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  • Starting 2nd season rules of the competition change

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    I've liaised with the rulegroups team and they've passed on the following regarding the sub changes: 

    The rules allowing extra subs and bench places were introduced due to the Covid pandemic. We made a decision for nations/comps where there was not specific direction that these rules would be kept beyond the end of the season to return the rules to the pre-pandemic rules from the second season onwards in FM. That is what we have done here. Exisiting Covid-era sub rules may be kept in real life in certain competitions but it is obviously very difficult to predict which.

    As more nations and competitions clarify what rules are staying and going, we will look to implement them for the future editions of FM. 


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    why did you change back for all the leagues to play under 1er league rules? they are the exception not the rule for the 2nd season, you already had 3 patches to fix this, seems to be quite simple, but you decided not to fix anything. The 5/9 subs is here most likely to stay not the opposite and no-one decided in a different way for the 2nd season

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