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  • Not given Home advantage in MLS Playoffs despite being the 1st seed in conference.

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    Currently in the 2022 MLS Season on my MLS Save and I'm in the Western Conference Finals where I finished 1st in the MLS Western Conference so I should receive Home advantage in all Western Conference clubs I face during playoffs.

    However, for some strange reason, the Stadium chosen for the Western Conference final is a neutral stadium, Rio Tinto Stadium which is Real Salt Lake's grounds. 

    Yet I am managing LA Galaxy (1st Seed) and I'm due to face Colorado (3rd Seed) next and neither LA Galaxy's stadium or Colorados was chosen for the Conference Finals (???)

    Is this already a known bug?

    Neutral Venue.png


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    After further investigation into this I found out that this issue seems to arise on Conference Finals on both the Eastern & Western Conferences only in the playoffs.

    After I managed to win and progress to the MLS Cup the home advantage seeding rules applied as it normally should for the Cup final.

    I checked the Eastern Conference Final and it the match was played on a neutral stadium as well so it seems that this bug only occurs during the conference final stage of the playoffs

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    To add on here, my current save has encountered this bug. However differing from above, the Conference playoffs worked as expected, but MLS Cup was incorrectly assigned with the better home record ending up as the away team. Screenshots below of standings and match announcement.



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