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  • Ferencváros do not play every Championship League in Puskas

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    Ferencváros do not play every Championship League games in Puskas Stadium, only the bigger ones.

    In FM 2022 the Ferencváros plays every Champions League games in the Puskás and not in his own Groupama Stadium. This is not real. The real that Ferencváros only plays the biggest games on Puskás, when the visitors are more than the Groupama stadium capacity. So that is very funny and buggy, when Ferencváros plays small Champions League qualifier matches in Puskás with 6000 visitors. Please fix this, if possible, because very not real. Ferencváros only plays in Puskás for example star teams, like Juventus comes and need more capacity, but never play small qualifier matches in Puskás, that must be in Groupama stadium... 

    Version 22.1

    • Steps To Reproduce:
      1. Choose Ferencváros from Hungary
      2. Play small CL qualifier game
      3. See the team plays in Puskás not in Groupama, despite it is small match

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