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  • Unable to offer playing contract to player that has no retirement plans

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    I've come across an issue in my Gibraltar save where I'm unable to offer Leonardo Carboni a new playing contract. My only option is a staff only contract despite his profile showing no retirement plans and wanting to commit his future to the club.

    Save game uploaded under "grff - carboni"





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    The player is 37 likely his next move is as a coach and no longer as a player when I use the staff search screen you often get older players who only want to come to you as a coach and will retire as soon as they sign their contract as a coach, I might be wrong but I do not think this is a bug

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    Hello and thanks for the feedback!


    While I initially agree with @pablo1983's comment, we should probably make a mention of this on the player's "Information" page - so it wouldn't come as a surprise to @grff or anyone else who might encounter that.

    Saying this, the issue is now under investigation with the dev team :thup:


    Kind regards,


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