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  • 'Hong Kong U23s' Signing Foreign Players

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    - What you think is specifically wrong in your league.

    'Hong Kong U23s' are signing foreign players when in reality, the intentions of this team means that they are not meant to be signing foreign players at all. The two pictures below are from different replications of the same save, which has been uploaded to own cloud as 'HK-U23 Signs Foreign Player.fm'.


    - State how you think it should be working.

    The 'Hong Kong U23s' team should not sign foreign players at all. The only players who are eligible to represent this team should mostly be players with Hong Kong nationality aged U23 (however, they are also allowed to have 5 players with Hong Kong nationality over the age of 23 in the squad).

    - State reasons/proof for your corrections/improvements.

    See below links:


    https://hkfa.com/news_details2/18678 (Hong Kong FA article on the launch of 'Hong Kong U23s')


    Hope this helps.

    • Steps To Reproduce:
      1. Load 'HK-U23 Signs Foreign Player.fm'. This save starts on the 8/1/2022, which is the start of the second transfer window before the foreign players get signed.

      2. Holiday to the date 28/01/2022, which is the closing date for the second transfer window (the players always signed on slightly different dates with each reload of the save, hence the need to holiday to the end of the transfer window).

      3. Inspect the 'Hong Kong U23s' squad, which would now have either 1 or 2 foreign players from Brazil within the squad in this instance.
    • Files Uploaded to the OwnCloud:
      HK-U23 Signs Foreign Player.fm

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