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  • Villarreal B players on vacation until Dec 25th 2021, despite regular season being in full swing.

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    Took job with Villerreal B only to discover all players are on vacation until December 25th, despite the season running August through May. No idea when they started their vacation, as it was already early December 2021 when I took the job. I think that either a) they should not be on vacation as it makes no sense and is not explained at any point, or b) if there is a reason, it should be clearly stated either by hovering over the VAC tag or in the onboarding screens when you're hired to take the job. 

    I checked a couple other teams in the league and no one else had a full team on vacation. Villerreal and Villerreal C squads are not on vacation, either. 

    Screenshot (101).png


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    I think this is an issue with B side clubs, and players contracted to the parent club. I'm having a similar issue with Huesca B. My parent club took a month holiday in November (no games scheduled either) so now all my players are on holidays, save for a few that I've signed that weren't pulled up to the main squad. Even though I have games to play that whole month. So I was forced to use crappy generated grays. Might I suggest an option to postpone games for that month if this happens? Kind of like when a few of your main players get called up for international?

    Screenshot 2021-12-13 200705.png

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