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  • New Foreign player limit not implemented in Russian League

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    According to information I had read on multiple sport news websites , the limit of foreign players in russia is suppose to be changed in the 2022-23 season.

    If I am aware the new limit should be 13 foreigners registered with 12 domestic players ( so max 13 foreign) and max 3 foreigners in starting 11.

    Here's an example of a source  ( there are many website mentioning it) the page is in russian but you can use a google translator to see



    When I checked in game I tried holiday the game to 2022-23 season and I still see old limits max 8 players registered.


    Can someone clarify the issue and explain why new limits aren't in the game?

    Is it due to perhaps these new rules not yet been officially signed or approved?



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    Really sorry you never did get a response to this, I'm just double backing through old threads now and it appears I missed this one.

    We've got this issue under review and liaising with the head researcher to get official confirmation. 

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