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  • Unrealistic salary demands out of line with salary rules and budgets

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    Players frequently request massive wage increases and contracts that are impossible due to squad registration restrictions around DPs. In the below examples, players are requesting DP contracts despite all slots being filled and unchangeable (nobody eligible to come off DP contracts). Players shouldn't be able to request impossible-to-fulfill contract types, should instead request Senior contracts using TAM or request to leave club due to inability to meet financial demands. Wages are also massive (3-5x) increases that don't typically occur IRL. I've included one example here, but there are 3-4 players this is occurring with on the roster currently.




    • Steps To Reproduce:
      Open new contract negotiations with higher-end, non-DP players with a full, unchangeable DP allocation.

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    It's a subjective area, in the screenshot attached there is interest from LOSC who are after all a good French team, but I understand you're saying this happens in other situations too. Do you have a save game available which demonstrates some players you feel shouldn't be negotiating at these levels and we can investigate further. A guide on how to upload your save is available here: How to upload files to us - Instructions and Notes - Sports Interactive Community (sigames.com)


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