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  • Cannot register players in Hungary during transfer window

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    Dear SI Team,

    Ever since the last winter update I cannot register players during the transfer window in the Hungarian NB1, OTP Bank Liga between August 1st and September 1st.
    The transfer window is open until September 1st but the registration ends right after the first match is played and the next time it's open it is November 10th. So basically registration starts and ends July 31st which seems weird considering the window is open for another month. What is the point of being able to sign players if I cannot register them? I remember that this was not a problem before the last patches. There was still a registration window after September 1st but before the following match.


    Was there a rule change in Hungary? I admit that I cannot check because I have not found any information so I might be totally wrong. But it just seems very illogical to me and if it is indeed like this in real life seems like a very harsh rule. I have not included a sva game as it can be reproduced easily by starting a save in Hungary.

    Thank you for your help!

    • Steps To Reproduce:
      It can be reproduced by starting a new save in Hungary.

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