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  • Cloud storage full on Xbox

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    When playing online career with a friend on my Xbox series x after the first season it says it can’t be saved because there is not enough room in cloud storage when I looked it said only have 250 mb of available cloud space could this be looked into and fixed asap or won’t be able to play the save any further 


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    Hi Dann. We apologise for any inconvenience this is causing you and your friend during your online career. This is a known issue. We are working with Microsoft to get the storage expanded.

    We appreciate your patience whilst we resolve this issue.

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    Unfortunately, my cloud save doesnt appear on other PCs... now I discover, having failed to get the answer prior to purchase, that my saves aren't transferable if I get the steam version down the line. All in all, its a good thing the Game Pass was a quid, because now I've only wasted about 24 hours of my life and not a bunch of cash too, on what was a complete disappointment. So glad I invested hours into my first save already though...

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