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  • Fifa Club World Cup starts June 2025 - No player recovery between matches until 1st July

    • Public Status: Under Review Need More Examples: No

    - Qualified for the Fifa Club World Cup in 2025.

    - The tournament starts in June while all players are on mandatory leave. The 23 man squad is made available for the tournament.

    - Pre-season does not start until 1st July, after the quarter-finals have already been played.

    - Prior to 1st July, players do not recover at all between matches until fixed pre-season start date.


    Specific details:

    Club - Southampton FC

    Competition - Fifa Club World Cup

    Host - India

    Tournament Dates - 16th June 2025 - 6th July 2025 (begins during 2024/25 season, ends during 2025/26 season)

    Issue: No player recovery until Pre-Season start on 1st July 2025

    • Steps To Reproduce:
      - Load attached "Soton Club World Cup Bug" save file
      - Respond to Squad Registration email in inbox
      - Submit squad
      - Continue until tournament start
      - Play matches (saving and replaying matches to ensure victory if necessary)
      - Observe squad recovery during tournament (paying attention to pre and post 1st July recovery rates)
    • Files Uploaded to the OwnCloud:
      Soton Club World Cup Bug

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    • SI Staff

    Could I ask you to please raise this in our League Specific sub-forum, as the team there will be better placed to investigate the scheduling and see if there's anything that can be done.


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