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  • Hammarby Talangfotbollförening Herrfotboll

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    First off... the team named Hammarby TFF (ID 8107784) should be removed from the database. That team doesn't exist anymore. (You can read about it here. Not sure how good your Swedish is? ;-) 


    But what it basicly says is… That Hammarby Talangfotbollförening Herrfotboll (ID 618372) have taken over the right to the name of Hammarby TFF and that the team doesn’t exist anymore. Their place in the lower leagues have already been filled by IK Frej since a year back. 

    So delete Hammarby TFF (ID 8107784), it will no longer be used ever again! 

    When it comes to Hammarby Talangfotbollförening Herrfotboll (ID 618372) they should be the B-club/2-Club to Hammarby Idrottsförening Fotbollsförening. (ID 1797). It’s the first team in Sweden that has a B-club that’s being with the same board as the First team, that trains on the same facillities and where the First team pays their wages. They even have the same Director of Football and scouts. They do on the other hand have their on staff... Hired by First Team board! 

    The problem that occurs when I put this information thru the editor is that it says that Hammarby Talang FF can’t be promoted from Division 1 North. That is inaccurate. They can’t play in the same league as Hammarby IF. But they can get promoted to Superettan (Division under Allsvenskan the highest one in Sweden.). 


    This is actually quite irritating… And sure, you could just put Hammarby Talang FF as a feederclub. But when you do that, you can’t control wich players who will play where. And not many youths will want to play for Hammarby Talang FF even if they are quite poor. They will refuse the loandeal wich isn’t real realistic. 

    Hammarby Talang FF (ID 618372) Doesn't have a reserve, U18-. They do have a U19...   

    I understand that this might not be a priority… But it has been going on since FM21 and I had hopes for that it would have been fixed for FM22. But unfortunately not… 
    So please step up and fix it quickly! ;-) 


    htff problem.png


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    Hammarby TFF (8107784) is not in the game. We don´t delete old clubs because of the history.

    We are fully aware of how the relationship works between Hammarby IF and  Hammarby Talangfotbollförening .

    This is the best solution but i agree that is not perfect because we cant use the loan system that Sweden have.

    Hammarby Talangfotbollförening is not a reserve team or B-Team to Hammarby IF.


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