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  2. Thats true in FM19, but in both FM18 and 19 it has no effect on the pitch or on players strip
  3. Reminds me of my 4 year olds Christmas list A lot of people do say that if they ever won the lottery they'd buy their football club, I wonder if any would do the same for their favourite football management game?
  4. If I remember correctly, you can also choose to follow a team via their home or squad screen by ticking a box near the right corner.
  5. Only the host can use the in-game editor during network play if it is enabled. Otherwise it would be carnage!
  6. Not sure with FM20 mate as they haven't announced anything about it, but going on the last 2 versions, it was possible to play a network game with the beta whereas previous years it wasn't. So I'm going to stick my neck out and say you probably can.
  7. Can you post a screenshot of your tactic in the first place?
  8. skins\FM-Base Skin\graphics\boxes\custom\background delete that file.
  9. Today
  10. Nice looking M8...Is there a way so we can see stadium and player backgrounds
  11. i have logos, faces, trophies, skins, license fix, stadiums, i can´t add only kits, I've tried anyway, help me out
  12. Definitely enough with rain, unless you only play in hot countries? I get rain in almost every game.
  13. Ok thanks I will look at the transfer status of the player and see if I can do it there, although I think I already looked in that area and saw his squad status, but wasn't able to change it. I will try it again. As for fines, gotcha.
  14. Hi guys, looking to to move away from FMT to give the full version a try. I therefore need to buy a laptop, but obviously don’t want to be spending a fortune as I won’t be using it for any other gaming. anyone able to tell me if the full version with work on this.... Wasn’t sure with it being a 2 in 1. https://www.currys.co.uk/gbuk/computing/laptops/laptops/lenovo-ideapad-c340-14-intel-pentium-2-in-1-laptop-128-gb-ssd-blue-10193437-pdt.html any other recommendations would be most appreciated if not. thanks in advance
  15. I like this list. I also think that is not enough match with snow, rain or frozen grass.
  16. My 'keeper is wanted by Real Madrid but their manager still managed to single him out as my weak link in the build up to my CL game. Nice way to entice him to the club!
  17. Since you seem to be asking a serious question I will respond but this is by no means a fully comprehensive list, but in FM16 when it snowed there would be snow on the pitch. if it was raining the pitch becomes muddy and so does the players strip. I have seen shirts outside of the shorts there are puddles in the track around the pitch. There is rust on the roofs of older stadiums The shadows change throughout the match as the sun moves The lighting changed to reflect different times of the year Les replica shirts in the crowd and more variety of spectator than now where every fan looks the same As I said this is not a comprehensive list but none of the above was in FM18 or 19, we wait and see which if any are in FM20
  18. I'd suggest Finlay Fraser (SCO), Fabien Faureau (FRA), Federico Flores (ESP) and Franz Finkbeiner (GER). Feel free to borrow my surname for an English manager.
  19. I'm not sure you can. I'm holding off on this for the moment because I want to wait until FM20 so I have the updated database for that game. So I do not have to do everything twice. Then I will go through and remove duplicates, add new players, do promotions and the like. Maybe even extend the number of leagues. If you want to play just start a game with the 19.1.1 database when you start the game.
  20. Season 8 update The three lions finished the year without any more defeats, but Kane retired from international football, so we are in need of a new world class forward. Both Rogers and Kabiru have been capped at the U19 level this season. It looks promising, but they will have to be retrained as our HOYD seems to like defensive forward more than I do. After 22 Premier League games this season we had 39 points, not much of an improvement there. It will be hard to improve our 3rd place from last season as both Man. City and Chelsea have been good this year. City just bought a £143m DC from Juventus and it will be nearly impossible to close that 10 point gap between us in the last 14 games. Unfortunately we were drawn against Bayern in Champions League, so our only remaining chance to win a trophy will be in the FA cup. A week ago we won our first game against Man. Utd, 3-0. Great to get our revenge after they knocked us out of the Carabao cup, and a few more defeats. And Liverpool have sacked another manager. Guardiola went to Paris SG where he won everything except the Champions League and were unbeaten in Ligue 1 after he was sacked. It doesn't seem to be anything wrong with the managers they are sacking... We signed two more brazilians, but had to send one away on loan as we had more that 17 foreign players. Márcio José are a younger and better version of Magrão, but for some reason I can't find a good DC who can play with a cover duty. All of our DCs are stoppers and someone have to be retrained. Valdir Silva Vieria are a right footed complete forward, but will be retrained to a Inside forward to play at the left side, as Da Cruz now are down to 0,10 goals/90 min. Da Cruz will have to leave in the summer unless he improves a lot for the rest of the season.
  21. I had Hank at St Pauli, he was on fire but the rest of my team suffered for it.
  22. Even a second league guy like Hank Veerman begs to differ! He even stayed competitive in the first league as a support for his partners, second-wave counter scorer and general holder all over the pitch. And *really* tall and bulky guys with good mentals (OTB/ANT/DEC) are just broken, whatever the speed. Sure, they only come once in a decade or so but when you have them...
  23. No messing around straight into my hall of fame career, starting in either Hungary, Slovenia or Portuguese third division and journeymanning it through Europe to the top of the hall of fame
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