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    I had a player on loan and opted to extend his loan and agreed a clause to sign him at the end of the extension. This was all approved and I even offered him a contract, this was accepted and I got the mail saying he's signed.

    His loan ended without extending and now he's back at his original club? In this process, every time I received a list of "loan players that will expire", I extended the contract 3-4 times in different time periods, the team was welcomed the player again, but when the season ends, the player always returns to his own club??

    Also another IMPORTANT bug: When I loan my player to another club, I set a "mandatory transfer fee" and when the rental loan ends, the opposite team should buy the player for this price, but my player always returns to my club???

    Because of these bugs in the game, all my efforts for 3 days for 1 season were wasted. I made at least 4-5 major loan deals and was disappointed when the season was over. These bugs need to be fixed urgently!!

    I tried to upload the save file but it's ''130 MB'' so i can't upload here. But you can open the game, select whatever club and wahtever player, to these 2 things with 2 diffrent players and these 2 bug will happen no matter what!!

    I hope it will fix in the next update because i have stopped playing this game since itr'S not enjoyable with this LOAN bug.



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