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  • B Teams/Second Teams not showing player improvements

    • Public Status: Known Issue Need More Examples: Yes

    Improvement indicators are not shown for players in the Second Team. For eg, this guy has just had an update and this is what he looks like when he is in the Reserves (no indicators):



    Then move him to the first team and he has indicators:



    If you move him back to the second team, they disappear again.


    I reported this last year and I'm 95% sure it was fixed in FMM21, but it's a problem again in FMM22. 

    It's probably also a bug that the button says Move To Reserves instead of Move To Second Team? But that's not really important.

    Also, I'm so sad that Scotland now has Second Teams instead of Reserves, last year they were so far inferior and I had to keep filing bugs to try to bring them up to the functionality Reserves have... 🙁


    • Steps To Reproduce:
      - Wait for a player to get an training update
      - Move him to the Second Team if he's not already there and see that there are no indicators
      - Move him to the First Team and see that there are indicators.

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    +1 on this. 

    Being someone who manages in Spain often, I get very frustrated by the disparities between reserve teams and B teams. This has been raised many times in the last couple of years, and I thought (perhaps in error) that it was being looked at in more detail for this version. Was anything done? 

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    I went and found where I raised it last year and it says it was logged with the dev team. I felt it was fixed, but I'm not sure it was, so maybe I was wrong, but it was at least raised last year. 

    I raised quite lot of B Team issues last year and some of them did get fixed, which was great, but I really really wish they were the same as Reserves in all aspects apart from the few that need to be different.

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