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  • World Cup Qualification in Asia - strange behaviour

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    I am in 2032 now. Managing both Stallion Laguna (highest level in the Philippines) and the Philippines national team.
    I finished 2nd in my group for the World Cup Qualifications in Asia. I am the 4th best nr2 and should've be promoted to the next round, but I am out of the qualification tournament because of the following strange thing:

    Japan is hostnation for the coming 2034 World Cup, but is in the WC Quals too. As they won every match in their group - and are automaticly in the WC as hosts - the number 2 of this group, North-Korea is promoted to the next round of the WC Quals. But, with only 11 points. That is 7 less then the Philippines. North-Korea is the worst nr2 by far, performing even less good than a lot of number 3 teams. Japan is not promoted, they are just not competing in the next round.

    So a few questions:

    Why is Japan in the groupstage of the Asian WC Qualificaitons?
    Why is North-Korea selected as "winner" of the Japan group?
    Why is North-Korea not judged by their performance?
    Why are the Philippines out?


    First round:


    Second round group stage



    Final round


    I am using the 22.4 database and a lot of extra files, but this seems to be a problem with the World Cup qualification and as far as I know, there is no editor file in use that changes this competition

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    OK, I think I've seen why the Philippines are not promoted to the next round. It's because of Syria having the exact amount of points but a better goal difference than us. Seems fair that the Philippines are not promoted, as they are not 4th, but 5th best (and only the 4 best numbers 2 advance to the next round).

    But the questions about Japan / North-Korea are still there. Why is Japan competing in the first place, and why is N-K advancing to the next round when they don't deserve that at all. Just because Japan's scores don't count? Or am I missing something?

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