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  • Managing In Peru broke?

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    I am currently managing Sport Boys in Peru and did a save with them last year as well so I am well aware on the unique rules such as points deductions for teams not playing youth players. However last year there was simply a first division opening stage with 18 teams and a closing division with 18 but now there is an opening group with 2 groups of 9 teams and a closing stage and the two teams that finish top of the their respective group starts the closing stage with minus points and not just a few points in the two seasons I have finished top of my group I started on minus 30 points even after filling the youth player quota. As you can probably tell this is majorly game breaking and severely disadvantages teams that perform the best and usually with the AI the teams, they cannot get the points back and get relegated for performing the best. I have attached two screenshots below that show this issue. I am one hundred percent certain that the quota was filled and if it wasn't completely done I definitely played at least one youth player a game so a 30 point deduction is way to much.  

    I hope this can get fixed as I enjoy managing in Peru and currently this is a really annoying bug that pretty much encourages not winning.


    Thank you for reading and investigating

    Sport boys.PNG

    sport boysa.PNG

    • Steps To Reproduce:
      This has happened 4 times in my save out of four seasons two of which happening to me in order to replicate you will need to win the first opening division that has two groups and 9 teams in each groups and you and the other team in the other group that finished top end up getting the points deduction

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    • SI Staff

    Believe you're on the other thread anyway, but just in case you don't spot it, I've posted details on a fix for this issue. 

    Unfortunately however, it will require you to start a new save. 

    Let me know if I can help any further. :) 



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