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  • MLS Rostering Rules Incorrect for Designated Players

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    The rostering rules for Major League soccer incorrectly require that only 2 Designated players may be over the age of 24. This incorrect rule prevents registering the default squads for most of the teams in the league.

    The actual rule allows 3 Designated Players of any age


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    cat stepped on my keyboard before I finished -___- 

    A 3rd Young Designated Player simply counts for a lesser charge against the salary cap compared to a non-young Designated Player. 



    For example: The Columbus Crew has 3 Designated players at the start of a new game. Gyasi Zardes, Lucas Zelarayan, and Darlington Nagbe. All over the age of 24. According to the MLS Rostering rules in FM, this is a non-compliant roster, and I'm forced to leave out one of those 3 from my squad, which is absolutely ridiculous, as they are the 3 best players on the team... I understand that MLS roster rules are so incredibly complicated and subject to changes that it's not fair to expect an exact replica.. but the contracts should be adjusted so that each MLS team has a compliant squad to start the season. Adjust the lowest salaried DP's contract to a Senior Maximum contract or something to actually allow me to play the game. 

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    • SI Staff

    Apologies you haven't had a response yet Alan, I'll bump the the thread and flag it to a team member if you don't get a response soon - we'll investigate as soon as we can. 

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