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  • South American players not getting Spanish nationality (clock resets with each loan)

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    feel like this break in the game is ripping me off. I'm FC Andorra so I am not eligible to have South American players become Spanish 2nd nationality (and thus free up a space on the roster) so I have been loaning young players specifically to Spain.

    I had 1 player hit 729/730 days and it gave me the Spanish nationality, just, but I had 2 others at 15 days to go so loaned them again (over 100 days within the timescale of 'continuous' and yet they've both dropped to having only completed 130 or so / 730

    I've had players ostensibly on loan for 3 years to get nationality and none of them are counted as being even beyond 1/2 a year. It's frustrating.


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