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    Leadership Courses

    Same here. Is anything positive going on 'under the hood'? i.e. the Leadership attribute doesn't increase but personality improves? I don't know; it would be nice if SI clarifies.
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  4. The bothersome thing about all the long shot goals is that they further divorce chance creation from actually winning. I just lost a match 4-0 to a team that created 1 chance, which was a penalty. The other 3 goals were long shots.
  5. @priority76 I'd take a bit of freezing right now - it's been yet another record breaking heatwave over here with temperatures hitting 50c degrees (122 Fahrenheit) in some parts over the last week or so (which is insane) . Got up to 41 in my neighbourhood so - as an ex-brit who is all but useless above ~28 degrees - I've been hiding (read: sweating) indoors playing FM within 2 metres of the air conditioner! No worries on helping out - my favourite part of the game is team building and this sort of problem solving - made a nice break from my save too and has reinvigorated me a touch (got a bit grumpy at the ME and my board selling my best players from under me!). Absolutely not expecting you to reply to every point - that'd take hours for both of us - time better spent playing the game, but by all means shout if there's a question or two on some of it - it's hard not to sound too preachy when you're writing too much too! The good thing is that there is no one right way to win at the game, the bad thing is that there are a lot of variables which can often muddy the waters and lead to frustration. As alluded to above, I don't think your team is far off winning the league, I just think they lack a tiny bit of mental strength and ability when taking on the top few teams consistently (they're definitely good enough on their day as proven, just one or two who seem to go missing). Hopefully with the new reinforcements you've made over the summer you'll fly into the new season and crack on from there - I will stress again to pay attention to the determination stat though as I found it 'FM changing' and have never looked back ! Bizarre about the goalkeeper - I've just never seen anything like it? He was perfectly fine 90% of the time, he just kept making those insane mistakes which means either a) he's an idiot (or actually just not all that good) b) he's playing under too much pressure (would expect feedback from team talks/body language or assman - there wasn't any) or c) his role is too demanding of him? I only put the videos up to help me believe what i was seeing, never seen a goalkeeper self destruct so often like that before! The other guy played much much better in my second attempt (using the 4411), but he's a consistently terrible trainer (although he was unhappy because of contract at first so gave him one to see if it helped. If he trains better when he's happy i'd go with him - mainly because your coaches rated him as 4-star potential, whereas the other clown is only 2 (both are rated 2 for current). Went with Gascoigne based on feel more than anything - both were rated 2 star but he had the higher determination (i think that's what it was?). When doing quick picks repeatedly the AI couldn't seem to choose between them either, consistently changing his mind. He actually was playing ok, but the poor training put me off - if i'd known he was an original member I'd have shown him more favour for sure - they're the little stories that make FM so good! Already decided in my save that the striker I signed in my first season as a 16 year old is coming to the premiership with me - he hasn't complained or demanded a new contract at all throughout our league charges and has consistently scored in every division. This is the first season I've had someone who is noticeably better stat wise and still he hasn't kicked up a fuss and trains like a hero - so if nothing else he'll make a great mentor! You had a great run at the end regardless of anything else - maybe the more direct option is a better fit, or maybe the 442 home/4411 away split is the key? I was using a 424/4411 split in my previous season. Glad you're getting a good return from Guilfoyle too - his stats are monster for that league! His inconsistency is a concern, but hopefully with game time it'll improve? I did notice in that last game when I started to play into space and played him in an 'attack' role that he came to life too - won't work against tight defences, but reassuring either way to know you've got a guy who can score when presented with a chance! After watching the games with your team I've actually switched back to the 4411 with my own guys - I'm top of the league but I don't feel as comfortable as in other seasons so I like the extra stability - managed to find a released man utd youngster (Gribbin) who was interested and plays AMC too, replacing my superstar the board stupidly sold so it's all good! Can't remember exactly how good Cowgirl was/is and if i'd sign him, I do remember the name though and noticing both him and his DC partner were annoyingly good/tall and surprisingly not slow? That reputation thing annoys me though, faced that many times - I just read it as "i want more money than you can pay me"! Good luck for the new season, let us know how you get on - if you do get promoted, remember to be cheeky and ask the board if you can go full time if you have some leverage (may have to wait a little longer though) - i waited until contract renewal and they agreed, made such a huge difference to my squad fitness and development - they're improving my training and youth facilities now too (damn right with the money they made selling people I wanted to keep!) so can't wait to see how much difference that makes too!
  6. Try it! I usually do it to auto-decline loan offers (I'm obsessed with making my players HG at the club) but you can have it decline offers below a certain amount, etc. Play around with it, and yes it pops up as normal but shows the screen in your inbox as already declined. Its like if you put someone on the DOF Transfer list and they don't match the bid you've asked for-auto declined.
  7. I have to retract my statement slightly. There are a few too many perfectly placed 30 yard screamers, which seem unlikely whether a player is properly defended or not. But I still think long-range accuracy only needs a slight tweak. The defending is more of an issue. Goalkeeping could stand to be improved as well. Sometimes these shots come from so far away and it seems like the keeper has plenty of time to react, and they just ... don't.
  8. Hootieleece

    [FM15] Ur Gourdoner Melldroad

    Sorry to hear of the loss of your Sugardaddy. Hopefully you will get on with a bigger Breton Club. Because obviously your talents are being wasted.
  9. I assume you've tried the "Ignore Teams" button?
  10. bluestillidie00

    Show your skin... and inspire

    Planned to do it from the beginning, but i finally got round to reworking my skin to make it possible to recolour the whole skin through a handful of lines of code. Reworked the player panel as well
  11. diimaan

    Tactical guidance

    Few results and stats from my league topping second season! Midway during the season I faced my first defeat against Man City at home and then after a match I lost against Man Utd again at Home. So it felt sweet when I took revenge during the closing days of the season. And this was one of the best games and goals, yeah the goals were kinda freakish when you see them, but I totally dismantled them at Old Trafford.' https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_n-BucBV4ro https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=18_W16XfIVE https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lYlwpWueTfc
  12. Here's a nice real life one from last week. The legendary Elliot Morris scores his first goal for Glentoran, after 723 appearances. And judging by the kick and his post-match interview, I genuinely believe he meant it, too. https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/av/football/46851071 I definitely need to have a crack at this challenge. What are the attributes & traits to look out for in a goalkeeper to suit this, as they don't appear to have a free-kick stat? And how do people advise avoiding getting caught on the break with the goalkeeper forward?
  13. cel1234

    FM19 - Women (WIP)

    South Korea/China ??
  14. Yeah, I was tempted. You could do what I thought of and do a split save - take on Newcastle but keeping your current save available to come back to later. Sliding doors scenario!
  15. wkdsoul

    FM19: Hidden Gems

    Anyone have a shortlist of all these?
  16. colbywilkens7

    Black Screen Crash

    I just got the same problem with the black screen any idea how to fix it? I'm on Mac.
  17. It turns out that after four years with Scotland, Malky Mackay was tempted back into club management by Championship West Ham. Crazy on the eve of a World Cup, if you ask me. Still, I won't complain. I must add that I don't see me managing at international level beyond the World Cup, but I couldn't turn it down when it was offered to me. Unfortunately, I have had to resign from Athletic after a little over three months in the job, but still. For what it's worth, I fancy our chances of getting out of the group:
  18. Cesena FC - Serie C/B - Season 2019-2020 Summary Monty Banks Profile - League Table - Squad - Transfers I had high hopes for the team going into this season but I certainly did not expect things to go anywhere near as well as they did. For the first time ever in a save (and I've been playing since Championship Manager 93-94 ), I finished the league season unbeaten, absolutely walking the division. The careful player recruitment process in pre-season paid dividends, and the assembled squad proved to be somewhat overpowered for Serie C level. There were a few brown trouser moments along the way, with a couple of last minute equalisers keeping the team's amazing record intact, but overall I could not be happier with this season's performance. It is without doubt the most successful season I've ever had in FM. The squad gelled quickly and fit perfectly into the tactical setup, and most players ended up with solid 7.00+ average ratings. We also won the Serie C Cup, but Foggia beat us 1-0 in the final of the Serie C Super Cup ending our season in defeat. Monty Banks received his first accolade in Italian football, picking up the Manager of the Year award. There was a moment of great sadness in early January when my Head of Youth Development Gianluca Pegolo jumped ship to become manager of Alto Adige. I was pretty gutted as I expected him to bring through some great youth prospects at the end of the season. After delivering a bit of a parting shot at him in the press he was swiftly replaced with Frenchman Jean-Marc Nobilo, who is not quite as good but should still be solid at this level. Signing of the season did indeed turn out to be Emanuele Rovini, who won Player of the Year and was the divison's top scorer with an impressive 22 goals from the right wing. He also notched up 10 league assists and was consistently influential in the team's good form. Left winger Andrea Bussaglia - a transfer agreed prior to Monty taking over - also had a great season, although he missed three months with a torn thigh muscle. This led to the signing of Francesco Corsinelli on-loan from Genoa, who proved to be a reliable replacement with 5 goals and 9 assists from 17 appearances. Other standouts were attacking right back Ivan Rondanini, experienced playmaker Danilo Alessandro, young loanee centre back Antony Angileri, and left back Fabio Eguelfi. Monty Banks' record transfer Erik Gerbi proved to be a massive disappointment though - despite scoring a decent tally of 12 goals (from 42 appearances though, not that great for a striker) his performances were consistently poor and I think he's got a bit of an attitude problem. The striker position is not really working that well in my chosen 4-4-1-1 formation, so I'm going to have to tweak that a bit to try and get better performance from the lone forward. Despite the success this season I am concerned that the current squad will struggle a bit in Serie B, as the standard of players and squads is considerably higher. With a smaller transfer budget of around £500K and a rather modest wage budget, Monty's probably going to have to rely on pre-contracts, free transfers and loans. A number of players with expiring contacts have been targeted - including Lazio striker Alessandro Rossi (who would be a big upgrade on the misfiring Gerbi) and Nabil Fekir's younger brother Yessin Fekir, who could prove to be a great long-term replacement for Alessandro. Three decent prospects came through the youth system but are unlikely to get a first team look-in. However, last season's hottest prospect Dennis Siciliano could be knocking on the door, as he is quickly developing into a rapid and hard-working frontman. Can Cesena's unbeaten run continue in their return to Serie B? Probably not, but hey The only objective for the 2020-2021 season is to avoid relegation, as per the expectation of the board.
  19. I agree @DefinitelyTaylor I do have unfinished business with the Royals, so I rejected Burnley too. However, when this offer came in, I froze: I've been promised nearly £30m to save them from just outside the Championship drop zone and get them to the top half of the table. No philosophies that I would be required to stick to. Living in the North East has made me want this job even more. My head is telling me one thing whilst my heart tells me another. So I've delayed it for a week.
  20. This stay at Athletic is going to be unexpectedly short, but I've never managed at a World Cup before...
  21. RKC Waalwijk August 2021 Transfer Window Transfers: One huge loss, two disposals of non-academy types and some loans out to my feeder club of players that won't ordinarily make it. DC Gianni van der Laan (£5m + 50% sell on clause to Paris Saint-Germain) Well, this one was a huge kick in the teeth. He was the mainstay of our defence last season, but his contract ran out at the end of the season and he wouldn't sign a new one with us at all. So, it was left to me to get the best deal possible and PSG trumped Sevilla in the money stakes. We don't have an adequate replacement for him and it'll be interesting to see if we can even survive without him. (To rub salt into the wounds, Feyenoord Rotterdam got him back on loan so now I have to face him..)
  22. DefinitelyTaylor

    FM19: The English Football League thread

    You still have a project in progress at Reading, in my view. It would be a shame to see you leave your work unfinished. However, it's ultimately down to you.
  23. diimaan

    Tactical guidance

    Sorry edited the second season tactic. Previously it was showing the same as first. Dreyer did fine. I rotated him with Halilovic as a MR or AMR
  24. Jorgen

    FM19 - Women (WIP)

    @henryyspencer Great idea. Maybe the people from the Skinning Hideout subforum on here can help you with the player faces of regens.
  25. A weak moment in accepting the interview, but rejected them in the end. Burnley, who are currently bottom of the Premiership have offered me an interview too. That would be tougher to turn down....
  26. I am playing as Arsenal and Juventus atm. Having failed in offering Chiellini a new contract he signed on with ManU on a free transfer. The Sell now option comes up under transfers and I can negotiate his early sale .. approximately £1mil
  27. Carlito85

    Goal Line Technology

    Hoping by the end of January now. Had to update fixture dates, rules and then test a lot of stuff. Now it's just a case of applying those rules and dates to every other file.
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