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  2. the only thing I could do was to quit the game
  3. https://community.sigames.com/topic/511298-football-manager-2020-public-beta-including-match-engine-changes-out-now/
  4. XaW - Caersws - 2023/24 Table | Squad | Transfers | Finances Full disclosure; As I wrote above, I had to replay the last few months of the season since I didn't get a youth intake. In that run I went out of the Welsh Cup in the 4th round and I finished 3rd in the league. Really annoying, but I think it should be ok due to the lack of an intake. I usually don't reload like this, but I didn't feel I had any choice in the matter. Now, on to the season summary. The season started pretty good, and I really notice the players have grown by playing the last few seasons. We are having fewer of the horrible results due to the lack of experience and we are keeping our cool more often than before. We even beat TNS in a match, although completely undeserved. So we qualified for the upper part after the split. Here we did well against the better teams in the league and in the end we finished in a very decent 4th place. In the European playoffs we faced Bala Town in the semi final. We beat them 3-2 after extra time. In the final we beat Cardiff Met Uni 2-1 after controlling the most of the game, but we struggled to finish them off. Still, we are going into Europe next season. I haven't been told which cup we are entering, but I'm guessing the Europa Conference. In the Welsh League Cup we beat Haverfordwest, Port Talbot Town, Denbigh and Bangor City to reach the final. Here we saw of Swansea Uni to claim our first trophy. In the Welsh Cup we beat Penybont, Caernarfon, TNS and Cardiff Met Uni to qualify for the final. Here we beat Barry Town on pens to end the season with two cup wins. We had another seemingly good intake, but when everyone is "great" it's kind of hard to decide. Still Neil Jones 24g is a special talent. I don't use AMs so I'm going to retrain him though. The leading players this season have been Josh Griffiths 23g, Tim Griffiths 22g (I wish they were brothers, but alas...) and Alex Hughes 22b.
  5. @Catley94 Well done on another promotion. Exciting times ahead for you. @StePratt Welcome and good luck with Blackburn. How about David Raya?
  6. I hate playing "entertaining" football. It gives me ulcers. I am the Gengenpressing Mourinho LOL! Need to find better Left and Right Backs is my guess....
  7. Well done on your promotion. I've not been able to play any more games since my last update.
  8. Preseason 2021/22 We did some really nice transfers. Transfers: Trimmed the entire club. So much bad youth player on 55€/week, saved like 1,5k/week. Got some of my boys. Samake and Traore didnt wanted to sign a new contract, they wanted home...so back to Mali. Sane and Teguedi will hopefully rock the midfield. The other 2 transfers I did were Manka Toure and Mossa Kone, the rest were already made. Squad Overview Goal Alessane Diallo // Sory Traore // Brehima Fomba // Souleymane Coulibaly Right Back Ibrahima Traore // Cheick Haidara // Larabi Berthe Center Back Idrissa Keita // Richmond Bangnie // Moussa Samake // Abdoulaye Diallo // Djadjiri Konare Left Back Moussa Gary // Sadia Fabe Defensive Mid Manka Toure // Mahamoud Toure Center Mid Solo Sane // El Hassen Teguedi // Alpha Diane // Soboua Sogoba Offensive Mid Daniel Tahi // Rodrigue Tangui // Hamidou Kelly Striker Boubacar Sissoko // Ousmane Kaba // Abdoul Aziz Konate // Moussa Kone Since they only had one good winger in Sissoko, I went with the same formation.
  9. Can you post a screenshot of the contract status of one of those two players? Presumably they've signed provisional professional contracts for when they get to the right age. And can you also post a screenshot of the contract tab of your player?
  10. In the penalty shootout, there were total 9 missed pen, and all missed pen were shot exactly at the goalkeeper. I mean the gk didn't move, the players just shot the ball into the middle of the goalie and hit the gk and missed. Sorry for my bad English. Southampton v Man Utd.pkm
  11. I include Team Bonding sessions after every home game in my saves. Really helps with morale and team cohesion. After away games I do Community Relations sessions. (especially if a home game is next, gotta pump up attendance)
  12. Okey, thanks! I may have found some sort of solution by not appointing a loan manager.
  13. This year we can't play this game because it has so many bugs! *One on one is broken, strikers with great stats miss so many chances and players with low stats score in every chances! *So many balls in the back of our defenders and they can't catch the strikers even when they are slowest! *When our strikers are one on one with goalkeepers the opponent defenders are way WAY back and can cut the shoot with a slide tackle! *Opponents with the ball and our players with the ball in his front don't put the feet on the ball and let the opponents proceed with the ball! *Aerial balls with no opposition and our players put the ball in the opponents feet! *Players catching balls almost off the pitch and put the ball in the opponents feet giving them the ball with a back heel! *Wingers don't cross the ball, only when a opponent faces him and they cross against the opponent! *Strikers with a free teamate to score and they shoot! *Selected right and left backs to the throw ins and the center backs are doing the throw backs! WE CAN'T PLAY LIKE THIS!!!
  14. I play on stadia so doubt i will be able to try it, but glad to see some of the main issues getting addressed i.e 1v1 and penalties
  15. He was potential wise the best of my 3 regens that I had last season (hint, lots more now ) but I actually played him the least. Couldn't decide whether to have him as a CB or FB, so I jumped at the price I got really. Invested it in some facilities and a lot of signings. Will do an update later just before the season starts, a lot of exciting players!
  16. Does anyone play with the blades in fm20? They play great football all above expectations and ıt could be a nıce career with them.I know ıts hard to replicate real 352 system with centre backs dribble with the the ball and joın the attacks but playıng them must be fun.I remember cleon had a save with them previous years ı dont know how to build the tactic for them
  17. It's the one the current beta addresses. I haven't tried it out yet, but I'm interested to see what changes it brings.
  18. Pros : No more balls over the top Headrs more effective now Veraity of goals Cons : The AMC position stop worked for me long shots maybe too OP now But in general I'm very happy with this build, plus I'm sure with the final ME patch at March the ME will be even better Great job
  19. Surely this isnt right? when the GK has the ball the IWB go and stand next to the CB, offering absolutely nothing? In this position they should actually spread out, go wider offering an option, when the ball gets played further up the pitch they should then cut inside, or when right side has the ball, the Left sided IWB should come inside. FC Nordsjælland v FC Midtjylland.pkm
  20. Ok so results are still ok in the main, however we just lost 4-2 at home... 2 goals coming from corners. I am having issues with the amount of goals we are conceding from corners in general, not just this game
  21. hi,i play a whole season in beta with barcelona positives:1 no more long balls-assist from center backs 2 no more shoots from wide players 3 wide players now pass and cross 4 fix penalties(now you dont miss most) negatives:1 still cant score in one/one....and i have messi,suarez,griezman...when one to one they score 1 in 8-9 chances....and i have messi.... 2:too many long shots,and the most get in(score)..i have busquets(all we know that she score very ralery)and he score in a season 10 goals from long shots... 3:before beta with the same tactic my striker(messi) always run on to goalkeeper,drible and try to score...in beta he never runs on to goalkeeper..(same tactic)...and he goes wide,to cross...for no reason...he never drible in beta(and i have instruction drible more) 4:a lot of head-goal....they score my shorter players with heading 6-10... 5:still many shots per game...i have 30,40,50 shots,around 18-25 on target...this is not right...i cant remember even barcelona in real,to have 35-50 shots in a game...and even that you have 18-25 shots on target,still you cant score easy....messi has around 8-14 shots per game and cant score...the most goals he score,are from penalties and direct free kicks...the best striker in world has 8-14 shots per game and he score,none,1 or even 2(surely 1 penalty)...this is not right..and he cant score in 1/1... 6:a lot of penalties....i win penalty every 2 or 3 games...
  22. He is on a youth contract but so are the two players that I want to sign but I do not have an option to buy them for free (compensation fee). Why can I not sign anyone but others can sign my players! Thanks
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