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  • Unable to complete player registration for Eliteserien

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    Hey guys,

    I'm just about to enter my second season with Viking in Norway. Anyway I've received two messages asking me to register my squad for the upcoming campaign. I replied to one and registered my squad but the second one is still saying I need to register and if I go in and click to register via that message nothing happens. 

    It's saying I "Must Respond" so I cannot progress the game past this point but I have responded to the message and it won't let me go any further.

    I've attached screens showing the message in my inbox and then the registered squad that I can't confirm.




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    I have this problem too, just promoted with Fredrikstad, cannot proceed in the game. I also had this issue in FM21, with double registration news, but in 22 it's impossible to register both. 

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    Hi guys,

    I have exactly the same problem in second division with Grorud.

    But i've found a solution : Go to holidays for 1 day and come back. The registration will be complete and you can progress in your game.

    Thank you for report the bug.

    Have good games

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    • SI Staff

    Afraid it wasn't resolved by the code-lock for release, so it remains under investigation. I'm really sorry.

    As Valival pointed out above, holidaying the game is a temporary solution to the issue. Not ideal, but a workaround for the timebeing.

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