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  2. Still doesn't give much to go on but purely from the heatmap and player average positions your still super wing heavy and very little presence around the edge of the box. Looks like the ST is isolated whilst you then have 3 sets of pairs, two super wide and the CM pair deep. My first thought is change one of the CM pair, likely the BWM to a CM-Su or BBM-Su so he had more freedom to join attacks compared to a BWM-Su. Still have 3 CB and a DLP-Su holding so shouldn't open you up too much defensively. Maybe need to play narrower to get the wide forwards closer to combine with the ST and leave the flanks more for the WB's?
  3. Hi Kyle, I've just tried two other games and no flickering at all. It seems to be related to FM. I don't have an additional monitor unfortunately but this is pretty new (>1 year old). It's a high spec monitor and I've got it hooked up via my displayport wire as an extended monitor. It's very odd though because it's not all of the screen that flickers, but it is most. For example, the Next Unread, sidebar menu buttons and a few other spots marked on this screenshot don't flicker at all.
  4. I put 90%+ to double. Anyone know how to stop it continuously switching off automatic?
  5. God no, but if I get promoted I will enjoy the challenge of trying to stay up and also the finances will greatly appreciate the extra money. I am down to 3rd now so I might not go up after all. Will do an end of season update tonight.
  6. Hey Stu, sorry for the delay. I've spoke with a couple of people in the team who are more clued up on the issue than I and the consensus generally was to investigate the monitor itself that you're connecting to. Do you have any other games on Steam you can try running through that monitor to see if you encounter the same issue? And similarly, do you have another external screen you could try playing your MacBook through to see if the issue will reproduce? Apologies I haven't offered a solution in the above, it's just normally an issue that can be fixed by changing the graphics quality in preferences and you've already tried that!
  7. FM 20.4.1 WARPIGS 451 AP F9 P104 FA FM20.4.1WARPIGSKnapRober451APF9P104FA.fmf
  8. May – June 2024 Achilles '29 – Dutch Jupiler League Excelsior (9th, 15-5-17, 50points +1) v Achilles (10-16-11, 46points +1) – Match 38 of 38, Jupiler League Finishing is a thing. There weren't a lot of real clear cut chances in this match. Those that did exist were all in our favour. We went three nil down before dragging one back far too late to be anything more than a waste of paying a goal bonus. I took over this club in 7th, to go winless from the final ten games. That is not good. De Graafschap (6th, 16-11-11, 59points +11) v Achilles (14th, 10-16-12, 46points -1) – Eridivisie Playoff First Round First Leg As the snow fell we took a slightly different line up in, trying to make chances from somewhere somehow. They didn't realy eventuate except for a run yup the right by Bresciani that found Philipppe's head. With the goalkeeper having dived under the ball Philippe had an open goal from two metres out. And put it over. In the 93rd minute, we gave up a free just outside the area. It curled, it was straight, thankfully that also went over. We take a draw into the home leg. De Graafschap (6th, 16-11-11, 59points +11) v Achilles (14th, 10-16-12, 46points -1) – Eridivisie Playoff First Round Second Leg He has been incredibly error prone, but also the only option for the spot. Raahauge misses the game, and any remaining playoffs, with a hernia. 100 seconds in Van der Sande, responsible for some of our worst misses on the rare occasion I've played him, gave us a lead with a fairly simple finish fed by Philippe. It took half an hour them to equalise, with their first proper shot of the match. They started making more forward moves against us though, even if the shots were wild and wide. Eighty minutes they had another free kick, a long way out and thankfully directed at our very poor goalkeeper. It bounced off him, and their sole striker was there to finish. Thankfully he also kicked the ball straight to our keeper, it bounced off and we managed to clear. That should have been the loss right there. We tried to push a little to see if we could force a result. It wasn't to happen. We bow out on away goals. James Lawrence, who I haven't mentioned much, won the fans player of the year. He played most games since I arrived, but mostly in a defensive mid position where he didn't really feature much in highlights. Philippe got most goals, he's frustrating but I still wish he was ours as he might come good soon. I still know nothing about this squad, except I can't get anything out of it. A lot of loanees in there, I'm not sure I want to renew all that many of them. The three big leagues finished up in May. In England the top three ran away from the pack, and it came down to last day. Chelsea's 4-0 win enough to take the Premiership on goal difference from Manchester City. Real Madrid had the title wrapped up in Spain a game earlier than that, Barcelona hot on their heels and then a break. And Inter had to win to be sure on the final day in Italy. They did so with Juventus two points behind. In the Champions League, apparently Old Trafford counted as a neutral venue with Manchester City beating Manchester United in the final. I'm in Holland now, and no Dutch side made the knock-out rounds. Melfi narrowly missed playoffs, recovering from the disaster I led them to. Disaster seems to be my forte. ========================================================================================== Season|Team |Competition | W| D| L| GF| GA| GD|Posn | Notes 20/21 |Sarnese |SerieC Cup | 0| 1| 1| 1| 2| -1|Group| | |SerieC/C | 7| 7|26| 16| 79|-63|19th |Playouts 21/22 |Sarnese |SerieC Cup | 0| 2| 0| 0| 0| 0|Group| | |SerieC/C | 3| 7|17| 25| 66|-41|20th |Resigned after 37 of 38 games 22/23 |Melfi |SerieC Cup | 0| 1| 0| 2| 2| 0|Rnd 2| | |Italian Cup | 0| 0| 1| 0| 2| -2| |2nd Qual Rd | |Serie C/C |13|13|11| 47| 41| +6|11th | 23/24 |Melfi |SerieC Cup | 0| 1| 1| 1| 2| -1|Group| | |SerieC/C | 6| 5|10| 20| 27| -7|14th |Sacked after 21 of 28 games 23/24 |Achilles '29 |Jupiler League | 0| 6| 7| 10| 16| -6|14th |Playoff round 1 ========================================================================================== Total Games 146 W 29 D 43 L 74 GF 122 GA 237 GD -115 20% 29% 51% 0.84 1.62 -0.788per game I finally found a club that gave permission for me to do a coaching course. I still don't even have a National C licence. And Philippe will be back with us on loan next season. Central mid Gesthuizen and winger/forward Van der Meijs may be back as well. Offers are there, it depends on the players. I'm struggling to fill gaps in this squad, for that matter I'm struggling to work out what the gaps are. Apart from manager ability of course.
  9. Are you encountering any issues when you try create a new game?
  10. FM 20.4.1 WARPIGS 451 AP F9 P106 CC FM20.4.1WARPIGSKnapRober451APF9P106CC.fmf
  11. FM 20.4.1 WARPIGS 451 AP F9 P106 CC FM20.4.1WARPIGSKnapRober451APF9P106CC.fmf
  12. Apologies, can I get you to upload the same save if it's still causing issues - it's nowhere to be seen on the Cloud. Can I also get you attach the most recent crash dump which can be found here by default - C:\Users\Your Windows Username\Documents\Sports Interactive\Football Manager 2020\crash dumps). I'm sorry I don't have a solution for you yet, I'm really perplexed with this one, normally a crash when trying to load any sort of game would hint at custom add-ons so I need the crash dump to investigate deeper.
  13. March – April 2024 Achilles '29 – Dutch Jupiler League Roda JC (14th, 9-9-10, 36points -3) v Achilles (7th, 10-11-7, 41points +5) – Match 29 of 38, Jupiler League The new tactic didn't work. But nor did swapping out of it to something the players were more accustomed to. Roda didn't seem to park the bus, but the match was a ninety minutes of basically nothing happening. I didn't learn a lot about the players. They pretty much all played a bog average game in a bog average nil-all game. FC Oss (8th, 10-11-8, 41points +3) v Achilles (7th, 10-12-7, 42points +5) – Match 30 of 38, Jupiler League This was also a game with little happening. The highlights were few and far between, but mostly favouring Oss. Twenty year old loanee Philippe, playing as the lone striker, had our best chance and really should have put us in front but somehow found the goalkeeper midway through the second half. And then we went behind, an unmarked player from a corner slotting home although it was called an own goal by one of our defenders. It was going in with or without his ineffectual touch. Philippe had a chance again, but failed to even attempt a shot. Then, late in the piece something already clear in this league happened again. An opponent left the ball behind with no pressure on him, Hilterman coming off bench took possession and found Philippe who finally made amends and slammed home for an equaliser. There was just a three day break before the next game, my first at home. Achilles (7th, 10-13-7, 43points +5) v Helmond (14th, 9-12-9, 39points -3) – Match 31 of 38, Jupiler League With only three forwards in the squad and two of them injured, Hilterman gets a start this game. Things didn't start well. Very much outplayed by a team well below us on the table, though close on points. And then our goalkeeper made a huger error to allow Helmond a soft goal. Something is terribly wrong with dribbling in this league, Intima picked on right wing should be one of our better but is easily dispossessed every time – often losing the ball before a defender even arrives, and he's not the only one. Another goalkeeping error allows us an equaliser, Hilterman's nothing header slipping between both hands of the opposing goalie. Straight at him and straight through him. Van der Meijs on the left with a decent assist, but it should never have been a score. Shortly before the half, we went down again. This time at least Raahauge was genuinely beaten, though he shouldn't have been and the whole team deserves blame for a lack of pressure. Lorenzo Sweres saved his place on the starting line up for the next game, scoring after being on the end of a Getsthuizen ball. Sweres did well to find space on the edge of the area to accept and shoot. Its a pity he can't really play an attacking sort of role, because it was a decent effort in a side clearly absent scoring power. 2-2 was not good enough at all. I really didn't take the time to study the players before getting into matches, and all I'm learning in the games is that nobody is putting in a decent game. Few are putting in terrible games either. There is a little that I've learned some players can't do, but nothing about what they can do. Achilles (11th, 10-14-7, 44points +5) v Sparta (2nd, 15-11-5, 56points +17) – Match 32 of 38, Jupiler League We had slipped to 11th, with other teams having played their 32nd match. We went in just hoping to hold them out, and that worked initially. As the first halfg grew older the side from Rotterdam started to press our area more though. Slow deliberate play from both sides, and it was Sparta who found a way on the hour mark. It was reward for patience, while not taking a backward step. We had our best chance immediately after, it looked like Hilterman would score for sure found on a run from the right. Terrible, terrible shot. With fifteen to play, their goalie was forced into a high quality save but we couldn't break through. And a third in stoppage time, an absolute corker of a shot that looked in near the left post. But somehow Garrido got two hands on it to deny us. Given the goalkppeing mistakes ion other games, some quality work was a surprise – and a pain. The stats showed we had less chances, but literally all the clear cut ones. FC Emmen (6th, 13-9-10, 48points -1) v Achilles (11th, 10-14-8 44points -4) – Match 33 of 38, Jupiler League Philippe got the striker spot back, and we mixed the midfield up a little looking to find someone prepared to move forward occasionally. Very early weakness in defence exploited, but thankfully offside. But on the half hour mark the goal came. For us. Intima is disappointing for his apparent skills, but got the assist in this one having received from the corner on the edge if the are and feeding Van der Sande to blast home. Emmen equalised shortly bnefore the break, in much the same manner as the earlier offside goal. A series of passes out right and in again to be tapped in from right on the line. Raahauge really should be getting to them. A well hit free kick nearing 70 minutes saw us drop 2-1 down. Well hit, not well directed Raahauge again with a blunder. Two hands to it in front of his face without having to move, and into the side netting. A few older players asked to be moved on. One left immediately, the others fill reserve spots until season's end. Achilles (12th, 10-14-9, 44points +3) v Jong PSV (18th, 8-10-15, 34points -9) – Match 34 of 38, Jupiler League A few teams have already played 35 games and almost everyone has played their 34th. This being a make-up game we could climb a couple of spots if we can somehow find a way forward. As we should have, we completely dominated the first half. But all we had to show for it were two efforts into the woodwork. Of course, Jong hit us on the counter early in the second, somehow getting behind our defence with an injured player who absolutely hammered it home from near the penalty spot. We changed things a little, trying to get one extra player to run forward. That didn't do much, but Philippe did get an equaliser with an equally hard hit ball. I ripped into the side after that result. Even by my poor standards, FM17 seems worse foe me than any version I've played before. I can't get anything out of anyone. NAC Breda (3rd, 16-11-7, 59points +16) v Achilles (12th, 10-15-9, 45points +3) – Match 35 of 38, Jupiler League Breda came out and pushed us very jard. We managed to soak up the pressure without really providing anything ourselves. A pretty nasty tackle saw Breda go down to ten men. We still couldn't press them at all, despite starting to attempt to do so. But the pressure was off us as well, and a scoreless game resulted with neither side threatening at all. Achilles (11th, 10-16-9, 46points +3) v FC Eindhoven (15th, 10-12-14, 42points -11) – Match 36 of 38, Jupiler League We were never in this game. Eindhoven had a magic man, who had two on the board before we could string a pass together. While we did draw level in the second half, two quick goals to bresciani who has only recently re-entered the side on a wing and Scholte starting his first game since I've been here having been injured. The well deserved loss was confirmed by a magnificent finish. FC Volendam (5th, 15-12-9, 57points +7) v Achilles (10-16-10, 46points +2) – Match 37 of 38, Jupiler League We held on for thirty five seconds, a move along the end line ended with a chip onto a head about four metres out and a simple goal. Philippe almost drew us level, as we knocked the ball around the area until someone was in position. The shot drew a pretty good save. Midway through the second half their goalkeeper wasn't so good. He seemed to have taken hold of a corner above his head, but dropped it strsight onto the boot of Bresciani. He did his best to miss it, but couldn't manage it so we drew level. Unfortunately we gave up a penalty later on, a really pointless one to a man posing no threat. And then we went to ten men, defender van Bakel picking up a second yellow courtesy of a handball in the middle of the ground. That's an amazingly dismal run.
  14. Have you considered asking your players to pass into space as this encourages players to play balls into open spaces for your players to run onto, rather than passing to feet.
  15. FM 20.4.1 KASHMIR 451 (23221AP)MMP102 ALL CUPS !FM20.4.1KASHMIRKnap451(23221AP)MMP102ALLCUPS.fmf
  16. It sounds like it may be an issue with the particular skin you're trying to load - does another custom/standard skin cause this issue?
  17. That's a little outdated and concerns creating newgens, not personality development once the young players are actually at the club and training, which is what the OP is asking. As far as I'm aware, staff personality doesn't influence player personality once a player is actually at the club - only during newgen "creation". However before anything is taken as gospel this is probably one for @Seb Wassell to confirm - does staff personality influence young players once they are actually at the club and training? @petertr wait for Seb's confirmation . For the creation of newgens other staff can influence personality, however HoYD influence is far greater than anyone else (double the influence iirc). Seb's confirmed that before.
  18. @Seb Wassell Is the above also true for coaches, meaning their personalities can have an influence on players? Was always under the impression that was the case.
  19. SC Preussen Münster - 3.Liga - Pre-Season - 2037/38 General - Vision - Facilities - Finances Season Preview - Expectations Transfers - Released - Youth Just the five players came in,all of them have high potential and will be in and around the first team.The only player out of these who will not be starting is Diaby as he is rated as our 3rd choice MC.We will be having a sixth player join as we have a Ukranian defender by the name of Olexandr Pets joining on the 29/7 when he turns 18.Two players on the outgoing,no complaints about the guy who left to join another club as he was going to get released anyway,Mapu is out on loan with the intent to sell.Nine players were released,they didn't exactly play much last season and were taking up to much money to keep here so off they went. Pre-Season Fixtures It wasn't too bad of a pre-season as we won three out of four matches,I will be going into the new season playing 4-2-4 based off of how we played in the last three games as the players looked comfortable playing that.The result against AGF was actually quite encouraging as they are a top flight Danish side while we are a new team to the second tier of Germany so if we can play like we did then we may be able to surprise some teams. The Team Key Players Manager's Thoughts Well that was a long pre-season as in which I feel I've done the best I can considering I have no money to actually buy players but I feel it's too early to judge what we can do as two of our players are under bids thanks to the chairman and they are for our best two players,these being Joakim Tanasijevic (RB Leipzig - £1 million possibly rising to £4.3 million) and Roland Exsalger (Four offers ranging between £500k and £625k),the latter is really annoying as I've just promoted to the first team.I would rather we keep them as they would be a massive boost to our survival chances but it looks like I have an interfering chairman.Even if we do lose them,I think we will have enough to survive but it will be tight at the bottom but we have a lot more depth in the team and I have bought players specifically for their roles so I think we should be okay. The finances at the minute are not great as we are £2.7 million in debt which is probably why the chairman has accepted offers for two players but I think he lacks foresight as even if we finish bottom of the league,we would net £7.5 million and that isn't including and extra from games being on TV so I am not worried about the finances.If we do survive then I'll ask the chairman to start upping the facilities,coaching and youth recruitment as this will help massively in the future.I can't put a date on when we will get promoted from this division as it will depend on who comes down from the Bundesliga and the development of our current players so we do have a bit of time if we can keep making money each season.Time to get this show on the road.
  20. That's good to hear for now! I realise that playing on lower settings isn't exactly a great solution, but if it works in the meantime then it gives us more time to try and find a permanent fix for these driver crashes.
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