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  • Uruguayan Second Professional Division - Not displaying in competition listings

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    I loaded up the South American leagues and decided to check the current competition rankings out of curiosity when I noticed that the Uruguayan second division wasn't displaying in the list:


    I sorted the list by Nation for convenience and, as you can see, there is no second division.

    This is also reproducible when on the Uruguay nation overview screen:


    But the league appears to be otherwise functional from what I can see, so perhaps just a visual bug or minor data error? 

    • Steps To Reproduce:
      Try to find 'Uruguayan Second Professional Division' in any competition list.

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    • Administrators

    Hi, thank you for reporting this potential issue.

    Would you be able to provide the same two screenshots you've attached but include the entire screen, this way, we can identify the exact location of what you're describing.


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    Firstly, the continental competition reputation screen:


    Secondly, the nation overview screen:


    And lastly, the league in question (which doesn't show its position in the competition rankings like a normal playable league would):


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    • SI Staff

    I'm afraid it was never guaranteed to be fixed for release, the length of time it takes to fix some issues can vary, depending on severity and complexity. Unfortunately this isn't going to have a quick resolution, but I assure you it's with the right people, and as soon as it's ready, we'll implement it. Apologies.

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