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  • MLS Academy & B/II Team Issue

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    This may be something for next year as MLS Next Pro may be included...


    But there needs to be a way to connect the Academy team to the B team. As it stands currently, MLS Academies are a separate entity (Not sure why but possibly a registration issue?) and over age players are released on free transfer into the USL 2 leaving MLS B/II teams without enough players to avoid the game creating virtual players. These overaged players needs to be automatically moved from MLS Academies to their MLS B/II teams as this is the natural progression and the reason MLS Next Pro was created in the first place...


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    I second this. No idea why this hasn't been responded to yet, would make B teams much more useful rather than just signing academy players to expensive full-time professional MLS reserve contracts that will hog up the wage budget.

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    • SI Staff

    We're reviewing this as a future feature request, hence the delay in a response here. Thank you for raising it. :) 

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