate familiarity (i.e. exactly what it does now) and the right half would indicate suitability, which would be a similar filled-space/color scale based on comparing that player's attributes to the attributes that are deemed key for that position/role, thus giving an idea of "oh, okay, he's never played as a striker before; however, he has all the attributes to be at least a decent striker". This would enable players to better identify players who could play a role in a pinch or better indicate what players should be chosen for retraining into which roles (in the case of the latter, it would be even more helpful if your assistant's assessment of the player's flexibility was also taken into account).
  22. Yeah its horrible when you are on full game mode and watch a game where both teams are trying to sit deep This is why they actually opt Hilight modes in haha. But i think a more proactive approach does also bring more realism to your gameplay.
  23. April 2042 All I want is to score four goals from the last three games...
  24. Seemingly true. But what if the counter-press fails, i.e. the opposition manages to beat (works its way through) your counter-press? How much space twill hey have between your counter-pressing forwards and midfielders and the back-line? Acres of space to exploit before your more advanced players can get back to help out the defense. I don't say you should never use CP along with a lower line, but you need to take all factors into account when assessing the risk. Some systems (like 442) entail more risk when it comes to the combination of a deep DL and CP, while others are better suited (e,g, 4141 dm wide or 4231 with dms). Of course, quality of your players will naturally have a certain effect as well.
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