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  • B-team issues in Spain

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    1. First of all it is next to impossible to find suitable staff for your B-team. You approach a person, he initially wants to be, say, an assistant manager in your u-19 team for around 50 K per year. But when you offer him a b-team head coach job his demands unrealistically skyrocket. 250-300 K per year. One guy demanded as much as 600 K. And the same goes for other jobs like Fitness Coach, Goalkeeping coach, Physio etc. You offer a b-team job they like go nuts. Demand several times more then they initially wanted. I specifically checked that I have only realistic targets for B team in the list. 90% of them behave like this. I literally spent hours before I managed to assemble a team.

    I could put out an ad, but the game won't allow me to put out ads for B-team vacancies. I can delegate this to another member of my staff, but he wouldn't do anything. He would hire staff for u-19 team, but he wouldn't hire anybody for B-team.

    2. If you are using a player from B-team in your first team you should assign him a squad number from 26 and above. Those are the rules. But for some reason I can not assign such numbers for certain players. I specifically checked: the said players are registered with the B-team. But the game only allows to assign them free numbers from 1 to 25. For example if I have only number 7 left that will be their only option. While for other B-team players you can use any number starting from 26, just like it should be. This is definitely a glitch, as there is no difference between the players. But some of them AI considers to be first team players. Which they are not.

    3. There are indeed certain rules in Spain regarding B team players and their involvment in the first team. You should check it out, but I know for a fact that a lot of spanish teams have first team players (if they are under 23) registered with their B-team. It is easy to tell, again, they have squad numbers from 26 and above. They play regularly for the first team without this 10 games restriction. They play more then 10 matches for the first team. Yet in the game you have this 10 matches rule. After 10 matches you can not send a player back to B-team, but you also can no longer play him since he is not registered with the first team. So he can't play anywhere until registration window reopens. Also seem like a glitch.



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    Picked up FM22 a few hours ago with the discount after a long FM21 save with Barca in which the B Team was very frustrating.

    Start as unemployed, get offered the B Team manager position of a team I've barely heard of their senior team, Logrones.

    Think, they've got to have made this better, right?

    Can't hire any other staff member as for some reason everybody that's interested wants £2k a week and nobody will apply for any role I advertise.

    Not even got to the other points the OP makes. I see the SI response was from Mid January :thdn:

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