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  • Finding a loan deal for promising young players is unnecessarily difficult

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    This has always happened from time to time in previous FMs but seems even more common in FM22. Just for example, in the beta I tried to loan out Leeds' Joe Gelhardt and Aston Villa's Ramsey twins - promising young players that numerous mid-table Championship/top half of League One level teams should be battling it out for to get their services for a season, yet I received nothing. I even offered them for £0 fee and 0% wages paid (pretty ridiculous to have to resort to this to avoid a guy rotting in youth leagues) and still nothing - why WOULDN'T clubs be in for an entirely free player?

    Not really had better luck in the full launch, there's a player who clubs just won't budge for. I've given him disproportionate playing time to try and boost his reputation and still no offers, no, not even for completely free. 

    Dead-ends like this just don't make any sense and is making those legitimately promising youth players miss out on development, likely to the extent that they never make the step up and get promoted into the team. It's been a long-running problem, in FM21 I even had a 5 star potential guy who started plenty of games the previous season (he was a young U21 international for Germany, but producing too many 6.4s so I figured he needed a season in the 2nd tier) and he got completely blanked by the loan market, it seemed so ridiculous that I just used the edit button to send him elsewhere for the year. That helped him a ton and he eventually developed into a great player, but it felt bad that I had to use the edit button just to get a future great a measly loan to St. Pauli! He probably wouldn't have made it otherwise. Please fix!

    • Steps To Reproduce:
      start any save with a few promising younger players and attempt to get them all loan moves of any kind

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    Oh, it is worth pointing out that for my current FM22 save, the guy I can't loan out is better (both right now and in terms of potential) than some of the guys I HAVE found loans for. In fact, the guy in question has actually just gone out on loan IRL but I am finding that impossible to replicate.

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    I've uploaded save file "Tufty Gibbon - Notts Co.fm" to the SI cloud as it's my only current FM22 save, however other saves have been more adversely effected by this so I think a wider investigation than just of my save file is required for this issue.

    For the record, the unloanable player at Notts County is 19 y/o striker Tyreace Palmer (went on loan to Melton Town IRL shortly before the game launched I believe). Now, shortly after posting I did realize I'd made a rookie mistake for THIS save by not including the National League North & South, therefore playing in the lowest playable league in England and reducing any offers from NLN/NLS clubs. However, with the other aforementioned saves, the lack of offers from the very much playable Championship/League One/Bundesliga 2 were highly frustrating

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    I'm Having this issue too.

    It's very frustrating, Loans to affiliates get rejected for NO good reason

    "24-25  New year Loans" is the save i've uploaded.

    1. Brandon Oyenuga 18 - Rated at champinship lv Offered to affiliate MRT (mid table portuguese top league) Important player role. The man rejects!!!!!! offer him out on loan for zero fees at the end Nobody makes an offer because they believe he'll reject. Go to player info "Hopes that being available for loan leeds to an opportunity to gain first team experience elsewhere". :rolleyes:

    2. Charlie Patino 21 - Rated prem lv Offered to same affiliate rejected but is willing to go to Ipswich in the championship to be a squad player. MRT said star player!!!!!!!


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