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  • Copa Libertadores

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    Hi there,

    I believe there's an issue with scheduling when combining Libertadores with the Peruvian Opening stage (i.e. opening nine games in spring).

    Here is the schedule I'm facing:


    This is unusual since as attached in the file, there is a 10 day gap between 8/5 and 18/5. Furthermore - the two games in two days are both the same competition.

    This may be a wider scheduling bug with Libertadores but flagging it in the Peru-specific area as that's where I've encountered it.

    • Steps To Reproduce:
      - qualify for libertadores
      - begin season 2022

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    • SI Staff

    I'm really sorry you never did get a response to this, it was missed by our team unintentionally and I'm only just now doubling back for threads we left open.

    We did make some changes in the new update today, on the off chance you're still around, could you let me know if the problem persists? However, I believe the changes may only take effect in new save files unfortunately. 


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