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  • AI Teams Hoarding Draft Picks

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    Not really a bug but teams are trading draft picks way too often and this leads to teams having either no 1st round draft picks for consecutive years or having a stock pile of them, there is no in between. In reality, most draft picks are swapped on draft day which happens in FM so kudos for that. The problem is outside of draft day, draft picks are the most common form of trading in the game when in reality, it should be allocation money.


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    Not sure if this was worked on for FM 23 but it is still happening in that game. Not sure if I sure make a new thread for FM 23 or not.

    On 25/01/2022 at 07:53, Kyle Brown said:

    We're aware of this and actively looking to improve upon, thank you for taking the time to raise it. :) 


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