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  • Holiday begins before the season has ended

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    I hope this is the right forum to post this bug.

    In the Norwegian league (second tier), the holiday starts right after the last league game - and before the playoffs and cup final. The result is a five-day long holiday before the "pre-season" begins before the play-off games and cup final.

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    • SI Staff

    We'd like to log this but are having trouble reproducing it. 

    Could you provide a save right before the last game is played if possible, prior to the players going on holiday? :)


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    Sorry, I'm afraid they have been overwritten. I should have thought of that.


    To reproduce it "manually", I think you need to play through a season and reach the playoffs or the cup final.

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    • SI Staff

    No problem. It may be difficult/time consuming for us to get this reproduced, but we'll keep the thread open in the meantime in case yourself or others come across the issue again. As it didn't appear for us in our internal version of the game, we're hoping it's been fixed already - fingers crossed!

    Appreciate you getting back to us anyway! :) 

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    This happened to me as well. Qualified for the norwegian cupfinal with 2nd tier team (norwegian first division), and that meant 1 month without games for the final.

    Then this happened:

    * The squad went into end of season break (should not happen just before final)

    * My two loaned players (loaned until 31.12) werent allowed to play any more matches that season, even though the final was before 31.12 so i lost them for pre-cupfinal-friendlies and the final (should not happen)

    * Later in november the next season preseason then started. I changed the schedules myself, but when i had a couple of pre-final-friendlies every possible teamtalk only had choices of i.e. "This was pretty much what i was expecting from a preseason-friendly). The coaches should understand that there is a final on the horizon.

    My meaning: The game must understand that there is a final coming up a month ahead - in all aspects of game. For a 1. division team to reach the final that cupfinal is the biggest game of the season and then the only thing happened was "Big game preparation" the last week. I really cant understand why two loanee players (until 31.12) wasnt allowed to play after league season finished because "loan is ending imminent)

    I uploaded a savegame-file "NorwayWrongForSI.fm" to your owncloud - from the time between league ending and before cupfinal - if you want to check whats happening. I didnt get it exactly after final, but it will show most of the wrongs".

    I have also attached some screenshots of some of 1) all teamtalks being preseason just b4 final, 2) tactics screen with loanees unavailable, 3) Training screen - showing coaches are preparing for preseason, not final




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    Just wanted to say I also experienced this bug in Norway. Got my 1st Division team to the cup final and all players went on holiday for a couple of weeks, then came back for the cup final. 

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